Common Core Standards Has a String, the Longitudinal Data System

Aug. 23, 2015

"Black Lives Matter" was written by Duchess Harris and Sue Bradford Edwards.  The text book is based on a lie - that Michael Brown was shot by a cop in Ferguson, even though his hands were up in a surrender position - because the cop was a racist.  Forensic evidence proves otherwise, and why the cop was not tried.  Attorney General Eric Holder sent the FBI to find any kind of evidence to hang on the cop.  They only found Black eye witnesses that told FBI that Brown charged the cop, before the cop shot him.  It was Brown's friend who told the lie that Brown had surrendered but the cop shot him, anyway.  The friend who was, just minutes earlier, with Brown in holding up the convience store.

So, who is Harris, and what is her game plan?  Harris is a Black tenured professor at Macalester College, set in a community of 2% Blacks.  She is a racist.  She was given numerous scholarships for her education.  She is living the American Dream by all accounts, but Harris writes in her two other books that follow CRT, that the American Dream is too difficult; requires too much hard work for Blacks to achieve.  While she was able to make the grade, she does not believe the majority of Blacks have the ability to achieve what she did.  Black supremacy?

She writes from the perspective of CRT?  It is Critical Race Theory - it blames the White race for all the ills of the Black race.  It proposes that White Supremacy and racial power are maintained by law.  It pursues a project of achieving racial emancipatron and anti-subordination.

No where in her books does Harris suggest that the Black race take responsibility for their lives or achieving the American Dream that Harris herself achieved.  No where does Harris mention the rate of Black on White crime sky-rocketed under Obama and went unpunished.  No where does Harries talk about the high use of drugs among the Black community.  Nor of the abandonment of Black fathers of their families, or Black mothers depending on the government, which sociologist and even some Black leaders blame on the low standard of living of the Black race.  No where does Harris point to Obama's order to the Border Patrol to stop arresting illegal aliens and Columbian MS-13 gangs, bringing in drugs to the Black community.  Nor about the Mexican Military escorts of drug dealers picking up their drug money 100 miles inside the U.S.

Harris' book targets 6th graders - who are 11 years old.  Most 11-year olds accept without question or critical thinking what a textbook says.  They have been taught that textbooks contain historical facts.  Since Harris' book is based on a lie, her plan can be nothing more than guilt-bashing of vulnerable and trusting White 6th graders who have no control over society.  Her book is propaganda indoctrination that is aimed to cause White children to keep silent, do not compete; suppress their intelligence so that the Black student may pass ahead of them.  Blacks will never have a sense of achievement; it was given to them by the White students.  What Harris does not seem to realize is that the White race has bent over backwards to be politically correct and say nothing about Black preferential quotas in college entrance and jobs, and is all out of guilt for deeds they have never participated in.  Her propaganda will fall on deaf ears.  

No responsible school district will allow such vile, racist propaganda in its school.  Keep the kids out of the political arena, at least until they have to emotional and intellectual tools to handle such illegitimate trash.

Remember, George Soros paid riot organizers $33 million to go in to Ferguson to create a race war.  Did he pay Harris to write the lie? 



Jul. 28, 2015

Mac Slavo
July 23rd, 2015




Minority Report, eat your heart out. The real system is worse than anyone could have imagined.

By now, everybody knows that the NSA and a host of other alphabet agencies are spying on Americans, collecting virtually every piece of communications data they exchange, regardless of whether or not they are “doing anything wrong.”

But what are they doing with it?

Apart from its value in consumer and marketing fields, the data is used to create “threat assessments” and put a black mark on the record of anyone who the authorities deem troublesome that will follow them throughout their career, and make it harder for individuals to get a job, qualify for a loan, travel, or enjoy the rights of a (now once) free society.

MassPrivateI reports:

Our government want us to believe that EVERY student is a potential threat and we need threat to stop them.


Every student is given a “THREAT ASSESSMENT” by police and school administrators!

Schools and police are using V-STAG to assess a ‘threat level:

“The Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines (V-STAG) is a school-based manualized process designed to help school administrators, mental health staff, and law enforcement officers assess and respond to threat incidents involving students in kindergarten through 12th grade and prevent student violence.”

The war on terror is out of control! Watch out that kindergarten kid could be a threat!

This program and others like it have been developed at the federal level, with FBI involvement, and coordinated across local, state and private organizations. The idea, unfortunately, is to implement this watch-and-flag surveillance grid across the system at every level, and with every institution that people must participate in.

Hey, if it works for prisoners, it would be great for a once free society.

The intent of schools to nurture children and help them to learn and grow into responsible adults has been subverted by an intrusive and paranoid surveillance system that considers every mistake to be a warning of crimes and misdeeds to come.

And by treating everyone as a criminal before they even do anything, it probably creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Secret Service has the audacity to call threat assessing of kindergarten students a safety concern. “The Final Report And Findings Of The Safe School Initiative.”

“The Safe School Initiative” was implemented through the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center and the Department of Education’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program.

Every student is being PROFILED and given a risk assessment rating, according to the Secret Services article titled “Evaluating Risk For Targeted Violence In Schools: Comparing Risk Assessment, Threat Assessment and Other Approaches.”

What’s really being said is police and school administrators can put your kid(s) into mental health counseling which will follow them throughout their adult lives! Oddly there isn’t any mention of the school-to-prison pipeline!

Meanwhile, this system is designed to expand throughout a student’s life and merge with other emerging “threat assessment” systems that follow adults in the general population as well.

Colleges nationwide are using ‘Campus Teams’ to give their students sexual threat assessments, there is a “Legal Compliance and Sexual Violence Prevention Training” being held in Boston this July 27, 28th.

“This training will address the critical intersection between compliance with federal laws to address sexual and intimate partner violence, and the role that threat assessment can play in effectively addressing these issues.”

In adulthood, police departments and private employers are now also using threat assessment scores to profile and target against individuals who have raised red flags.

Think it’s just those have committed crimes and demonstrated what bad people they can be? Think again. Dissidents, outspoken critics, competitors and opponents will all get flagged as the system is abused by its controllers and used to hammer down any nail that dares to stick up.

This system will create a society of compliance and fearful people, not a free society free of crime and trouble.

Whether or not this system can actually prevent crime remains unproven, but its ability to tarnish the record of individuals and place entire populations under preemptive suspicion is certain… and likely dangerous


Jun. 27, 2015

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."  Brock Chisholm, Director of UN World Health Organization, 1948-53

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."  Vladimir Lenin, Founder of the Bolsheviks-Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Jan. 10, 2015

Dr. Shirley McCune, Sr. Dir. of Mid-Continental. Regional Educational Lab. (McREL), speaking before the National Governor's Association Conference on Education, 1989, stated: "We are in to the total restructure of society in America today...It amounts to a total transformation of our society...We no longer see facts and information (knowledge) as the primary purpose of education...We see that there is a close connection between economic (sustainable) development and human capital (labor).

Jul. 8, 2014


          Stoughton graduates will not be able to compete in colleges or the career marketplace.  Florida’s two consecutive year tests in math resulted in a drop from 79% to 39% proficiency; as a result, Florida got out of Common Core Standards along with other states. 

          David Colman and other authors of Common Core decided to bring in a Validation Committee to examine the Standards and validate them.  Of the 29 people invited, most were political activists or elementary school teachers.  Only one math specialist, Prof. James Milgram of Stanford Univ., who did all the math for the Apollo moon launches in the late 1960s, and one English specialist, Prof. Sandra Stotsky, the foremost English Developmental Specialist in the U.S., were invited.  After review of the Standards, both refused to validate them.  Prof. Milgram commented, “It is an absolute joke to think these Standards will prepare our kids for college and careers in math.  These Standards will set our kids back two years behind the two years that they are already behind the rest of the world in math and technology.”  Prof. Stotsky stated that the Standards “are a disaster that in no way shape or form prepare kids for the kind of reading and writing they will need in college and career.”

          An Arkansas mother gave a Common Core problem to the School Committee to solve.  This problem was given to 4th graders:  “Mr. X has a class of 18 students.  If the class counts by a round number and ends in 90, what number did they count by?”  The Chairman of the School Committee answered:  5; I achieved that number by dividing 90 by 18.  The mother explained, “If a student answers the same way, they are marked wrong.  The students are required to draw 18 circles and make 90 hash marks to solve the problem, or 108 steps.”  The mother stated, “This is not college ready; this is not preparing our children to compete in the global economy.  Skipping rote memorization of multiplication tables is hindering their ability to master long division and fractions later in the semester.  Now, children who were testing 80% proficiency last year are now coming home with C, D, and F.  Not because as Arne Duncan (Secy. of Education) would put it that white suburban mothers think their children are not as brilliant as they thought they were.”  [Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in Four Minutes!;]


          The President and his appointee, Secretary of Education, and two small groups of private entrepreneurs illegally control 85% of Stoughton’s school curriculum, under Common Core Standards.[1]

          The U.S. Congress did not vote for Common Core State Standards; no State Legislature voted for Common Core.  It is not a law; it is an initiative.  Teachers and School Boards were never consulted before Common Core was instituted in schools; it was adopted by State Governors to get money from the Stimulus Package of 2009. 

          Any legal problems that a child might have had were sealed to the public, but will now become part of the child’s educational record.  The data collected on students goes up to a federal warehouse; there are no controls over who gets access to these records.  Just by filling out a form that a person wants to do an evaluation, they will be given access to all student records.  [Dr. Peg Luksik, Educational Specialist, Common Core Standards;]

          Robert S. Eitel, former General Counsel, and Kent D. Talbert, former deputy general counsel, both of the U.S. Dept. of Education, stated in their report regarding Common Core:  “The U.S. Dept. of Education has placed the nation on the road to a national curriculum, despite three federal laws that prohibit federal departments or agencies from directing, supervising or controlling elementary and secondary school curricula, programs of instruction and instructional materials.”   [Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research, Feb. 9, 2012;]

          The three federal laws that the Dept. of Edu. has violated:  General Education Provisions Act, the Dept. of Edu. Organization Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Edu. Act of 1965, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which ban the Dept. (of Education) from directing, supervising, or controlling elementary and secondary school curriculum, programs of instruction, and instructional materials.”  [Ibid.]

           “The Department (of Education) has designed a system of discretionary grants and conditional waivers that effectively herds states into accepting specific standards and assessments favored by the Department.”   [Ibid.]

          "These standards and the tests run the risk that States become little more than administrative agents for national K-12 program and raising a fundamental question about whether the Dept. (of Education) is exceeding its statutory boundaries.”  [Dr. Duke Pesta quoting Robert S. Eitel, Esq. former General Counsel of DOE;]


          It is a standard of teaching to the lowest-able student  in the class, in which the highest able student is lost forever.  [Supra at Dr. Peg Luksik]

          It is a federal-government-funded curriculum that teaches the same courses to all students in the 48 states that have adopted it through their state boards of education.  The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted the Common Core Standards in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics on July 21, 2010.  []

          It is homogenized learning initiated, controlled, and copyrighted by the National Board of Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers(CCSSO), in 2009.  “Both are D.C.-based trade associations.  However, the majority of the writing of the standards was done by Achieve, a progressive non-profit D.C.-based group, which received a lot of funding by Bill and Melinda Gates.”  [Ben Swann, Reality Check: The Truth Behind ‘Common Core’ States Can’t Change Anything; CGgxj58]

          The National Board of Governors (are not Governors) and the Council of Chief State School Officers – both are small groups of private entrepreneurs, not educators, that are not regulated by any governmental body.

           It is instituted in 48 states through a carrot and stick approach to win state adoption.  The American  Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus Package) funded it with $4.35 billion, issuing Race to the Top grants.  $360 million of that fund is spent to finance two national testing consortia.  The tests are based on what is in the course. 

           If states adopt it, they may waive participation in the failed No Child Left Behind law.  Once adopted and states do not abide by its mandates, Stimulus Package funding to schools is pulled from the state.


           “This program provides grants to states to design, develop, and implement  statewide P-20 longitudinal data systems to capture, analyze, and use student data from preschool to high school, college, and the workforce.”  [Dept. of Education;]

          “The Recovery Act competition requires that the data systems have the capacity to link preschool, K-12, and postsecondary education as well as workforce data.  To receive State Fiscal Stabilization Funds, a state must provide an assurance that it will establish a longitudinal data system that includes the 12 elements described in the America COMPETES Act….”  [Ibid.]

          In adopting Common Core Standards, states are required to set up the State Longitudinal Database System.  This system tracks children from Pre-K-college and is used by the Dept. of Education, Dept. of Labor, and Centers for Disease Control (since sexual behavior and sexual attitude of student is listed in their educational record, which directly identifies the student to their record).

          The Govenor, in application of funds, must report assurances:

          1.        “Improving Collection and Use of Data – The State will establish a longitudinal data system that includes the elements described in 6401(e)(2)(D) of the America Competes Act (20 U.S.C. 9871).”  [20 U.S.C. 9871, Div. A, Title XXX, Part 2, Subtitle B, Sec. 3013]


          1.         Government control of education, in which the common core standards are written, in great part, by Achieve; a few of Achieve’s Board of Directors are:

                      a.         Craig R. Barrett, Chair, “formerly Chairman of the United Nations Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development, which works to bring computers and other technology to developing parts of the world.”  [] and []

                      b.         Mark B. Grier, who was honored on Nov. 29, 2011, by United Nations Children’s Fund

                      c.         Governor Deval Patrick, who spent a year working for United Nations in Africa, 1978

                      d.         Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., who is a Board member of Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that works to bring about a New World Order that ends U.S. sovereignty

           2.         Bill Gates at the National Conference of State Legislatures, 2009, stated, “But identifying common standards is just the starting point.  We’ll only know if this effort has succeeded when the curriculum  and tests are aligned to these standards…when the tests are aligned to the common standards the curriculum will line up as well; and it and will unleash a powerful market of people providing services for better teaching.  For the first time there will be a large uniform base of customers looking at using products that can help every kid learn and every teacher get better.  Imagine having the people who create great online video games apply their intelligence to online tools that pull kids in that make algebra and other subjects fun.”  []


          1.         It is federally-controlled centralized education that dumbs down students.

          2.         It creates the infrastructure to institute anti-constitutional instruction that parents and local school authorities cannot prohibit.

          3.         States and towns no longer control their students’ education, except for 15% of the curriculum.

          4.         SAT and ACT tests are being designed around these standards, thus, students who do not take these courses would be at a disadvantage in taking the SATs.

          5.         “Student privacy and parental authority will suffer…According to the National Data Collection Model, the government should collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status…the department (of Education) proposed regulations that would allow it and other agencies to share a student’s personal information with practically any government agency or even private company, as long as the disclosure could be said to support an evaluation of an ‘education program,’ broadly defined.  That’s how the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) might end up with your daughter’s health records or the Department of Labor with your son’s test scores…As of Jan. 3, 2012, interstate and intergovernmental access to your child’s personal information will be practically unlimited…The Department (of Education) would have access to the data systems of each of the 50 states and would be allowed to share that data with anyone it chooses, as long as it uses the right language to justify the disclosure….” [McGroarty et al., How the Feds Are Tracking Your Kid, New York Post, 12/27/2011;]


            Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the non-profit who is writing the common core standards:  “meetings are closed to the public and attendance is by invitation only.”  [CCSSO,]

            It is claimed that this is a State-led initiative; it is not.  “Approximately…$3,450,930 in CCSSO revenue (came) from the federal government …$558,000 came from the 2009 Stimulus Bill for CCSSO’s involvement with one of two networks creating new tests to fit the standards.  In 2010, the U.S. (Dept. of Education) DOE granted those two (CCSSO and National Governor’s Association (both are trade associations)) networks $330 million in stimulus funds.”  [Joy Pullmann, Tax-Sponsored Common core Meetings Closed to Public, Jan. 3, 2013;]


1.         Schools are becoming nation-wide indoctrination camps;

2.         Common core standards aim at mediocre, community college readiness;

3.         English Language Art falls below traditional readiness, lessening literary content;

4.         The total cost to align curriculum is $16 billion; left out is the technical cost of infrastructure ($7 billion), which is needed to take the national tests online (but exams can be taken on paper);

5.         There’s no bases for Common Core – no academic nor constitutional bases for Common Core – nothing supporting the rhetoric.  [Testimony before the Georgia General Assembly Joint Meeting of the House and Senate Educational Committees]

For more information see:  and 


[1] “Through the Race to the Top Initiative, teams of educators from across the State will develop more than 100, pre-K to grade 12 model curriculum units in English Language Arts and Literacy, history/social science, mathematics, and science and technology/engineering.  Four of these draft model curriculum units are now released to the public and all districts for try-out and feedback….”   [Curriculum & Instruction, Mass. Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education;]



            The Longitudinal Data System is attached to Common Core Standards, which is being instituted in all the countries of the world.  Governor Patrick and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts School Board adopted it when Patrick accepted funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Common Core is an educational system that intentionally dumbs-down children, teaching 2 plus 2 equals 5 because you say so, to make the population more manageable under the impending New World Order.  It institutes the indoctrination of our children to be loyal to the United Nations, not the United States.  A parent can overcome these things by teaching their child otherwise.  However, it is the Longitudinal Data System that is the exceedingly dangerous element of Common Core that the parent cannot protect against.

            There are three (3) elements to the Longitudinal Data System:  1.  The Legal; 2.  The Mechanical;  and  3.  The Financial.

            1.         Under the Legal element – U.S. Constitution:

                        The 10th Amendment, 1791, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  Article I, “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of  Representatives.”  The Article I of the Constitution is silent on granting to Congress power over education, therefore, power over education is reserved to the States.

i.          The Federal government illegally took control of education away from the States;

ii.         Our State illegally mandates that Towns take away from students and their families their 4th Amendment fundamental right of protection to be secure in their persons and papers against unreasonable searches and seizures, without a compelling reason;

iii.        In a due process analysis, a State has a duty to “establish that it has a compelling interest that justifies and necessitates the law in question.”  [“Strict Scrutiny,” Black’s Law Dictionary, 2nd Ed., Garner, Ed. in Chief, St. Paul, MN, 2001]

The Commonwealth’s School Board has not given a Strict Scrutiny standard compelling reason to usurp the 4th Amendment and mandate data mining of students; 

iv.        They did not give a compelling reason because Common Core Standards with its Longitudinal Data System – is not a law, but a voluntary financial agreement.

v.         The terms of the financial agreement are –

* The Federal government agrees to give money to the State;

* The Federal government agrees not to enforce the illegal federal law, No Child Left Behind;

*  The State agrees to institute the Longitudinal Data System.

vi.        This means that the State sold the personal information of our children to the Federal government, the United Nations, and its 192 other member countries.

vii.       This means that both our Federal Government and our State government colluded to throw out the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.  This is Treason.

viii.      Most importantly, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts School Board cannot legally force the Town to violate the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the Town by forcing students to give to the school and to the United Nations his/her DNA, iris and retina scans, fingerprints, voiceprints, handwriting specimen, facial characteristics, when the student has committed no act to violate school rule or the law and without probable cause and warrant.  [See Reference #17]

ix.        The Longitudinal Database System goes well beyond violation of the 4th Amendment protection and demands to know – what are the student’s and their parent’s political affiliations or beliefs; mental and psychological problems of the student or the student’s family; student’s sexual behavior and attitudes; the student’s illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, and demeaning behavior; student’s critical appraisal of close family relationships; legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers; religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or the student’s parent; and income.  The Longitudinal Data System questioning is nothing short of a CIA interrogation of a terrorist.  Nothing is left to be known of a person.  How is this information necessary in teaching the Common Core Standard that 2 + 2 = 5?  [See Reference #16]  These questions are only necessary for nefarious purposes, such as instituting a New World Order fascist government.

I.          The Jesuits control the elite; the elite are the Rothschild Dynasty, David Rockefeller, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Rupert Murdock, and Bill Gates, all of whom are working toward instituting the fascist New World Order. 

i.          The Jesuits established a back door approach in conquering the United States – they create a Problem, wait for the public Response, then offer a Solution to the problem that they created.  The technique is used to cause the public to demand the government do what the Jesuits wanted to do in the first place.  Critically, this technique gets the public to accept the unconstitutional strings attached to the Jesuit Solution

The Problem the Jesuits created in education was the impossible compliance with the illegal No Child Left Behind Act.  They structured this law to be sure that all schools would fail.  The Response was States’ fear of the Federal government restructuring schools, a penalty of No Child Left Behind.  The Solution the Jesuits offered was Common Core Standards with its string attached – the Longitudinal Data System.  This Longitudinal Data System is what the Jesuits wanted all along, but it is unconstitutional, so they had to have the States volunteer to adopt it, by making an offer that States could not refuse.  Indeed, States jumped at their Solution and adopted Common Core Standards with the Longitudinal Data System.  It is through the Longitudinal Data System that the Jesuits will have direct access to all aspects of every individual’s life, across the world.

            By incremental, illegal steps, our country has been brought to today’s Jesuit Solution. 

           The first illegal step – was taken by Lyndon Johnson, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the operating arm of the NWO inside the U.S.  Johnson signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) in 1965 – it had a feel-good Federal concern to help States provide low-income students at high risk of failure with equal access to a sound education.  It was a grant system without strings, thus, no one argued at the time that the Federal government had no jurisdiction; it was not instructing schools what to teach.  Furthermore, the Federal government was “restrained” by having to reauthorize the act every five years since its enactment.  George Bush re-authorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

            This second illegal step - The No Child Left Behind Act is the illegal law that intentionally sets up for failure all the schools in the U.S., to prepare the way to make an offer that the States could not refuse, the third illegal step. 

            The third illegal step – Barack Obama illegally waived the illegal No Child Left Behind Act by offering Common Core Standards with its Longitudinal Data System.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts School Board, as other States, predictably jumped at the chance to adopt Common Core Standards to get out from under the threat of the federal government restructuring Massachusetts schools. 

            The fourth illegal step – Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, as noted in the Federal Register, Vol. 76, No. 232, illegally amended the regulations…of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)…January, 2012,” which was a legal law.  [See Reference #7]

            What Arne Duncan did was to illegally change federal law.  He does not have the Constitutional authority to do this.  Nevertheless, Duncan states, “We have modified the definition of and requirements related to “directory information”…(so that a student) does not…(have the) right to refuse to wear…a student identification (ID) card or badge.”  (p 75604)  A Texas high school put this illegal amendment into action to get additional grant money.  Seduction is all about the money.

            Duncan further changed the definition of “’authorized representative’ and ‘education program,’ so that, as Duncan says, “to permit greater access by parties to information on students.” (p 75604)  “Education program” is now defined as, “any program principally engaged in the provision of education, including, but not limited to…job training, career and technical education, and adult education.”  (p 75605)  All of you obtaining job training or adult education will be subject to the Statewide Longitudinal Data System and his/her Personally Identifiable Information will be disclosed without your knowledge or permission.

            In regards to disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information without parental or student consent, Duncan admits in the Federal Register that, “educational agencies and institutions continue to face considerable challenges (to) protect Personal Identifiable Information from identity theft.”  (p 75604)

            Duncan also “Removed the provision (in § 99.35(a)(2)) that required that an entity must have legal authority (to have access to Personally Identifiable Information) to conduct an audit, evaluation, or enforcement or compliance activity.”  (p 75605)   In other words, any person will now have access to our children’s school records under the guise of conducting an evaluation, etc.

            In the Federal Register, Duncan responds to claims that the Statewide Longitudinal Data System linked across State lines is a national database of student Personally Identifiable Information, and therefore, illegal.  Duncan defends, “States are not prohibited from establishing their own Statewide Longitudinal Data System or linking across States lines.  This is not a national database BECAUSE the Federal Government would not play a role in its operation.  Responsibility for operating such a system is with the consortium of States.”  (p 75611)  He fails to note that the Feds will have access to the database; the Feds will give the information to the United Nations, who will give access to it to the other 192 member states of the UN.

             Duncan states that, “The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act makes no distinctions based on State or international lines.  Disclosure of private information is not restricted by geographic boundaries.”  Yet, in the Federal Register, Duncan admits that the "Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act does NOT protect students’ information against invasion and miss-use by foreign countries.” (p 75611) 

1.         “The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has the statutory authority and responsibility for coordinating the Federal statistical system." [See Reference #18, p 2]

2.         The OMB, has the responsibility of determining what statistical information shall be provided in response to official requests received by the U.S. Government from any international organization of which the U.S. is a member, such as the United Nations.  [See Reference #18, p 3, Exec. Order 10033; also, p 6]

3.         And the OMB decides what U.S. agency is to provide the requested information.  This includes the National Center for Education Statistics agency.  [See Reference #18, p 1]

4.         “The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the U.S. and other nations.  It is located within the U.S. Dept. of Education.  In 2010, the National Center for Education Statistics released a technical brief entitled, ‘Guidance for Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS).  [See Reference #3, p 2]

5.         It is the National Center for Education Statistics who created the questions for students to answer for the ‘Personally Identifiable Information,’ which will include the parents’ names, address, Social Security Number, date of birth, place of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc.  All of which is needed to steal a person’s identity.  And according to the National Center for Education Statistics’ Statewide Longitudinal Data System brief, ‘Sensitive Information’ will also be extracted, which delves into the intimate details of students’ lives.”  [See References #16 and 17]

6.         Thus, students’ Personally Identifiable and Sensitive information collected by the National Center for Education Statistics they will give to the United Nations.  [See Reference #19]

7.         According to the United Nations’ website, “The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a specialized agency of the UN, with its “Institute for Statistics Data Centre collects these data from more than 200  countries… (and then) The Data Centre provides free access to: The Institute’s databases.  [See Reference #19, p 2-3]

8.         Under Title 34, Part 99, § 99.31(a)(13), Biometric Records do not require parental or student consent for disclosure; nor do they require probable cause or warrant – which is diametrically opposed to the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – to disclose Biometric Records of DNA Sequence, fingerprints, voiceprints, retina and iris patterns, facial characteristics, handwriting, directly to an ALLEGED victimThey can also be given to the U.S. Attorney General without a warrant or probable cause.  [See Reference #9]

            What Duncan did not change is the use of student Social Security Numbers, claiming “that the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act does not prohibit the use of them as a Personal Identifier or as a linking variable.”  (p 75611).  Duncan makes this claim, in spite of the fact that the America Competes Act, (20 USC § 9871 (2)(A)(i)(1)), “Does not permit a student to be individually identified by users of the longitudinal data system.”

            Duncan is obeying Bill Gates, a New World Order Jesuit puppet. 

            In 2009, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a report, entitled “A Framework for a Multi-State Human Capital Development Data System,” which is published on a website sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Education.  They are constructing a labor database of our children, so that the United Nations can assign them to jobs.  The Gates report states, “a Unique student identifier…(is) critical to linking records for longitudinal tracking, and are being put into place state by state.  This paper presents a framework for how a…multi-state data resource might be designed and governed.”

            In 2009, Gates was requesting a single, “unique student identifier” – but that too has been expanded by an incremental step.

            In 2010, in Brief 3 of the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems, Personally Identifiable Information is now defined as including the name and address of the student and the student’s family; a personal identifier, such as the student’s Social Security Number, student number, or biometric record; other indirect information, such as the student’s date and place of birth and mother’s maiden name; and other information that, alone or in combination, is linked or linkable to a specific student that would allow a reasonable person in the school community…to identify a student with reasonable certainty.”  [See Reference #17, p 2]

            Code of Federal Regulations 34, § 99.3(b) defines Biometric Record as, “DNA sequence, fingerprints, voiceprints, retina and iris patterns, facial characteristics, and handwriting specimen that can be used for automated (remote) recognition of an individual.”

             Students’ Biometric Records coordinate with the technology being developed by the Dept. of Homeland Security to remotely monitor the behavior of every American, allegedly to spot terrorists.  However, it is the Dept. of Homeland Security that is the one busing into the U.S. hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Central America, such as MS-13 drug gangs, and releasing them on the streets of the United States without getting their Biometric information.  It would seem that the Dept. of Homeland Security and the Dept. of Education look at American students as possible terrorists, but not Columbian MS-13 drug gang members, and whoever else is on those buses, as a threat.  It appears that the Dept. of Education is working with DHS to use this psychological neuroimaging technique only on American children.  [See References #14 and 15]  Does any of this relate to teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic?

              It was eugenicist Sir Francis Galton who developed biometrics in the 1870s to track genetic traits and a way to license those who would be allowed to have children.

              In 1907, the U.S. eugenics law mandated that children with mild deformities and low test scores on their report cards were to be arrested and forcibly sterilized.  Through to the 1980s, many states aggressively continued this sterilization program.

              In 1916, eugenicist Margaret Sanger began to promote eugenics in the U.S., funded by the Rockefeller family.  She wrote to Clarence J. Gambel that black leaders needed to be recruited to act as front men to push the sterilization of blacks.

              By 1933, Nazi Germany instituted eugenics laws that were modeled after the U.S., with which Germany became the world leader in sterilization; and strongly supported by England and the U.S.   Rockefeller had sent top U.S. eugenicists to Germany to advise how to fine tune their extermination system.

              Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM, and devoted follower of Hitler, supplied Hitler with computer punch cards and IBM technicians to help Nazis in the concentration camps.  The human ID numbers tattooed on the arms of concentration camp prisoners, including children, were fed into IBM computers by way of the punch cards.  This was the precursor to today’s RFID badges and microchips.

              Eugenicist Bertrand Russell stated, “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between the rulers and the ruled will increase until they become almost a different species.” 

              Russell, a Nobel Prize winner, wrote in his book entitled, The Impact of Science on Society,” that vaccines filled with mercury and other brain injury compounds would act as partial lobotomies and dumb down the populations, making them more manageable. 

              This is how and why autism has exploded.  The United States National Health Statistic Report states that 1 out of 50 children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

              Before a child can be enrolled in school they must receive all their vaccinations.  In following the Russell’s eugenics policy, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala, ordered an increase of mercury-laced vaccines be given according to her Universal Immunization Schedule, bringing the total of amount of mercury that babies are injected with up to 84% higher toxic levels than allowed by EPA standards.

              A psychiatrist testifying before his State’s congressional hearing stated that, “2/3 of children in foster care are forced to take 7 on average psychotropic drugs – because the children come from bad gene pools; they suffer mental illness; they don’t have stable parents making good decisions.”  [“Groups Criticize Remark About ‘bad gene pools’,” Polly Ross Hughes, 2004;]

             Two of the questions that the National Center for Education Statistics requires on the Longitudinal Data System under the category of Sensitive Information that will be extracted from our children are:

1.   What are the mental and psychological problems of the student or the student’s family; and

2.   What illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, and demeaning behavior the student has engaged in.

            In Dec. 1974, the US government made 3rd world population reduction a priority; the U.S. Plan authored by Henry Kissinger, who openly and repeatedly calls for a New World Order, recommended that loans given by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to the 13 countries that he selected – be given only on the condition that these countries institute aggressive sterilization.  Kissinger also recommended that food be used as a weapon, and that instigating wars was also a helpful tool in reducing populations.  The top priority of the New World Order is to reduce the world’s population by 85-95%.

            In 1972, Nixon’s White House implemented a eugenics policy run by George Bush, Sr., then Ambassador to the United Nations, who advised China on the formulation of their one-baby policy; Bush directed the U.S. government to forcibly sterilize 40% of Native American women on reservations. 

            In a report entitled, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Dick Cheney suggested that “race specific weapons would be a politically useful tools.”  Race-specific weapons are manufactured diseases that kill a targeted race.  They are working on it, but they need a broader inventory of DNA to go further.

            David Rockefeller and Bill Gates are pushing for a one-child policy for the whole world.  Ted Turner, a media mogul, gave $1 billion to the UN to implement population control policies worldwide.  Turner said, “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

            All these powerful individuals are eugenicists and would be able to use student’s biometric records to determine who will be allowed to procreate and who should be sterilized.

            On a different level, the technology exists to copy human DNA in the laboratory.  Given all the personally identifiable information, including photo, height, weight, athletic awards, scholarship awards, behavioral problems – and DNA sequence – they could create a catalogue of donor DNA copies that could be sold on the black market.  Or perhaps, set up a person to appear guilty of criminal activity, murder.  Laboratories buy DNA segments on the Internet, which are shipped by UPS.  DNA sequencing from a superior student can be copied in a laboratory and sold to physicians who perform in-vitro fertilization to guarantee a stronger, healthier, successful child.  The DNA can be sold to any government that wants to breed larger soldiers, for instance.

            Still another level – the Data collected that shows negative behavior by the child opens those children to abuse by those working toward a New World Order; children have been abducted, flown to another state, and sold as a sex slave to U.S. and world leaders.  Some are sacrificed in Satanic rituals.  “One million children exploited by the global commercial sex trade, every year.”  [U.S. Dept. of State, The Facts About Child Sex Tourism: 2005.]

            If a child is in trouble, they will never go to the school administration or teacher when they know their information will be recorded and given to the Federal government and UN.

            The Biometric Records called for in the Longitudinal Data System can be disclosed without parental or student consent – without probable cause, without warrant, without subpoena – to school volunteers and to the U.S. Attorney General, (34 CFR § 99.31(a)) along with a list of others entities.  “Disclosure” is defined as, “to permit access to or the release, transfer, or other communication of Personally Identifiable Information contained in an education record by any means.”  

            If the school administration gives a student’s Biometric Record to an alleged victim without probable cause warrant “that is supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized,” the Town will be sued by the student, for violation of the student’s 4th Amendment Right under the U.S. Constitution.  The Town will lose. 

            If the school administration refuses to give a student’s Biometric Record to an alleged victim, without prior consent of the student, the Town will be sued by the victim under Title 34, Part 99, § 99.31(a)(13) that entitles the victim to receive without a warrant the Biometric Record contained in the student’s Personally Identifiable Information.  [See Reference #9, pp 1 and 4, followed by § 99.30, as referenced in § 99.31(a)]  The Town will lose.  

            The Biometric Record information is permanent, such that no law enforcement agency would ever again need TO PROVE probable cause to a judge, to obtain the DNA or fingerprints of a suspect.  This is the taking of the 4th Amendment Constitutional right.  The Governors took grant money, pledging to collect Biometric Records and all the information a thief would need to steal the student’s and his/her parents’ identity.  The Governors are illegally giving this information to the Federal government, to the United Nations, and to Foreign countries, which cannot be controlled to maintain privacy.

 II.        These Illegal elements of Common Core Standards and its Longitudinal Data Systemhave cleared the way for the Mechanical set up of the computer database infrastructure.  More importantly, the computer infrastructure gives the Jesuits direct control over every American.

            1.         Under the Mechanical element of the Longitudinal Data System – the technical aspects of the activity –

i.          is the setting up of a computer database infrastructure to collect and transmit personal information of our children and their families;

ii.         the scale of identity theft that will occur – will bring our country to its knees, from which we will never recover.  Thieves will transfer ownership of all individual American assets to themselves and clean out all financial accounts.

iii.        this will lead to a world currency as a Jesuit Solution with its string of             implantation of microchips – that the Jesuits want in the first place.

2.   The Jesuits are very, very brilliant men, absolutely focused, and militarized.  Only they could pull off the plan to institute a New World Order.  They have set up the details, the mechanics, of the type of data that will be extracted from our children. ‘Sensitive Information’ will be put in the student’s educational record, along with photos, height and weight of our children.  This information will be accessed by the Jesuits, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc., all of whom are known Satanists that perform human sacrifices; engage in human trafficking; who are pedophiles; who run international pedophile rings.  These powerful pedophiles will access the results of our children’s interrogation required under Sensitive Information, such as: 

i.    Student’s sex behavior or attitudes;

ii.   Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or the student’s parent. [Supra]

            Are they planning to create a catalogue of children they should abduct for their international pedophile ring?  For their human sacrifices?  Will they target Christians?

            Crucial to the development of the Longitudinal Data System is yet to be announced, but it was foreshadowed at the Confirmation Hearing for Chief Justice Roberts, when then Senator Joe Bidden asked Roberts:  “Can a microchip tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every movement?  There is actual discussion about that.  You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over.  Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person is inclined toward criminality or violent behavior?  You will rule on that!”  

            Again, by incremental steps this is being carried out.

            Duncan illegally changed the legal Family Education Rights & Privacy Act so that a Texas high school could require students to visibly carry a trackable card before and during school.  Picture a dog’s collar.  The wearing of the Radio Frequency ID microchip (RFID) card is mandated by the school’s administration so that the State will give greater funding to the district for higher attendance.  This is irrational logic since the RFID card does not cause the student to attend, nor prevent the student from leaving the campus; it does not guarantee that the student is in attendance.  It does, however, allow Texas high school Administrators  know when the student is in the bathroom, and for how long and how often.  A psychologist would call this an invasion of intimate space, and highly damaging to the psyche of an individual.  This technique of invasion of intimate space is used in mind control.  It is stripping our children of their dignity, their free will, and prepares them to mentally accept government slavery.

            Students that do not bring their microchip card to school cannot get lunch, cannot take out library books, or participate in school activities.  This is a test run of indoctrination of our children – to accept that the government has the right to force such invasion of privacy, restrict their activity, and punish by withholding food.  Even if a student is in attendance, allegedly the goal of this RFID program, and even if he/she has money, without the card, they do not eat!  Again, if you forget your RFID card – you do not eat!  Where is the logic for attendance?  The answer is – there is no goal to achieve higher attendance.  The goal is the indoctrination that you must obey the government rule.  You must permit the school administration to know when you are using the toilet – to know your every step and movement about the school.  This is the manipulation of the minds of our children to fear and to obey the government, without question.  It is the conditioning of the next generation to accept without protest a chip being implanted in their forehead or right hand, at least then they will not go without eating for lack of carrying their RFID cards.

             What the Texas students did was to hand off to other students their RFID card, so they could leave school mid-day, while the other students passed the card to friends that were in the same classes as the truant student.  This gives me hope. 

III.        The Financial element of the Longitudinal Data system is the enticement of grants to States’ through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Race to the Top.  It must be voluntarily adopted by the States’ Governors because it is unconstitutional.  The string attached to the money is the requirement that Governors give assurance that a Longitudinal Data System that collects the DNA of students will be constructed.

             The Statewide Longitudinal Data System is unconstitutional in its mandate for data mining of information without probable cause and warrant, as required by the 4th Amendment.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has no authority to sell this fundamental right of our children – nor does the Commonwealth have the authority to force the Town to commit treason.  Incredibly, the Longitudinal Data System goes beyond the 4th Amendment that only requires “particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”   The Longitudinal Data System demands to know – what are your political and religious beliefs, sexual behavior and attitude, self-incrimination and demeaning behavior; critical appraisal of close family friends, lawyers, doctors.  None of this information is relevant to teaching students reading, writing, and arithmetic.  It is relevant to teaching the next generation of Americans what is expected of them under a fascist government.  This is information used by a slave master.

             It is the duty of the School Committee, Board of Selectmen, and Town Manager to protect the constitutional rights of the Town’s children and their parents.  Furthermore, a nationwide identity theft attack would allow the transfer of all property and financial assets from Americans to a world of thieves and bring the United States down to the status of a Third World country.

             The Longitudinal Data System is a complex issue.  The common element that threads through every level is that it is highly injurious to the children of Stoughton.

             The above writer's opinion will be provided to the Town Manager, Board of Selectmen, School Committee, and the Superintendent, to discuss at a meeting this writer is trying to bring about.