Dec. 10, 2014

Divide the People Against Each Other

Americans are being set up to be divided along as many lines as possible - racially, economically, and local law enforcement, so they will finally fight each other in the streets - to give the excuse to federalize the local police to absolutely control the masses.  This will also provide the excuse to take all guns from Americans so that they will be helpless against the coming tyranny!

Obama is going to equip local police with military-style vehicles and weapons to make them look as menacing as possible that the public will distrust and fear and then allow the federal government to take control of them.

On December 24, 2014, the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty  becomes effective.  Will Obama put into effect the Treaty without U.S. Senate approval and require federal gun registration, which registration database will be given to the United Nations for their future confiscation.  This registration will also require the type and amount of ammunition each gun owner has.  Allegedly, the registration of import and export of small arms will control the flow of guns to terrorists.  But it will also give the names and addresses of Americns buying guns internationally.