Jun. 18, 2015

Turn the Races In to Tribes & Divide Them Against Each Other - Soft Targets Used to Take Our Guns

Another mentally ill person is the shooter. Was he under CIA mind control, as others have been used for political gain. Sirhan Sirhan did not kill Robert F. Kennedy, according to the LAPD Police report; the Deputy CIA Dir. and his people were at RFK's speech who shot RFK in the back. The Unabomber was part of the MKULTRA mind control program; McVay said he had been drugged and had a chip in him that was burning - "Get it out!"; AURORA, CO, theater shooter was drugged and in a secret DARPA Program conducted under the highest level of National Security.
Violent crimes by gun is down by 61% since 1993, but this goes under reported. They are trying to instill fear in Blacks that all Whites are out to kill them. This while Obama is funding abortion clinics in majority Black neighborhoods - killing millions of Black babies. This while more Blacks are killed by guns at the hands of other Blacks.
DON'T LET THEM TURN THIS IN TO A RACE WAR! The SC shooting was an act of a demon attacking God's people - not about racism.