They Will Call It a National Emergency, Not Martial Law

Aug. 14, 2015
Mar. 28, 2015

Alex Jones has documents proving that the U.S. Government has been preparing for Martial Law for decades, and is now being accelerated.

Russia has 400 sq. miles of underground shelters for its citizens in the Ural Mountains and five other major systems - to protect their citizens from nuclear war that the globalist are planning to use against them.  The Russians are fighting the New World Order.

Switzerland has underground bunkers for their citizens, also.  The U.S. has underground shelters with railways - for the Continuity of Government (COG).   They believe the U.S. will collapse.  The American citizen is on their own. 

Former CIA and FBI have built bunkers under their own homes; they are the biggest preppers. 

The elite have been moving out of the U.S., England, Israel, and Switzerland - moving to New Zealand.

Arks with seed and animal DNA are all over the world.

Note:  Document:  "U.S. Army Special Operations Command Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT), Jade Helm 15."  This is a training operation now taking place in ten states with South Command, North Command, DHS, and local police enforcement - to see if the average American will call police and report.  They are preparing to take down Veterans, Tea Party Conservatives, Evangelicals - as "terrorists."

We are controlled/enslaved by foreign private familty off-shore central banks.