Oct. 9, 2015

Obama Trains and Arms Enemy of U.S.

CIA Director Brennan trained and armed Muslim jihadists in Turkey and Qatar.  In 2014, Obama fired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, because Flynn was against Obama backing Muslim jihadists.  The U.S. Military does not want to overthrow Syrian President Assad, and believe Brennan is too pro-Saudi Wahabist that Saudis back with trillions of dollars.  These Wahabists are showing up in Europe.

Saudi Arabia's response to Muslim invasion is to offer Germany to pay to build 200 Mosques, indicating permanent residency of Muslim invaders. 

While Germany is taking in 1.5 to 3 million Syrian Muslims, the U.S. is recruiting Muslims from the Caucasuses, West China Muslims, Indonesian Muslims, and Chechen Muslims to move into vacated Syrian land.

Three countries are planning to leave the European Union, which has commanded quotas of Mid East Muslim be taken into their countries.

Germany's President Angela Merkle told the German people that they personally caused the invasion and now must take responsibility to care of the Muslim migrant.

The migrating Muslims have gone up to Germans and told them to put down their Octoberfest beers; brawling in the streets ensued.  The German government has told German girls and women not to wear short skirts, since they will offend the Muslims migrants and the German women risk being raped by the Muslims. European countries have seen a sky-rocketing number of rapes, 90% by Muslim migrants.  Most Germans are Christian, but this is also a way to corrupt the German bloodline in that with so many rapes, some percentage of German rape victims will be impregnated.  The Qur'an encourages rape of non-believers, regardless of how they are dressed. [Wayne Madsen, Alex Jones Show, 10/8/2015]