Sep. 21, 2014

Quinn's 11th Regiment

There is an evil dynamic controlling mankind - two ancient satanic bloodlines that live among us, today.  Quinn's 11th Regiment and American patriots take on that evil.  This is a ghost story like no other - it reveals who the real Antichrist and False Prophet are - what the Gentiles and Israelites are called today - why there is pain and suffereing in the world - and who burned down the Great Library of Alexandria and why it is important.  This is an ancient tale that reveals the true meaning of "time, and times, and a half time."  It explains how the ancient Greek flux principle supports the 11th dimension of existence and how it saves mankind.  The answers are all interconnected.  In this ghost story, 11th dimension warriors help American patriots conduct the Second American Revolution.  It begins when the Granny Quilt Crafters of America assassinate the President of the United States.  It ends when the warrior ghosts of battles past bring home the U.S. Military to fight for America's freedom.  For be not fooled - ancient history is at your doorstep in the 21st century.  Indeed, this is a story of ruthless evil and betrayal.

"Behold I have told it to you, beforehand."

Jesus to His Disciples, Matt. 24:25