Gog is Lucifer, Reigning from the Vatican

Oct. 26, 2014

Most preachers say that Russia is Gog, more specifically that Putin is Gog and that Ezechiel 38 indicates Russia will start the Battle of Armageddon in an attack against the State of Israel.

There is, however, another perspective to be considered. 

The Douay Rheims Bible mentions Lucifer by name only one time. Isaias (Isaiah) 14:12-15, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations? And thou saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God, I will sit in the mountain of the covenant, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the height of the clouds, I will be the most High.  But yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, into the depth of the pit.”

Lucifer is described as “who didst rise in the morning,” because he was an angel created in the morning, as in the beginning of Creation.

The sides of the northmeans the highest, third heaven, where the God of Abraham resides.

Isaias’ verses tell of Lucifer’s desire to replace God and reign from the highest heavens, but was thrown out of heaven for his betrayal of God, his Creator – his benefactor in giving him life. Dante’s Inferno tells that the lowest depth of hell, the 9th level, is reserved for those who betray their benefactor; Dante is referring to this passage where Lucifer was brought down to hell “into the depth of the pit.”

The “stars of God” (the sun and moon, the atmosphere above the earth) are in the second heaven from where Satan has reigned after he was released from the bottomless pit, A.D. 1030. This is also where the demon/UFO aliens fly around.

Mankind resides in the first heaven; where the descendants of Adam and Eve and Satan and Eve have resided for the last 6000 years.

To be taken from Isaias’ verses is that Lucifer, as the former Chief Angel, is at war with God. Also to be noted: Lucifer had “fallen to the earth…yet thou shalt be brought down to hell.” Does this indicate that hell is beneath the earth? And that there is a portal on earth that descends into hell? Is such a portal the Well of Spirits beneath Solomon’s Temple, beneath the Dome of the Rock, beneath the Rock of Moriah – the historic location of Solomon’s Temple and the existing Dome of the Rock and Rock of Moriah are stacked one upon another on the eastern hill of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, now  controlled by the Rothschild-State of Israel after the Israeli-Arab 6th Day War between Israel and Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, June 5-10, 1967.  Obtaining control of the Well of Spirits and access to Solomon’s demons was the actual goal of that war; plus the agricultural land of the Golan Heights.


Gog is Lucifer who secretly reigns from the Vatican, since 1963. The land of Magog is the Vatican – who worship Lucifer as their Chief Prince (of  Darkness).

[Douay-Rheims Commentary, OT, Ez. 38:2, p 935: “This name [Gog], which signifies hidden or covered, is taken in this place…(to be) some arch-persecutor in particular: such as Antichrist shall be in the latter days.”

Therefore, Gog is Lucifer, secretly enthroned, hidden, on the Throne of Peter on June 29, 1963, in a ritual conducted by the Jesuits and politically-allied Satanists and Luciferians, in the God of Abraham’s Church, the Vatican – as though Lucifer was reigning over creation in God’s stead.]

Gen. 10:2, names the sons of Japheth/Asian race: "Gomer, and Magog… and Thubal, and Mosoch".

Gen. 10:3, “And the sons of Gomer: Ascenez (Ashkenaz)….”

Gen. 10:5, “By these (Gomer, Ascenez, Magog, Mosoch, and Thubal) were divided the islands of the Gentiles in their lands, every one according to his tongue and their families in their nations."

[As a self-proclaimed descendant of Ashkenaz, the Rothschilds are Gentiles.

Douay Rheims Commentary: Gen. Chap. 10, Ver. 5, “’The islands' So the Hebrews called all the remote countries, to which they went by ships from Judea, to Greece, Italy, Spain, etc."  Italy is where Vatican City is located, a sovereign city-state. It makes Magog the land of the False Prophet, Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope and the last Pope.]

Ez. 38:1, “And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Son of man (Adam/Israelites), set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Mosoch and Thubal: and prophesy of him.”

[This makes Lucifer the chief prince of the Rothschilds and Vatican.]

Rev. 20:7: “And when the thousand years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the number of who is as the sand of the sea.”

[This is not an ordinary war between countries. It is not Russia against the State of Israel. This is Satan, sitting in the United Nations, gathering the nations of the world, as well as gathering Lucifer and the False Prophet from the Vatican. This is the battle between God and Lucifer, Satan, and the False Prophet that was marked from the beginning of time. It is a supernatural battle for the souls of mankind.

God is fighting for His family, which are those who love Him and His Son. Lucifer, Satan, and the False Prophet will do anything to keep from being put into the “pool of fire and brimstone…(to) be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” Rev. 20:9-10

In all existence, this battle will not take a back seat to anything.  God created the universe, heavens, angels, and us – out of love. God is going to fight Lucifer, Satan, the False Prophet, and all the evil demons and spirits – from His Wrath, such that the earth will quake throughout. Prepare your soul for judgment by His Son, Jesus Christ.]

Ez. 38:3, “And say to him: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold, I come against thee, O Gog (Lucifer), the chief prince of Mosoch and Thubal (the Gentiles who worship Lucifer).”  

Ez. 38:5 “The Persians (Iranians), Ethiopians, and Libyans (Al Qaeda) with them, all with shields and helmets.”

[The Iranians have signed an agreement with Venezuela to allow Iran to place medium- range missiles in Venezuela, per German daily newspaper, Die Welt, 11/25/2010. Are these missiles mobile? Iranian and Al Qaeda soldiers have been found in Mexico. Will they in the quiet of night bring those missiles into Mexico and aim them at the U.S.?  Where is the U.S. news media reporting on this? Does Rockefeller silence them still?]

Ez. 38:6, “Gomer, and all his bands...”

[As a descendant of Gomer, the Rothschild’s Israeli Defense Force Military will attack the U.S. along with the Iranians et al. As they instigated and financially supported the Civil War for the specific purpose to break apart and destroy the power and strength of the union of the United States (the Twelve Tribes of Israelites).  That Rothschild goal continues today.]

Ez. 38:7, “Prepare and make thyself (Gog) ready, and all thy multitude that is assembled about thee, and be thou commander over them….”

[The Rothschild’s military and others will be under the military command of Lucifer.]

Ez. 38:8, “At the end of years thou (Gog/Lucifer) shalt come to the land that is returned from the sword (in 2014 U.S. will pull out of Afghanistan), and is gathered out of many nations, to the mountains of Israel which have been continually wasted.”

[This indicates an attack from the southwest across the Mexican border. See Appendix VII  showing the wasted mountains of the Valley of the Gods, Utah, U.S., which are not found anywhere else on earth.]

Ez. 38:11, “And thou (Gog/Lucifer) shalt say: I will go up to the land which is without a wall, I will come to them that are at rest, and dwell securely: all these dwell without a wall, they have no bars nor gates.”  [Obama has taken down all border security along our U.S. southern border.  DHS is flying in illegal aliens to 48 states of the United States, bringing children with the Honduran strain of Enterovirus D68, which has killed 4 American children, leaving survivors with Type 1 Diabetes for the rest of their lives.  ]

[The U.S. Congress refuses to build security walls along the southern border. This verse can only indicate the U.S.; Israel has many, many security walls and armed gates.]

Ez. 38:12, “To take spoils, and lay hold on the prey, to lay thy hand upon them that had been wasted (from Rothschild-instigated Civil War), and afterwards re-stored, and upon the people that is gathered together out of the nations (the U.S. is a melting pot of nationalities/Israelite tribes), which hath begun to possess and to dwell in the midst of the earth.”

[By 2009, 67% of Americans owned their own homes.

In the State of Israel – 93% of the country’s total land area is owned by the state or by quasi-state  agencies.

However, through U.S. Presidential takings under the Antiquities Act that have taken 29%  of  the land mass of  the  U.S. Continental U.S.  and through the local governments’ Master Plans, regional planning, UN-controlled LEED mixed use overlay district zoning by-laws – Americans are having their land and/or development rights taken from them. This is Ezechiel’s reference to “tak(ing) spoils.”]

Ez. 38:13, “Saba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tharsis, and all the lions thereof shall say to thee: Art thou come to take spoils? behold, thou hast gathered thy multitude to take a prey, to take silver, and gold, and to carry away goods and substance, and to take rich spoils.”

[The Rothschild Dynasty have likely promised China and Russia that they can take control of sections of the United States, if they invade. In Santa Barbara School District’s Chicano Studies textbook, The Mexican American Heritage, p 84 shows a map of the southwest U.S. that will be taken back by Mexico. On p 107, it states, “Latinos are now realizing that the power to control Aztlan may once again be in their hands.” Is this goal a promise of the Rothschild Dynasty, if Mexico sends troops to break up the U.S.

However, Ezechial’s passage also indicates that countries of the world will do nothing to help the United States when we are attacked. The Rothschild Dynasty have likely threatened other countries with economic ruination if they intervene.]

Ez. 38:14, “Therefore, thou son of man (those descended from Adam), prophesy and say to Gog (Lucifer): Thus saith the Lord God: Shalt thou not know, in that day, when my people of Israel shall dwell securely?”

[God is talking to Lucifer. Lucifer knows that Satan created his own people with Eve. Lucifer knows who God is referring to when He says, “My people” as opposed to Satan’s people. God made Adam & Eve – thus, His people are descended of Jacob-Israel. “Of Israel” means the children born of the man, Israel, that have been gathered into the U.S.

Ex. 19:3-6, “The Lord called unto him (Moses) from the mountain, and said: Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob (Israel), and tell the children of Israel…(I) have taken you to myself…you shall be my peculiar possession above all people: for all the earth is mine. And you shall be to me a priestly kingdom, and a holy nation.”]

Ez. 38:15, “And thou (Gog/Lucifer) shalt come out of thy place from the northern parts….”

[NOTECAREFULLY: In Isaias 14:12, it is significant that the only time in the entire Bible that Lucifer is mentioned by name. Isaias tells of Lucifer’s fall from heaven, as from “thy place.” Lucifer fell from the “northern sides” as noted in Isaias 14:13, described as the highest, Third Heaven, where God sits. Isaias 14:13, “And thou (Lucifer) saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven…I will sit in the mountain of the covenant (where God is), in the sides of the north.”  Therefore, Isaias’ 14:13 “sides of the north” is Ezechiel’s 38:15, “northern parts.”

Thus, Ezechiel 38:15 is not talking about a country north of the State of Israel as many have stated, nor is it a country north of the United States. It is indicating “thou” as being Lucifer – falling from the Highest Heaven down to earth and then to the Battlefield of Armageddon – Lucifer will be leading Satan and the UN troops along with the “many people with thee” of foreign militaries noted elsewhere herein, using Mexico as a staging area for the attack on the United States. Lucifer, as their commander, will give the order to attack.

“The many people with thee (Lucifer)” are: As a standing army, the United Nations has 98,200 troops from 122 countries that is controlled by U.N. Secy. Gen. Ban Ki-moon, who works out of the northeast of the U.S.; China has 2.5 million troops; North Korea has 1.2 million troops; Russia has 800,000 troops. Iran has 545,000 troops; Ethiopia has 182,500 troops; Mexico has 192,000 immediately deployable troops with 559,770 including active reserve; Israel has 1,499,998 males and 1,392,319 females fit for military service. It is unknown how many troops are in the 35 Muslim Paramilitary Training Camps in states cross the United States.

As opposed to the United States cutting back its troops from 520,000 to 450,000 troops, which are stationed all across the world; the U.S. is closing bases, getting rid of the Apache and Lakotas attack helicopters, allowing aircraft carriers to sit in dry dock for lack of repair, etc.  The U.S. is being militarily defeated before the overt war has begun.]

Ez. 38:16, “And thou shalt come upon my people of Israel like a cloud, to cover the earth. Thou shalt be in the latter days, and I will bring thee upon my land: that the nations may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog (Lucifer), before their eyes.”

[God is bringing Lucifer and the armies of the world on His land – an invitation of sorts.]

Ez. 38:17, “Thus saith the Lord God: Thou (Gog/Lucifer) then art he, of whom I have spoken in the days of old, by my servants the prophets of Israel, who prophesied in the days of those times that I would bring thee upon them.”

[Jeremias 8:17-18, “For behold I will send among you serpents, basilisks (king of serpents, a reptile), against which there is no charm: and they shall bite you, saith the Lord.  My sorrow is above sorrow, my heart mourneth within me.”]

Ez. 38:18-23, “And it shall come to pass in that day, in the day of the coming of Gog upon the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my indignation shall come up in my wrath. And I have spoken in my zeal, and in the fire of my anger, that in that day there shall be a great commotion upon the land of Israel: So that the fishes of the sea, and the birds of the air, and the beasts of the field, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the ground, and all men that are upon the face of the earth, shall be moved at my presence: and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the hedges shall fall, and every wall (building/house walls) shall fall to the ground. And I will call in the sword against him in all my mountains, saith the Lord God: every man’s sword shall be pointed against his brother. And I will judge him with pestilence, and with blood, and with violent rain, and vast hailstones: I will rain fire and brimstone upon him, and upon his army, and upon the many nations that are with him. And I will be magnified, and I will be sanctified: and I will be known in the eyes of many nations: and they shall know that I am the Lord.”

[God used nature to bring the Israelites across the Red Sea and to destroy Sodom and Gomorrha.  It might seem as though the American people will be fighting the world alone, but God will be there with his Heavenly angels doing most of the fighting.]

Ez. 39:6-8, “And I will send a fire on Magog (the Vatican), and on them that dwell confidently in the islands: and they shall know that I am the Lord. And I will make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel, and my holy name shall be profaned no more: and the Gentiles shall know that I am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. BEHOLD IT COMETH, and it is done, saith the Lord God: this is the day whereof I have spoken.”

The Battle of Armageddon is a battle between God and Lucifer of cataclysmic proportions.  God will be fighting Lucifer to take back control of His Israelites and the followers of Jesus.  Satan and the False Prophet are accomplices of Lucifer. It will eventually result in the end of the affliction, the punishment God placed upon his Chosen People for their worship of Lucifer and Satan, for allowing themselves to be seduced by them.

In following the chronology of Matt. 24:14-27, the Israelites/Americans will defeat the world armies – obviously miraculously, such that the world will recognize the victory as a miracle from God’s hand.  The war of Gog and Magog will end with the earth being hit by the Superwave, which is on its way toward earth, now.  The length of time that the Superwave will pass over the earth will be shortened, as Jesus said, “And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved.”  Matt. 24:22  At that point, “false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders…as to deceive.”  Matt. 24:24  This will be when the Antichrist-Satan will appear; and great tribulation will continue, until the coming of Jesus.  Matt. 24:27

All these facts placed together – it can be reasonably concluded:

  1. God secured His Ark of the Covenant under the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, which is on the highest western hill, outside the gates of Jerusalem; which is where God told Abraham to go to sacrifice Isaac, yet stopped the sacrifice.  Abraham offered a “holocaust…And he called the name of that place, The Lord Seeth…In the mountain the Lord will see.”  Gen. 22:13-14      

The burnt holocaust was done “to make the Lord favorable to him.”  Lev. 1:3  Thus, God sanctified this location; God recently killed16 people (from Rothschild’s State of Israel government)  who have tried to get to the Ark, after God led Ron Wyatt to its discovery;

  1. God does not want a third temple built on the evil Temple Mount on the eastern hill, inside Jerusalem; He had the First and Second Temples destroyed for the Satanic worship that took place in them;
  2. There will be worldwide crises: economic, electrical, and pandemic;
  3. Lucifer will be revealed as standing in the Holy Place, the Church of Jesus;
  4. Lucifer will declare himself as the god of the Universe;
  5. The globalist elite will introduce to the world their god, Satan, and his alien demons; Pope Francis will claim they are our creators;
  6. Demons will possess or harass humans worldwide;
  7. Children will be taken from parents to get parents to take the mark of the beast;
  8. These will be the “Problems” that they “Create”; the world will have a great and fearful “Response”; then Satan will “Solve” the problems that mankind cannot solve; Satan will be declared divine by the world population; Satan will agree and then demand to be worshipped as their god over the earth;
  9. To get rid of demons, one must call out loud: “Jesus” or “Jesus help me”;
  10. There will not be a treaty signed by the State of Israel;
  11. The Israelites do not live in the State of Israel – but in the United States;

The Battlefield of Armageddon is the United States.

“And I saw from the mouth of the dragon (Satan), and from the mouth of the beast (Lucifer), and from the mouth of the false prophet (Pope Francis I), three unclean spirits like frogs. For they are the spirits of devils working signs, and they go forth unto the kings of the whole earth, to gather them to battle against the great day of the Almighty God…And he shall gather them together into a place, which in Hebrew is called Armageddon.” Rev. 16:13-16

Revelations was written by the Apostle John, wherein God gives us the prophecies of the end of the world, in the time of the Antichrist–Satan. The “end of the world” or “end times” means the end of God’s punishment of the Israelites. The Israelites had worshipped Lucifer and Satan – so God gave Lucifer and Satan full charge of them. Armageddon is the battle in which God takes back from Lucifer, Satan, and the False Prophet their control over the Israelites. This control is denoted by “till the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled.” That is to say, the end of the Gentiles’ reign over Americans-Israelites.

In Revelations, John is in the spirit and taken into Heaven and shown a book held in the right hand of God that could only be unsealed by Jesus.  Rev. 4, 5:1-12 Each seal indicates events that must pass before the Battle of Armageddon begins. John writes, “I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth….” Rev. 7:1  These four corners are significant; they indicate the battlefield’s location.

These four corners of the earth are where four States of the U.S. meet: Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico; it is known as the Colorado Plateau. In its center is the Four Corners Monument. The Rio Grande Rift, which is followed by the flow of the Rio Grande River, separates the Colorado Plateau.

Rev. 16:12, “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon that great river Euphrates; and dried up the water thereof, that a way might be prepared for the kings from the rising of the sun.”

When Revelations was written, the world did not know of the Rio Grande, but as a “great river” the Rio Grande is 1,896 miles long controlled by nature; the Euphrates is 1,740 miles long and controlled by numerous dams.

However, this revelation indicates the attacking militaries of the kings of the nations east of the Euphrates: Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, China, and North Korea.

None of these countries have soldiers sitting on the edge of the Euphrates, or in, or on the eastern border of the State of Israel, waiting to attack. Their soldiers are on the border of the U.S.

Known soldiers to be in Mexico or arrested trying to cross the U.S. southern border are: Iranians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Chinese, and the Mexicans, who are genetically the same as the Chinese/Japanese/North Koreans. Russian soldiers are also reported to be in Mexico.

Countries that once belonged to the U.S.S.R. were Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. The Ancient Persian (Iranian) Empire was made up of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

Al Qaeda and affiliates are in Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal.

Hamas is a Palestinian militant movement that emerged from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Hezbollah is a militant group initially from Lebanon and supported by Syria and Iran. Ezechiel 38 describes the Battle of Armageddon.  Ez. 38:5, names some of the enemy, “The Persians, Ethiopians, and Libyans with them, all with shields and helmets.”

The soldiers of these countries noted in Ezechiel are all in Mexico or already inside the United States. The U.S. Justice Dept. knows of, at least, 5000 sleeper cells throughout the United States made up of: Algerians, Moroccans, Somalians, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood.

U.S. Intelligence found that Iran has targeted 800 sites inside the United States: electric grids, water and food supplies, and bridges. Muslim student groups here in the U.S. on student visas are part of the planned attack. “Iran has a biowarfare chemical that when dropped in a large body of water can kill 2.5 million people.” [Ibid.at Perry Stone, End Note viii]

“At 12:30AM, a Massachusetts State Trooper discovered two vehicles parked on the grass at the Quabbin Reservoir (Boston’s water supply)…five men and two women…were walking from the reservoir toward the vehicles. The men claimed to be chemical engineers and said they were recent college graduates…they said they wanted to see the Quabbin and cited their education and career interests…The people are from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore…were in an area marked ‘No Trespassing.’” [http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservatives/2013/05/pakistanis-and-saudis-caught-trespassing; May 14, 2013]

Rev. 9:10-15, “And they had tails like to scorpions (Lucifer’s symbol)…and their power was to hurt men five months. And they had over them A king, the angel of the bottomless pit: whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon; in Latin Exterminans (Lucifer). One woe is past, and behold there come yet two woes more hereafter. And the sixth angel sounded the trumpet: and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar, which is before the eyes of God, Saying to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: Loose the four angels, who are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, who were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year: for to kill the third part of men. And the number of the army of horsemen was twenty thousand times ten thousand."

Could the four evil angels be: Iranians, Mexicans, Chinese, Russians - all bound by the Rio Grande - in that they cannot cross it until given the order to attack - but “who were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year” - to cross - to be released from the river into the United States - to kill the third part of men - a third part of Americans. That specification of time shows a preparation of attack. Iran is east of the U.S. Iranian soldiers are not on Israel’s border, but they are on the U.S. border. If not planning to attack the U.S., why else are these Iranian, Chinese, and Russian militaries sitting in Mexico? Why are there 5000 sleeper cells inside the United States? Why are there 35 Muslim Paramilitary Training camps inside the United States – they are not in the State of Israel.

The Revelation verse says that the great river is “dried up.” The Rio Grande begins in Colorado and empties into the Gulf of Mexico - but at Presidio, Texas, it is dried up. Down- river tributaries feed it, again. Presidio means garrison, fortress. The Euphrates is not dried up, although its flow can be controlled by damns. [“As the Rio Grande Runs Dry, Texas and Mexico Fight for a Diminishing Resource”; Priscila Mosqueda; 6/10/2013; http://www.texasobserver.org/on-the-border-a-struggle-over-water]


The Jesuits forced themselves onto Mount Graham against the wishes of the Indians and intruded on their sacred land.  The Jesuits set up the world's most advanced and powerful telescope observatory - to look for the return of Jesus.

They are not looking for the approach of aliens, since Monsignor Balducci, an exorcist and from the Vatican Curia (administration) stated publically just prior to his mysterious death that "the aliens are here...are advanced people and morally superior to humans...we may have to throw out the Gospels." 

The Vatican Observatory Research Group (VORG) is looking for the return of Jesus and His legions of angels to fight Lucifer, currently hiding in the Vatican since his enthronement on June 29, 1963.  Lucifer will command the NATO, UN, and armies of the east in their invasion of the United States in the Battle of Armageddon.  (See Armageddon Warfield on this website.)

The Vatican is watching for the fulfillment of St. Malachi's 900-year old prophecy - during the reign of the last pope, Jesuit Pope Francis - the False Prophet, that Rome will be destroyed and the world will enter into the Great Tribulation and destruction.  (See 400 Years of Bondage on this website.)

For more information, see Swiftly Comes the Battle, by Denise Bronsdon, available at Amazon.com online.