Jul. 9, 2014

What is Local Agenda 21?

World War I was brought about to cause such death and destruction that all the countries of the world would sign on to the League of Nations, which promised to bring peace to the world.  The League was to be the platform from which the elite would control the world.  Because the United States would not join and lacking U.S. financial support, the League failed.  So, the elite who ran the world at the time:  Rothschild Dynasty, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford, brought about World War II.  Three months after the surrender of Germany, the United States joined the renamed League, called the United Nations.  The U.S. pays 22% of UN Budget.

From the United Nations we get Agenda 21; it is a blueprint for taking control of the world.  It is being carried out across the world under the legal document Biological Diversity Treaty, commonly called the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  After the American public found that the treaty gave to the United Nations most of the land mass of the continental United States, the United States Senate could not ratify the treaty.  The elite, now Rothschild Dynasty, Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdock, Warren Buffet, went to plan B.  Plan B is: go directly to local governments.  This is called Local Agenda 21.

Under Local Agenda 21 – they are pushing the idea that Climate Change necessitates Smart Growth.  Thus, all populations must be re-distributed into corridor living spaces along train tracks.  Town governments are asked to adopt Stretch Energy Building Codes, Master Plans that require Housing Plans that make accommodations for regional re-distribution of populations, and re-write Zoning By-Laws that strip property owners of their property development rights.  All of these actions are the con job so the elite can take control of the world.  Remember it is the elite with their power who are destroying the environment with Chem Trails and HAARP, using your tax dollars.

Gary Lawrence, Clinton’s advisor for sustainable development, said that “no one wants to call it the United Nations Local Agenda 21 brand, so we will call it Smart Growth.”  Metro Area Planning Council’s website lists its Smart Growth Principles; #15, states, “For Smart Growth to succeed, reforms to zoning are needed to remove disincentives to Smart Growth.”  Metro Area Planning Council is #1 supporter of H. Bill 4065.

Town Meeting Representatives are being conned about these actions.  But look at the law; H. Bill 4065, which is now in the Mass. Ways and Means Committee and looks as though it is going to pass.  It will regulate towns with Master Plans, requiring that they produce housing that is consistent with regional needs for families.  In other words, consistent with Local Agenda 21 – re-distribution of populations.  It also requires taking of development rights of property in the “Preservation District” of Towns – which are all areas of the Town outside the corridor living train track, called the “Receiving District” – the SCMUOD area, for which H. Bill 4065 requires two development rights to build anything.  Extra development rights are sold to other Town corridor living train track developers; or placed in a Land Bank.  H. Bill 4065, requires that, “Conservation objectives of open space residential design are achieved through the transfer of development rights.”

Metro Area Planning Council’s  Smart Growth/Smart Energy Model Zoning-by-law Tool Kit, states: Transfers of development rights  are going to have an impact on real property taxes. This is a substantial incentive for the transfers.”

Metro Area Planning Council Model Zoning Tool Kits and Mass H. Bill 4065 are instituting recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Human SettlementsHabitat I.  Significant to Stoughton: (1):  “Recommendation A.1 (b) All countries should establish as a matter of urgency a national policy on human settlements, embodying the distribution of population. Such a policy  should be devised to facilitate population re-distribution…(d) Governments must maintain full jurisdiction and exercise complete sovereignty over such land with a view to freely plan development of human settlements….”

And (2):  “Recommendation D.5  (b)…UN member countries must create Methods for the separation of land Ownership rights from Development rights, to be entrusted to a public authority.” 


If Stoughton adopts a Master Plan, the Plan and the Town will be regulated as noted above.