Aug. 23, 2015

Is the New Textbook Targeting 6th Graders, "Black Lives Matter" Coming to Stoughton?

"Black Lives Matter" was written by Duchess Harris and Sue Bradford Edwards.  The text book is based on a lie - that Michael Brown was shot by a cop in Ferguson, even though his hands were up in a surrender position - because the cop was a racist.  Forensic evidence proves otherwise, and why the cop was not tried.  Attorney General Eric Holder sent the FBI to find any kind of evidence to hang on the cop.  They only found Black eye witnesses that told FBI that Brown charged the cop, before the cop shot him.  It was Brown's friend who told the lie that Brown had surrendered but the cop shot him, anyway.  The friend who was, just minutes earlier, with Brown in holding up the convience store.

So, who is Harris, and what is her game plan?  Harris is a Black tenured professor at Macalester College, set in a community of 2% Blacks.  She is a racist.  She was given numerous scholarships for her education.  She is living the American Dream by all accounts, but Harris writes in her two other books that follow CRT, that the American Dream is too difficult; requires too much hard work for Blacks to achieve.  While she was able to make the grade, she does not believe the majority of Blacks have the ability to achieve what she did.  Black supremacy?

She writes from the perspective of CRT?  It is Critical Race Theory - it blames the White race for all the ills of the Black race.  It proposes that White Supremacy and racial power are maintained by law.  It pursues a project of achieving racial emancipatron and anti-subordination.

No where in her books does Harris suggest that the Black race take responsibility for their lives or achieving the American Dream that Harris herself achieved.  No where does Harris mention the rate of Black on White crime sky-rocketed under Obama and went unpunished.  No where does Harries talk about the high use of drugs among the Black community.  Nor of the abandonment of Black fathers of their families, or Black mothers depending on the government, which sociologist and even some Black leaders blame on the low standard of living of the Black race.  No where does Harris point to Obama's order to the Border Patrol to stop arresting illegal aliens and Columbian MS-13 gangs, bringing in drugs to the Black community.  Nor about the Mexican Military escorts of drug dealers picking up their drug money 100 miles inside the U.S.

Harris' book targets 6th graders - who are 11 years old.  Most 11-year olds accept without question or critical thinking what a textbook says.  They have been taught that textbooks contain historical facts.  Since Harris' book is based on a lie, her plan can be nothing more than guilt-bashing of vulnerable and trusting White 6th graders who have no control over society.  Her book is propaganda indoctrination that is aimed to cause White children to keep silent, do not compete; suppress their intelligence so that the Black student may pass ahead of them.  Blacks will never have a sense of achievement; it was given to them by the White students.  What Harris does not seem to realize is that the White race has bent over backwards to be politically correct and say nothing about Black preferential quotas in college entrance and jobs, and is all out of guilt for deeds they have never participated in.  Her propaganda will fall on deaf ears.  

No responsible school district will allow such vile, racist propaganda in its school.  Keep the kids out of the political arena, at least until they have to emotional and intellectual tools to handle such illegitimate trash.

Remember, George Soros paid riot organizers $33 million to go in to Ferguson to create a race war.  Did he pay Harris to write the lie?