Jul. 11, 2015

Art. 5 of the Constitution Allows 2/3rds. of the States to Amend If Ratified by 3/4ths of the States

The US Citizen has absolutely NO SAY SO on what US Congress, the President, or the US Supreme Court have been doing over the decades. We now have a centralized government. There is no longer a 3 Branch republic of individual rights, Of the People and BY the People! The USSC is writing law - they re-wrote Obamacare twice so it would stand - under Obama's threat. They legalized same-sex marriage - by taking the States' power. The USSC illegally seized authority from the States. Under a federalized system, issues of marriage are decided by the States - the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Justice Ginsberg has long since held that the USSC should not make decisions under the US Constitution, because it is arrogant and offensive to foreign nations who have constitutions; she looks to foreign constitutions to decide US Constitutional issues. Justice Roberts argued against himself within a week - deciding Obamacare v. Same-sex marriage. If he had applied the law with the same logic in both cases, both Obamacare and Same-sex marriage would have failed. The 16th Amendment, which was illegally ratified, taxes income. Obamacare taxes behavior - if you do not buy insurance, you will be taxed; if you do not pay the tax, you go to jail. They have set a precedence - all behavior may now be taxed. If you drive a car - they can tax you by the mile and additionally force you to buy carbon credits to drive. Under Kelo v. City of New London - it was the first time in history that the 5th Amendment was butchered - taking of property for "public use" now becomes "public good." That means a private company/person - can take by eminent domain under the promise to pay more taxes than the original owner. In Kelo - the promise was never fulfilled although they destroyed Kelo's house.
Mark Levin's proposal: (paraphrased) Convene a State Convention to Amend the Constitution as thus: No person may serve as a US Justice for more than 12 years; 3/4ths of US Congress and Senate may over-ride a USSC decision - the President cannot intervene, no other court may intervene; 3/5ths of States may over-ride a USSC decision, there will be no review by any court or intervention by the President or US Congress; States and US Congress must enact the over-ride by 24 months of the USSC decision.