Jun. 23, 2015

A General Discription of What Is About to Happen In the World

In the end, there will be two New World Order super-beings with their computers that will war with each other - after they kill off the world's population.
The Civil War --- Slavery was collapsing because of industrialization. Reconstruction was hellish - many were killed. The Rebel flag adopted by many southern states was for the purpose of defying the North - after the war. It did not represent slavery. The Rebel flag was stolen by the KKK as their symbol. Today's media has branded it as representing hate - brainwashing Americans - but that is not the truth.
The true history of the Civil War --- General Lee was considered one of the most honorable and incredible generals - by the North.
Lincoln wrote letter after letter, "If I could end the war and not free one slave, I would."
(The Emancipation of Proclamation freed only the southern slaves; the northern slaves remained slaves - it was an economic punishment of the South.)
The Civil War was not fought to end slavery!...The Civil War was an attack on both the North and the South. The Robber Barons set up America with British Intelligence in a Pincer attack to break the whole country up. Segments were promised to foreign countries. (See Quinn's 11th Regiment; available at Amazon.com) The Civil War was an attack on the North and the South by the Robber Barons financed by British Intelligence.
See Colonel House Report, 1919, Swiftly Comes the Battle, by Denise Bronsdon, available at Amazon.com