Jul. 15, 2015

Dinesh D'Souza's Claim Is Supported by Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal

The U.S. got nothing in this deal. Iran got everything they wanted, including 24 days notice to inspect nuclear sites. We cannot inspect their military bases! Iran got billions in trade access with Russia and China, which will assist Iran in arming our enemies. Obama did not even ask Iran to release U.S. Citizens, a journalist, former Marine, and a Christian pastor tortured regularly for preaching that Jesus is Lord and Savior. Another American's whereabouts in Iran is unknown. In another deal, Obama did release five high risk Muslim terrorists for a known American deserter from the battlefield who has now been convicted of desertion. American soldiers died trying to "rescue" the deserter. Obama said in his news conference -how is this not a good deal? Ten years from now we can stop Iran if they cheat. Obama has already reduced our anti ballistic missile system from 5000 missile down to 300 missiles. Obama has cut our military forces and equipment so we can no longer fight in two theaters of war. He has stationed 7 aircraft carriers in one port against military historic doctrine. Obamacare and another law allows Obama to legalize Muslim terrorsists as Military Commandres without U.S. Congressional approval. By the time Obama leaves office, the U.S. Military will be completely castrated by the conquering enemy! Iran in the not too distant future will be launching a nuclear missile on the U.S. And we will be helpless to respond.