Sep. 12, 2015

What Will You Do If They Start Evicting Americans From Their Homes

Private Property Expropriated by German State for Refugees

Elderly Swedes also forced out of housing to make room for migrants
Private Property Expropriated by German State for Refugees

Image Credits: AJENews .

by Kurt Nimmo | | September 12, 2015

Federal and state governments in Germany are in the process of devising new laws to expropriate private property for refugee housing.

The new regulations are aimed primarily at unused commercial properties, but may also apply to homes and condos, according to ARD Berlin Studios, a German public broadcaster.

In Sweden, the state Migration Board in May evicted elderly residents from the Millmark center in Sörmark outside Torsby, according to Värmlands Folkblad, a Swedish language daily newspaper.

The residents were told there were plans to make the property an asylum accommodation.

The reaction in Sweden to the influx of refugees has resulted in an anti-immigrant party leading in polls.

The Sweden Democrats are supported by 25.5 per cent of voters and are now more popular than the Social Democrats with 23.4 per cent of voter support, according to a YouGov poll sponsored by Metro, a free daily newspaper in Sweden.

Anti-immigration political parties in France, Germany and Austria are also receiving wide support. Austria’s Freedom Party is supported by 29 percent of the population.

Following a European Union plan to force nations to accept the tidal wave of refugees, thousands of people attended anti-migrant protests in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia on Saturday.