Lucifer, the Prince of the Jesuits

Jun. 22, 2015

The Lady of Fatima told the children - give the third secret to the pope of the 1960s - which was Pope John XXIII - a communist. He refused to obey the Blessed Mother and consecrate Russia to the Blessed Mother.

Nov. 18, 2014

(Excerpted from Swiftly Comes the Battle, by Denise Bronsdon) 

XXXIII. The Vatican

Rev. 18:23, "And the light of the lamp shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for all nations have been deceived by thy enchantments."

In A.D. 1073, Pope Gregory VII changed the Church, making it unrecognizable to the previous 1000 years of Christians. He made the Church a "legal institution." [Yves Cardinal Congar, http://crossfaith] In the first 1000 years, the Church was in communion with ministers serving God and people. Under Pope Gregory VII, the Church became a monarchy, and the Pope became a king with power over society." [Richard P. McBrien, Lives of the Popes: The Pontiffs from St. Peter to John Paul II] "This was the turning point of the papacy, shortly after Satan was released from the pit. Corruption now extended beyond Rome and in to Europe. In the 1500s, the Church split off, again, with the Protestant Reformation as the result of such corruption, crime, and claims of violations of basic principles of Christianity. Martin Luther argued that the Bible, not the pope, was the central means to discern God's word, and salvation was granted by faith alone." []

After the Rothschild-funded Bolshevik Revolution, it was determined that there were two obstacles in establishing a One World Order, the United States and the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, the Catholic Church was targeted for infiltration.

Rev. 17:9-10, "And here is the understanding that hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, upon which the woman sitteth, and they are seven kings…Five are fallen...."

The setup of the abomination of desolation began with Pius XII, by his making John XXIII a cardinal, therefore, eligible to be elected pope. John XXIII, Paul VI, counting John Paul


I, even though they murdered him. Then John Paul II and Benedict XVI. These are the kings referred to in Rev. 17:9-10. There are six kings, five have fallen – as in they died, and one is (Benedict XVI still lives). The one is to come is Pope Francis I, the last pope. This means we are in the End Times and Pope Francis is the False Prophet.

Windswept House, by Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit is a fictional novel that Martin later stated was based on historical fact, but he was compelled to present as fiction. The historical fact is that "Lucifer was enthroned within the Roman Catholic Citadel, on June 29, 1963, the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. A requirement of this enthronement was that a pope named Paul had to be elected, to signal the Availing Time of the Prince." So, just eight days after Pope Paul VI had been elected on June 21, 1963, they enthroned Lucifer – on June 29, 1963. The intent was that "every element of the Celebration of the Calvary Sacrifice, the crucifixion of Jesus, must be turned on its head by the other and opposite Celebration, (p 7)...The sacred must be profaned.

The profaned must be adored. Jesus must be replaced by the supreme and bloody violation of the dignity of the Nameless One. Guilt must be accepted as innocence. Pain must give joy. Grace, repentance, pardon must all be drowned in an orgy of opposites. It must be the perfect enactment of sacrilege, the ultimate ritual of treachery," (p 7). It must be performed by the Prince's trusted Guardian in Rome…The immediate aim of every Ceremonial, he knew, is to venerate ‘the abomination of desolation,’ (p 8)… Now the further aim must be to oppose the Nameless Weakling in His secure the Ascent of the Prince in the Citadel as an irresistible make full possession of the Keys entrusted to the Keeper (Pope) by the Weakling (Jesus), (p 8)… And the Guardian’s list of names – the Participants in the Roman Chapel – turned out to be men of the highest caliber, high-ranking churchmen, and laymen of substance, (p 9)…

The Concelebration, which would put Lucifer on the throne of Peter, was held both in St.

Paul's Chapel in the Vatican, Rome, and in a chapel in South Carolina, known as the Mother Chapel of the United States. It was in this Mother Chapel that the Bishop was well versed in satanic ritual. They would need someone who understood the contradictory principles upon which all worship of the Archangel is structured. It was this particular Bishop whose desire to encompass the ultimate strategy in that battle - the end of the Roman Catholic Church as the papal institution it had been since the Nameless Weakling had founded it, (p 8)…

They needed two chapels in simultaneous celebration because the security of the Vatican buildings would detect the noise, of chanting and of screams of their drugged victims, a little girl who they laid upon an altar with a train of bishops, cardinals, monsignors, each taking their turn in raping her, which in such a small body, was excruciatingly painful. To her little puppy, they cut out its sexual organs in a manner that would inflict the greatest pain on the puppy and to the little girl, who was unable to move from the drugs, to protect her puppy…

(The men involved had been) selected, co-opted, trained and promoted in the Roman Phalanx over the decades, while others represented the new generation dedicated to carrying the Prince's (Lucifer's) agenda forward for the next several decades…(They) all understood the need to remain undetected; for the Rule says, ‘THE GUARANTEE OF OUR TOMORROW IS TODAY'S PERSUASION THAT WE DO NOT EXIST.’ (p 9) Participants, men and women, had made their mark in corporate, government, and social life. A young child was for the 'Violation-of-Innocence.' The point of the ceremony was for the Prince (of Darkness, Lucifer) at long last 'Consummate his Most Ancient Revenge upon the Weakling,’ Jesus, (p 9- 10)…

Darkness of will would become so profound that it would obscure even the official objective of the...(Vatican's) existence: the perpetual adoration of the Nameless One (Lucifer). (p 10)...


The Bishop of the Mother Chapel, in South Carolina, United States, was exceedingly excited by his conducting the Concelebration that he said, 'This will be the capstone of my career. The capstone Event of the 20th century!’...

After preparations were made, the celebration began. In the Vatican, the Roman Phalanx entered St. Paul's Chapel. Some of these were of the most illustrious men currently to be found in the collegium, hierarchy, and bureaucracy of the Roman Catholic Church. Among them, too, secular men (p 10)...

Part of the implements of the ceremony, at the east side of the South Carolina Chapel, was a Crescent Moon and a Five-Pointed Star with Goat-Points raised upward. (p 11)…

(The Crescent Moon is a symbol of Islam, the Five-Pointed Star is a pentagram, used in satanic rituals. In the peak of the celebration, the two groups prayed:) "’The Triple Crown of Peter According to the adamantine will of Lucifer So that You reign here. So that there One…Mighty Congregation Of Man and Woman, Of animal and plant’...Then they all agreed that whoever among them might become Pope that they would transform the ancient Enmity (Satan, Gen. 3:15) into Friendship, Tolerance and Assimilation as these are applied to the models of birth, education, work, finance, commerce, industry, learning, culture, living and giving life, dying and dealing death. So shall the New Age of Man be modeled, (p 19)…Then each of the Cardinals, Bishops, and monsignors agreed to the oath to: 'intentionally and deliberately desecrate the Sacrament of Holy Orders,' (p 19)…Then each of them solemnly swore that his administration of office would be bent to fulfill the aims of the Universal Church of Man, (p 20)…Then each of them swore to transfer Lordship and Possession of his soul from the Ancient Enemy (Jesus), the Supreme Weakling, to the All-Powerful Hands of our Lord Lucifer. (p 20)…Then each of them pricked his left thumb with a golden pin and pressed a blood print beside their name on the Bill of Authorization." (p 20)

In other words, they removed the Holy Ghost, the Third Person of the Trinity - and replaced it with the Holy Spirit, Lucifer.

"It was Pope Paul VI, who wrote a letter to his successor, informing him of the Concelebration and enthronement of Lucifer on the seat of Peter. This is why his successor, John Paul I, was assassinated - he knew that the Cardinals, Bishops, and monsignors of the Vatican and of the Mother Chapel in South Carolina - had given Lucifer the Church of Jesus Christ. When Pope Paul VI died, the Cardinal Camerlengo, the Pope's Secretary of State, had overlooked the papal-sealed letter to Paul's successor, because of all his duties during the vacancy of Peter's chair. This Secretary of State Camerlengo, along with his associates both in the Vatican and their secular boosters, had made a compact - the goal of the Concelebration – to do their part in effecting at last the desired and fundamental transformation in Church and papacy…They needed a complaisant successor to Peter's chair. The Cardinal Camerlengo was inside the Conclave overseeing the election of that proper man. But he neglected Pope Paul VI's papers; and the one letter, which would expose the Concelebration of the enthronement of Lucifer, had been left in a special pigeonholed in the Cardinal's desk…And the Conclave voted for the one man who was totally unsuitable for the plans laid by the Camerlengo and his associates to transform the Catholic Church." (pp 21- 22)

As a result, John Paul I, had opened the sealed letter left by Paul VI. He knew what they had done. It was a smoke-screen to suggest that John Paul I was to investigate the Vatican bank malfeasance, and therefore, the reason why someone might have poisoned him - it became an accepted rumor. It kept eyes from searching further, for another reason for John Paul I's murder. Remember their Rule says, "THE GUARANTEE OF OUR TOMORROW IS TODAY'S PERSUASION THAT WE DO NOT EXIST. The bad guys were accounted for. So everyone thought. 66

The Jesuit General, the Black Pope, had had a drink the night before with John Paul I; the next day after John Paul’s dead body had been found, it was the Jesuit General who cleaned up the crime scene and forbade the Italian police to investigate – the Vatican is its own city-state. [Just as the UN complex is its own city-state, separate from the United States.]

Furthermore, this John Paul I had also visited with Sister Lucia, the "last living child of the vision of the Lady of Fatima. Lucia had told John Paul I of the Third Secret, which the ‘pope of 1960’ had refused to disclose against the wishes of Heaven, asking that this particular pope reveal it. Pope John Paul XXIII was that ‘pope of 1960.’ Part of the Third Secret was the mandate of the Blessed Virgin Mary to consecrate Russia to her," (Ibid at Windswept, p 5), or there would be grave worldwide consequences. Russia had become communist on October 25, 1917 with the Rothschild-funded Lenin and his Bolshevik Revolution, right in the middle of WWI. Later, China, Cuba, North Korea would fall to communism.

The Virgin Mary appeared six times to the children of Fatima; May 13, 1917 was the first time, October 13, 1917 was the last time – just 12 days prior to Russia’s fall to communism. The Third Secret of Fatima was to be revealed by the pope of 1960, John XXIII, a communist and Freemason.

John XXIII oversaw the preparations, the setup of the abomination in the Temple – of the Concelebration, the enthronement of Lucifer. They couldn’t have setup the complexity of the event in just eight days. By the time Paul VI was elected, everything had already been planned – they were just waiting for a pope named Paul to be elected and then they could activate their plans.

Remember Jesus telling His Apostles of the end times, the end of the punishment of the seed of David – the consummation, it will come when:

"When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand." Matt. 24:15.

This is talking about the enthronement of Lucifer on the Throne of Peter – it occurred on June 29, 1963. Lucifer is the abomination of desolation.

And the prophet Daniel spoke of the end times: "And from the time when the continual sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination unto desolation shall be set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred ninety days." Dan. 12:11.

Pope John XXIII, less than 100 days in to his pontificate, on January 25, 1959, announced the convocation of the Second Vatican Council. This was tantamount to the announcement that they would be taking away of the continual sacrifice – Jesus, which was the result of Vatican II. (Although Vatican II actually opened on October 11, 1962 and closed December 8, 1965.)

Between December 16, 1959 and June 29, 1963, the enthronement of Lucifer – there are one thousand two hundred and ninety days – as noted in Daniel’s prophecy, Dan. 12:11. What happened on December 16, 1959? The only thing that happened in the Vatican was that Pope John XXIII sent a letter to the Archbishop of Turin, Maurilio Cardinal Fossati, about the preparations for the celebration of the first centennial death of St. Joseph Cafasso of Turin. [ letters /1959/] Cardinal Fossati had the responsibility of guarding the Shroud of Turin in the Chapel of the Cathedral of Turin. The Shroud is still there to this day.

If we apply Daniel’s prophecy describing the ‘continual sacrifice’ and if this letter that Pope John wrote is the only thing that occurred at the Vatican on December 16, 1959 – it can be


concluded that we are being directed to look at Cardinal Fossati. He attended Vatican II, but it does not appear that he played any major role in it. The one outstanding note about Fossati is his responsibility to care for the Shroud. The image on the Shroud is that of a crucified man – Jesus was crucified - the ‘continual sacrifice’ is Jesus. The Shroud has been scientifically tested and found to be authentic. However, it is not even necessary that it is Jesus’ burial cloth

– it is of a crucified man. That alone indicates that Jesus is the "continual sacrifice."

The bloodstains on the Shroud indicate that two Roman soldiers beat the crucified man at the same time – He was never given a chance to take a breath between lashes.

Historically, we know that Jesus was given the third level of punishment called verberation, which was associated with crucifixions; it was the most severe degree of beating. The whips were used as a form of torture; the Flagrum whip was for intense torture. The Flagrum was made with numerous leather lashes with metal points on the ends – two of these whips were used on Jesus. While one soldier reared his arm back to take a swing, the other soldier was striking the back of Jesus. When he pulled back his arm, the other soldier came down immediately – in other words – it was a constant clawing away of His skin. This verberation level of whipping continued till the brink of death. []

The crown of thorns had to be carefully crafted because the thorns of the qundaul bush had spikes one inch to one and one half inches long. The maker of the crown had to take painstaking effort to protect himself. When they placed it on Jesus’ head, the one-inch spikes pierced his entire scalp. He was half dead by the time they brought Him back to Pilate – to the people. The people took no pity on him and cried again for his crucifixion, instigated by the Kenites, the descendants of Satan. This is a true sacrifice that Jesus chose, so that our sins would be forgiven.

Did Pope Paul VI select his pontificate name –Paul–to accommodate the satanic rule that a pope had to have the name Paul before Lucifer could be enthroned? For Lucifer was enthroned eight days after Paul was elected Pontificate. Time enough to move Satanists and victims in place. Daniel’s prophecy indicates two events: – the letter that was sent to the keeper of the Shroud on which Jesus’ image is contained, tell us that the continual sacrifice is Jesus; the second event is the enthronement of Lucifer on the Throne of Peter – the criteria of the prophecy is that there is 1290 days between these two events – indeed, the prophecy is fulfilled by these two events.

Therefore, we are living in the end times – soon to face the battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus.

Keep in mind that Daniel was of the royal blood of the kings of Juda, King David.

Daniel had been taken into Babylonian captivity, so his prophecy comes more than 400 years before the birth of Jesus. Relative to our time, his prophecy references an event of 2000 years ago, Jesus’ crucifixion, and the event of June 29, 1963 – when Lucifer literally took over the Catholic Church – just prior to Pope Paul VI reconvening Vatican II, on September 29, 1963. Exactly three months after Lucifer was enthroned, Vatican II destroyed the Catholic Church.

And it was through Vatican II changes that they took Jesus away – out of the Catholic Church. Today, Lucifer remains standing in the holy place.

As to Pope John XXIII initially calling for Vatican II, it is obvious why he did. He was a known communist according to FBI reports. "In 1948, when Pius XII was threatening any prelate who supported communism, Roncalli/John XXIII, then serving as the Vatican’s first permanent observer at the United Nations, established ties with Palmi Togliatti and other members of the Italian Communist Party…Togliatti informed Soviet officials that Roncalli would be the ‘ideal man’ to establish a ‘working compromise’ between the Church and


communism. [U.S. Dept. of State confidential biography, ‘John XXIII,’ issued date: no date, declassified February 15, 1974, see Manhattan, Murder in the Vatican, pp 29-30;]

"At the instigation of U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, CIA Director Allen Dulles, Cardinal Francis Spellman of the Archdiocese of New York met with Pius XII to ‘leak’ confidential information and to ask for Roncalli’s (Pope John XXIII) removal from the Vatican…Pius XII complied by elevating Roncalli to the College of Cardinals and transferring him to the Patriarchate of Venice…at the age of 72, (it was thought) he’d spend his remaining years in ‘pastoral work." [Ibid. at U.S. Dept. of State Confidential Biography, ‘John XXIII.’]

"At the close of WWII, Roncalli/John XXIII was sent to Paris where he became close friends of French President Vincent Auriol and Maurice Thorez, the leader of the French Communists, and Edouard Herriot, leader of the Radical Party. Thorez sent a letter to the Kremlin, stating that Roncalli was an ideal prelate and said to Soviet officials, ‘Roncalli understood Marxism like a Marxist, and if the Communist Party had not been sponsoring a program of militant atheism, Roncalli might have been the best ‘Christian comrade’ in the Roman Catholic Church." [Ibid. at U.S. Dept. of State secret dispatch, ‘John XXIII,’ issue date: November 20, 1958]

"Cardinal Siri (according to FBI sources) had obtained the necessary votes and was elected Pope Gregory XVII, on October 26, 1958, during the Conclave." [U.S. Dept. of state secret dispatch, ‘Cardinal Siri,’ April 10, 1961, declassified February 28, 1994;]

The election of a pope was declared on Vatican radio and heard by millions listening in Italy and the rest of Europe; the Palatine and Swiss Guard were ordered to report to St. Peter’s Basilica for the announcement of the name of the Holy Father; more than 200,000 Catholics in St. Peter’s Square saw the white smoke and had gathered under the window waiting to receive the blessing of the new pope, but he did not appear. Monsignor Santaro, Secretary of the Conclave of Cardinals informed the press that the smoke had been white and that a new pope had been elected. On four ballots, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa, Italy, had been elected the supreme pontiff, according to FBI sources.’" [ 1988.htm]

Now this is where Roncalli’s French communist connection comes in to play: the French Cardinals annulled the voting results. They claimed that Siri’s election would cause widespread riots and the assassination of several prominent bishops behind the Iron Curtain. [U.S. Dept. of State secret file, ‘Cardinal Siri, issue date: April 10, 1961, declassified: February 28, 1994;]

"Behind the locked doors of the Conclave, they threatened Siri after his election and prevented him from taking the papal chair." [Portugal Daily News article, documenting Roncalli’s membership as a freemason, November 21, 2002] The Masonic ‘4th Republic’ of France, in 1953, announced that Roncalli/John XXIII had been initiated into the Order of Rosicrucians while serving as the Vatican’s Charge d’Affairs in Paris during 1935. ‘In 1994 Portuguese Newspaper ‘O Dia’ and Correio deDomingo published the Fatima International’s (a historic review organization)…press release that claimed Cardinal Angelo Roncalli…was a Freemason." [ roncalliamason.htm]

It was then, after they threatened Siri, that Roncalli was elected as Pope John XXIII, on October 28, 1958. His first act was to elevate Archbishop Giovanni Battista Montini (later, Pope Paul VI), Roncalli’s fellow ‘progressive.’ Next, Roncalli/John XXIII, appointed an additional

23 Cardinals to ward off any attempt by the old guard to regain control of the Vatican; many of


these Roncalli Cardinals were well-known for their leftist, socialist sentiments. [Manhattan, Murder in the Vatican, p 37; Richard P. McBrien, Lives of the Popes, Harper, San Francisco, 1997, pp 371-72]

Cardinal Siri, Pope Gregory XVII, was the actual "pope of 1960," but the French Communist Cardinals and Pope John XXIII stole it from him. Pope Gregory XVII spent the next 30 years of his life under house arrest in a convent, watched daily.

Now, consider the vision of Our Lady of LaSalette to Melanie Calvat, in 1846, a fully approved Church Apparition, in which Our Lady revealed: "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the AntichristThe Church will be eclipsed." []

In 1878, Fr. Gaudentius Rossi’s comment was published in The Christian Trumpet: "Many powerful and influential persons in Europe are at present agreed and determined to use all their efforts to elect an anti-pope…to have a man who will favor their impious (unholy) designs against the Catholic religion…(and) are engaged in preparing the way to the approaching advent of an anti-pope."

Our Blessed Mother appeared to Melanie Calvat in 1846 to tell that the Church would be eclipsed, and She appeared to the children of Fatima in 1917 to reiterate that same message.

John XXIII "decided…not to reveal the third part of the ‘secret," against the instruction of the Blessed Mother." [ rc_con_ cfaith_ doc_20000626_message-fatima_en.html]

John XXIII had privately read the Secret with his ‘confessor’ and had it read to Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect of the Holy Office, before he decided not to reveal it to the world. It is said that John XXIII had fainted after reading the Secret.

On February 8, 1960, a Vatican press release stated: "The Third Secret would not be revealed," and continued on "to cast the most ignominious suspicion upon the credibility of Sister Lucia and upon the whole of the Fatima Message. This did immense harm to the Fatima cause, which had resulted in many conversions and the consecration of Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Sister Lucia replied…’God Himself Who had been disregarded, Who had been ridiculed in front of the world.’" []

Vatican II opened the Catholic Church to evil, under the orders of Lucifer and the Jesuits, and observing Zionist Jews, by removing defenses against evil – "reducing 12 of 21 instructions of exorcism; by getting rid of the Rite of Exorcism given to infants prior to the Sacrament of Baptism. The Rite of Exorcism is the out-breathing of the demon by the infant…(and) the inbreathing of the Holy Ghost by ministers, to symbolize the infusion of sanctifying grace by the sacrament." [Fr. X, Summer of 2002, ‘the New Rite of Exorcism, The Influence of the Evil One, LMM Magazine,]

Vatican II also took away from the Rite of Exorcism, the Athanasian Creed, which is used during exorcism. The reason is found in the Creed’s first lines: "Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the Catholic Faith…and the Catholic Faith is this, that we worship one God in Trinity…For there is one Person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Ghost…." Vatican II did away with Catholicism, the Church of Jesus, and did away with the Holy Ghost, hence, they had to get "rid of the Athanasian Creed." [Ibid.]

Vatican II of Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI also got rid of the Mass prayer to Michael the Archangel, the protector of the Catholic Church: "St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen."


It was Michael the Archangel who had put Lucifer and his fallen angels into hell, who was then released and enthroned in the Vatican. Vatican II stripped from the Catholic Church and Catholics all defenses against Lucifer.

They also removed all the statues of the saints from inside the churches – role-model symbols of the reward for the martyrdom of those who believed in Jesus and had become saints.

As to the Third Secret that John XXIII kept from the world, "Paul VI read the contents (of the Third Secret)…on 27 March 1965…deciding not to reveal the text….John Paul II…asked for…the third part…on 13 May 1981." [Supra at] While John Paul II revealed the secret, there is much controversy as to whether it is the real secret. The Vatican issued a four-page secret; Sister Lucia had hand-written a one-page Secret.

The Mother of Jesus was putting the Third Secret before the pope who was setting up that abomination – and he refused to reveal the secret. By his refusal to reveal the Third Secret, Pope John XXIII revealed himself to be the Antichrist of the 1846 vision. Upon his death, Pope Paul VI became the Antichrist, until the enthronement of Lucifer.

President John Kennedy made a trip to see Pope Paul VI, on July 2, 1963, just three days after the enthronement of Lucifer. Kennedy met with Pope Paul personally, to give him the message that the FBI had reported to Kennedy about the enthronement, and to ask the Pope to reverse the enthronement. The Pope refused, saying he could not. At the time of the meeting, Paul had no other response; he was taken aback by the FBI’s knowledge of the events of June 29, 1963. Obviously, there was a U.S. spy in the Vatican. The Jesuits are not the only ones who know how to infiltrate.

What Pope Paul did was respond to Kennedy in a letter: "With candor your (Kennedy’s) words recall the higher moral principles of truth, of justice and of liberty. We find a spontaneous harmony with that which Our Venerable Predecessor, Pope John XXIII, said in his last Encyclical Letter, ‘Pacem in Terris,’ when he presented anew to the world the Church’s constant teaching on the dignity of the individual human person, a dignity which the Almighty Creator bestowed in creating man to His own image and likeness.…" [Collection: Papers of JFK, Presidential Papers, President’s Office Files; Series Name: Special Correspondence; Contributor: Cushing, Cardinal Richard J., 1895-1970, Paul VI, Pope, 1897-1978, Digital Identifier: JFKPOF-032-001; www/ 001.aspx]

It was never certain what the Pope meant, whether he was dealing with a system, a Jesuit system, that he had no power to control, or whether there were spies all around him, keeping him from reversing the enthronement of Lucifer. It was not something he was going to attempt.

The reference to the alleged "dignity of the individual human" is an allusion to Renaissance humanism; modernism, where man is on equal footing with God because science has come up with the Big Bang theory – whereby the universe created itself. This attempt to define Church teachings in the light of modern revolutions and science and philosophy – ends up putting that dignity of man in a standing position when receiving the Holy Eucharist. That dignity of the democratic modern man is that he is too self-valued to kneel before his Creator. Science today is working toward ousting God from all creation – Darwin’s theory was one such attempt – man came from an evolved amoeba – hence, there never was any Garden of Eden. We are all from the same parent – there are no good and evil bloodlines. Remember their satanic rule: "THE GUARANTEE OF OUR TOMORROW IS TODAY'S PERSUASION THAT WE DO NOT EXIST."

Pope Paul VI's speech before the United Nations and Secretary General Thant, on October 4, 1965:


'Ce qu e vous proclamez ici, ce sont les droits et devoirs fondamentaux de l'homme, sa dignite, sa liberte, et avant tout la liberte religieuse. Nous sentons que vous etes les interpretes de ce qu'il y a de plus haut dans la sagesse humaine, Nous dirions presque: son caractere sacre.' ( vi_spe_19651004_united-nations_fr.html)

English Translation:

"What you proclaim here, at the United Nations, are the rights and the basic duties of Man, his dignity, his freedom, and above all his religious freedom. We feel that you are the interpreters of what he has of higher human wisdom, we might say, almost sacred character."

The 'we' in the syntax is the "royal we"; it means – "I," as in the Pope feels.

The Pope is saying that it is up to the United Nations, the Secretary General, to determine what rights mankind will have; what duties will be placed upon mankind; what amount of dignity will be allowed mankind; how much freedom mankind will be allowed; and what religious freedoms mankind will be allowed. Pope Paul VI is leaving the interpretation of mankind's wisdom to the Secretary General and General Assembly of United Nations; that they are the interpreters of whether mankind has a sacred character – or, if the Secretary General determines that mankind has no wisdom, the United Nations must instruct man on his every activity.

Pope Paul VI's speech of March 26, 1967, entitled "Populorum Progressio," Issues and Principles:

"And the recent Vatican II Council reiterated this truth: 'God intended the earth and everything in it for the use of all human beings and peoples. Thus, under the leadership of justice and in the company of charity, created goods should flow fairly to all.'" [Vatican II document: Church in the World of Today, no. 69: AAS58 (1966), 1090 [cf. TPS XI, 306];

_populorum_en . html]

God said, "Let (man) have dominion (control) over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth." (Gen. 1:26).

God did not say, let the Secretary General of the UN control them. Up until the United Nations was formed and has taken from man God’s gift to man, a man who went out and caught a fish – it was his to eat, his to sell, just as most of the Apostles were commercial fishermen. Just as shepherds guarded their own flock and sold the wool and meat for their own livelihood. Just as cattlemen, here in the U.S., have done so since the first settlers came, and sold the meat to butchers and the leather to craftsmen – who created shoes, belts, and the like, for their personal profit. The Vatican supports the United Nations in taking all those lands, animals, and created goods away from man – and giving dominion over it all to Lucifer, administered by the Antichrist-Satan, as he sits in the United Nations.

Paul VI’s speech continues, "All other rights, whatever they may be, including the rights of property and free trade, are to be subordinated to this principle... Redirecting these rights back to their original purpose must be regarded as an important and urgent social duty."

Paul VI was agreeing with the UN's Land policy and its Agenda 21 – which is that no one should own private property - and that it is a social duty to turn over all ownership of property to the United Nations.

This goes to the United States presidents taking 29% of the land mass of the continental

U.S. from private owners and States. 72

This goes to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts H. 1859 bill and its "Transfer of Development Rights."

This goes to Regional Planning Commissions deciding where people will live; deciding whose property will be taken for bike trails.

This also goes to Satan wanting control over the earth and all things on it.

Pope Paul VI continued, "The Use of Private Property, as St. Ambrose put it: 'You are not making a gift of what is yours to the poor man, but you are giving back to him what is his. You have been appropriating things that are meant to be for the common use of everyone (Communism). The earth belongs to everyone, not to the rich,'" [DeNabute, c 12, n 53: PL 14.747, cf J.R. Palanque, St. Ambroise et l'empire roman, Paris: de Boccard (1933) 336 ff.]

They conjure a story of empathy for the poor man, villainizing the rich man – but they are not taking from the rich man and giving to the poor man – they are taking from the middle class and giving control of these lands and goods, these God-given rights, to the Secretary General, to the Antichrist-Satan. The poor man is only a tool to incite pity and outrage, to win support of their theft. This way, the UN creates Third-World countries.

Paul VI continued in his own words, "These words (of St. Ambrose) indicate that the right to private property is not absolute and unconditional. No one may appropriate surplus goods solely for his own private use when others lack the bare necessities of life. In short, as the Fathers of the Church (Jesuits) and other eminent theologians (descendants of Satan) tell us, the right of private property may never be exercised to the detriment of the common good."

Paul VI quotes Vatican II Council: "It is a very important duty of the advanced nations to help the developing nations...." [Vatican II document: Church in the World of Today, no. 86: AAS 58 (1966) 1109 (cf TPS XI, 319)]

Then Paul said: "While it is proper that a nation be the first to enjoy the God-given fruits of its own labor, no nation may dare to hoard its riches for its own use alone. Each and every

nation must produce more and better goods and products, so may contribute to the

common development of the human race."

In paragraph "One Standard for All, 61...In order that international trade be human and moral, social justice requires that it restore to the participants a certain equality of opportunity...."

In the paragraph entitled, "The Obstacles of Nationalism 62...Haughty pride in one's own nation disunites nations and poses obstacles to their true welfare...." The Pope is referring to American pride in country and leads to world citizenship, which today is granted through the United Nations.

Paul’s speech continues, "Justice and Peace 5...We sought to fulfill the wishes of the (Vatican II) add another this way they can further the progress of poorer nations and international social justice... (for) the development of all mankind."

There is paragraph entitled: "A New Humanism Needed 20...even more necessary still is the deep thought and reflection of wise men in search of a new humanism...."

The pope is calling for a new humanism – which elevates Man equal to God. The Pope is tempting as Satan did in the Garden of Eden – "and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil." Gen. 3:5

In this Common Good paragraph, Paul VI states: "24. If certain landed estates impede the general prosperity because they are extensive, unused or poorly used, or because they bring hardship to peoples (nations) or are detrimental to the interests of the country, the common good sometimes demands their expropriation. Vatican II affirms this emphatically. At the


same time it (Vatican II) teaches that income thus derived is not for man's capricious use, and that the exclusive pursuit of personal gain is prohibited. Consequently, it is not permissible for citizens who have garnered sizeable income from the resources and activities of their own nation to deposit a large portion of their income in foreign countries for the sake of their own private gain alone...." [Vatican II document: Church in the World, no. 71: AAS 58 (1966), 1093 (cf. TPS XI, 308)].

"Income thus derived is not for man’s capricious use…" comes directly from Karl Marx’ argument in his On the Jewish Question. Marx said: man "acting in accordance with his private caprice…was not liberated from property; he received the liberty to own property. He was not liberated from the egoism (the ethical belief that self-interest is the just and proper motive for all human conduct) of business; he received the liberty to engage in business." [Supra at]

Pope Paul VI’s speech echoes Karl Marx, and they both are a propaganda ad for President Obama's Executive Order 13575, forming the White House Rural Council:

"Strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future and ensuring American competitiveness in the years ahead. These communities supply our food, fiber, and energy, safeguard our natural resources, and are essential in the development of science and innovation. Though rural communities face numerous challenges, they also present enormous economic potential. The Federal Government has an important role to play in order to expand access to the capital necessary for economic growth, promote innovation, improve access to healthcare and education, and expand outdoor recreational activities on public lands."

As Paul VI stated – "It is not permissible for citizens to garner sizeable incomes from the resources" that they privately own, privately break their backs working on.

This notion expressed by Paul VI is called Liberation Theology, socialism/communism; it began with Pope Paul VI; it is Christianized Marxism that the Jesuits first carried out in South America.

Obama’s Executive Order establishing the White House Rural Council is what Lenin did in Russia after he and his Red Army of Bolsheviks took control of Russia. Lenin set down quotas for the peasants, still living under feudalism, demanding the peasants to give all their crops to the state. Vladimir Lenin organized the Bolsheviks and brought about the Bolshevik Revolution on October 25, 1917 - Communism. It was Lenin who ordered the murder of Tsar Nickolas II and his entire family, including the dog, after Nickolas had already abdicated the Russian throne in February of 1917. Remember that the Rothschild Dynasty financially supported Lenin and were out for revenge against Tsar Nickolas II, who had exposed the plan for a one world government.

Under the White House Rural Council, U.S. Military drones fly spy missions over farms and ranchers with the EPA sending the farmers warnings to follow EPA’s unconstitutional regulations. The EPA and Obama are breaking the 4th Amendment: "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures…and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause." The entire White House cabinet has been sent out to farms and ranches - looking to expropriate – to steal, land and natural resources from the American middle class, Obama is carrying out Paul VI and the United Nations’ mandate.

Our Lady of Fatima appeared on October 13, 1917, her sixth appearance since May 13, 1917, requesting that the Pope consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. And 12 days later,


Lenin brought Communism to Russia, on October 25, 1917. Pope Paul VI’s successor, Pope

John Paul I, told Sister Lucia, who witnessed the Lady of Fatima, that he was going to carry out the consecration of Russia. John Paul I’s assurance that he would consecrate Russia to the Blessed Mother – and his knowing that Lucifer had been enthroned and planned to reverse the enthronement – were the reasons that he was assassinated.

An article by Joseph deSainte-Marie, O.C.D. [ reflections.asp] In his footnote 5, he spoke of the demand for the consecration of Russia, Lucia wrote: "In the course of different communications, Our Lord has not ceased to insist on that request, promising recently, if Your Holiness deigns to make the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with special mention of shorten the days of tribulation." [From Sister Lucia’s letter to Pius XII, December 2, 1940]

deSainte-Marie wrote that "There are two requests clearly distinct, and the one peculiar to Sister Lucia's mission is the request for the consecration of Russia." In other words, not the consecration of the world.

deSainte-Marie also stated in footnote 6: that "Lucia wrote to Fr. Goncalvese, May 4, 1943: 'The Holy Father's act was incomplete, as a response, that is, to the demands of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima.’" In a letter to Fr. Aparicio, March 2, 1943, Sister Lucia wrote: "The consecration of that country (Russia) was not made in the terms demanded by Our Lady."

deSainte-Marie then stated in footnote 7: "The 1942 consecration became collegial in 1954...Encyclical Ad Coeli Reginam, ordered all the bishops to renew (the 1942 Act) with him on May 31 (1954). But it was still a question of the consecration of the world, even if Russia was mentioned in veiled terms. In 1954 it was 'the peoples of Russia' that the Holy Father consecrated to the Blessed Virgin (not the country; not its government), but by an act with which the bishops could not be associate. So, that the demands of Our Lady of Fatima have still not been met.' Then on 'May 13, 1982, Pope John Paul II performed the Act of Consecration of the world - and essentially the same world consecration was done again on March 25, 1984. Yet, neither one fulfilled the Lady of Fatima's request."

One must conclude that the Vatican does not want to stop communism from spreading around the world; the Vatican is explicitly, repeatedly, disobeying the Blessed Mother of God.

Lucia said that the Third Secret of Fatima contained Apocalyptic contents. A Pope was also killed in the vision - John Paul I, the pope of 33 days. They wanted Russia to be communist - without God. Lucia had said that "Rev. 8 to 13 showed the vision" of the Third Secret. Throughout the 1960s morality took a turn away from the traditional culture of our Christian nation. The CIA created the Sexual and Drug Revolutions, supplying drugs to college students. There was also the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - all happening during the 1960 decade - the beginning of which the Blessed Mother wanted us to be warned, by the "Pope of 1960" that the Catholic Church would become the seat of power for Lucifer.

(Excerpted from Swiftly Comes the Battle, by Denise Bronsdon) 

1. Vatican II helped make it easier for demons to possess their victims.

Without consulting exorcist priests, Vatican II, in restructuring the Catholic Church, dropped 12 of 21 instructions to the exorcist while performing an exorcism, which had been followed for 385 years by exorcists. They essentially left the exorcist without protection against the demons. According to former Jesuit exorcist, Malachi Martin, demonic possession had increased over 800% – in the northeast of the United States, alone. Possessed parents train their children to become possessed – possession can be generational.

After 385 years of exorcism, Vatican II Council, as of 1963, and after the Jesuits performed a ritual to enthrone Lucifer onto the Throne of Peter, have prohibited the teaching to new-priest exorcists the following:

#4 asks the demoniac…what he feels…so (that the exorcising priest) can learn which words greatly disturb the demons, so as then to bear down on them and repeat them all the more.

#5, the priest should stay alert for tricks;

#6 demons hide…the exorcist should not stop until he sees signs of liberation; #8 Some demons point out an act of witchcraft…(to cause possession)…and a way to undo (the possession)…be careful not to have recourse to sorcerers, fortune-tellers…on this account;

#9 sometimes the devil grants…relief and permits (a possessed person) to receive the Holy Eucharist…countless devices and tricks of the devil to deceive man, which the exorcist should beware; #13 Also relics of Saints…safely and properly fastened and covered, may be reverently applied to the chest or head of the possessed.

#14 Exorcists should not engage in a great deal of talking or ask unnecessary or curious questions…But he should command the unclean spirit to be silent, except to answer his questions. Nor should he believe the demon if he pretends to be the soul of some saint or deceased person or good angel;

#15 necessary questions…concern the number and names of the possessing spirits, the time and reason they entered;

#16 The exorcist should read and carry out the exorcism with strength, authority, great faith, humility and fervor;

#17 The exorcist priest should observe…which words the demons tremble more and then…repeat these words more often…he should continue for two, three, or four hours;

#19 If he is exorcising a woman, he should always have persons of integrity with him…close relatives… the exorcist should be careful not to…occasion of an evil thought to himself or the others;

#20 While he is exorcising, he should use the words of Scripture…(not) someone else’s. He should command the demon to tell him if he is held in that body because of some magic, or sorcerer’s signs or devices. If the possessed person has consumed things…he should vomit them up. If they are elsewhere outside the body, he (demon) should reveal where they are, and once found, they are to be burned. The possessed person should also be advised to make known all his temptations to the exorcist.’" (Fr. X, Summer of 2002, ‘the New Rite of Exorcism, The Influence of the Evil One, LMM Magazine, articles/articles_2002_ SU_Father_X.html)

Not knowing these protective measures makes the new exorcist vulnerable to demonic possession, or a lifetime of tortuous harassment.

However, one cannot be possessed without giving permission to the demon, according to former Jesuit Exorcist Malachi Martin. Only a person with authority may conduct an exorcism. A person of great faith cannot be possessed, but they can be harassed by a demon. Speaking aloud the name of Jesus will protect a person from possession.