Sep. 16, 2014

Carry out a false flag

A False Flag is when the government attacks itself and blames it on another for the excuse to attack that target. The targeted fall guy can be a foreign country, American patriots, Christians, or veterans. The Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag to practice how to lock down a city, in preparation of a future, planned Martial Law declaration.
Now that Obama has given amnesty to illegal aliens, the Democrats no longer need to court the Black community and will now pull all funding from them. All jobs thus created by the Obama administration went to illegal aliens - ALL jobs (Fox Business Channel).

"§ 309 of the Homeland Security Act allows for the transfer of U.S. technology to a non-Federal party.
Power of the Director of Homeland Security or his/her designee* to perform medical experiments on Americans inside the FEMA detention-concentration camps.
Power of the Director of Homeland Security or his/her designee* has the power to move, relocate, large populations, such as towns and cities, as the Director/designee* sees fit.
"§ 304…(a)…With respect to civilian human health-related research...The Secretary (or her designate*) may issue a declaration…public health emergency makes advisable the administration of (giving of) covered countermeasure TO A CATEGORY OR CATEGORIES of individuals…. The Secretary shall specify…the substance (to be given).…"
Title III, …§ 303...the Secretary (or her designate*) shall carry out his civilian human health-related biological, biomedical, and infectious disease defense research and development (including vaccine research and development)..." (as Dr. Mangele, the Angel of Death, did in the Nazi human experiments inside the German concentration camps (FEMA) under Hitler.)

President Bill Clinton, 1993-2001, signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998, which is still current law, and which enacted § 1520a as part of Title 50, Chapter "Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents…:
(a) Prohibited activities The Secretary of Defense may not conduct (directly or by contract)
(1) any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical agent or biological agent on a civilian population; or
(2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects.
(b) EXCEPTIONS…does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes:
(1) ANY peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or RESEARCH activity….
(3) Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control….
(c) Informed consent required. The Secretary of Defense may conduct a test or experiment described in subsection (b)…only if informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject.
(e) 'Biological agent' defined…'biological agent' means any micro-organism (including bacteria viruses, fungi, rickettsiac, or protozoa), pathogen, or infectious substance…naturally occurring, bio-engineered, or synthesized component…that is capable of causing- (1) death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human, an animal….(2) deterioration of food, water, equipment supplies, or materials of any kind; or (3) deleterious alteration of the environment."