Oct. 17, 2015

UN Global Police Force Will Arrest Americans Exercising Free Speech

On Sept. 30, 2015, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that Obama has established the Strong Cities Network, a Global Police Force, to target “violent extremism.”  Mayor DeBlasio promised the Muslim community that they will not be profiled.  In other words, the SCN will target Christians, gun owners, U.S. Military Vets, Sovereigns, Tea-Party members, and Constitutionalists.  The UN will control local police forces and local government administrations.  Federal and State Congresses have been completely circumvented.

On October 15, 2015, the Dept. of Justice announced that they have established the Domestic Terrorism Unit, outside the purview of the FBI, who Obama has already prohibited from doing undercover surveillance of Mosques, the breeding ground of jihadists against America.

On February 19, 2015, Obama stated at the close of the Countering Violent Extremism Summit, that the U.S. will give Muslims financial support and enlarge their platform in America.  Obama stated, “Millions of (Muslim) youth are impoverished…(this) feeds instability and extremism…having no education make them more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and radical ideas…across the Middle East and No. Africa…terrorists are happy to step into the void.  They offer salaries to their foot soldiers to support their families, they provide social services, schools, health clinics that governments will not do.  They try to justify their violence in the name of fighting the injustice of corruption that steals from the people…

To prevent people from being susceptible to the false promise of extremism the international community has to offer something better.  The U.S. intends to do it first…

This summit makes commitments to help young people…in Muslim community:  1) America will continue to forge new partnerships collaborations, entrepreneurship in science and technology… jobs for the many  2) step up our efforts against corruption…expand education…this requires wealthier countries to do more…3) political grievances…when people are oppressed along... marginalize…religious groups or favor certain religious groups (Christians) over others it sows the seeds of violence…it makes those communities more susceptible  4)  Best partners…their own family members…use of social media target the young online, and by the way you older people here (in America) are wise, but your stuff (Republic and Christianity) is boring…Communities have to take the lead in protecting themselves…in America.  When people start becoming radicalized families and friends are the first to see something has changed…and teachers may notice a student withdrawn or struggling with his/her identity.  If they intervene at that moment and offer support.  Faith leaders may see a violent interpretation of religion and that’s a moment for possible intervention. neighbors want to help … …that may make a difference, but they don’t have the tools to intervene…and this is where the government can play a role if government is a trusted partner…I know that some Muslim Americans have concerns with working with government, particularly law enforcement… Muslim Americans feel they’ve been unfairly targeted (by law enforcement)…abuses must stop…Muslims should not be profiled or put under a cloud of suspicion simply because of their faith…The Muslim communities can’t be put in undercover surveillance…this reinforces their suspicion…The purpose of this summit is to announce our increase our outreach to Muslim communities…to step up our efforts and devote more resources to engage with partners so Muslim communities understand how to protect their love ones from radicalization…we need to build upon pilot programs in LA, Minneapolis, and Boston…

If we are going to solve these issues, the ones most targeted, Muslims Americans, must have a seat at the table to help shape these partnerships.  We need to show (the world) that we welcome people of all faiths…Since its founding, Islam has been woven into the fabric of America (this is a re-writing of American history – this is falsehood; he is proclaiming America is a Muslim nation).

Lisa Monaco, Chief Counterterrorism Advisor to President Obama for Homeland Security in Counterterrorism, and member of U.S. Homeland Security Council, stated in a speech before her alma mater, Harvard’s School of Government – that “’Confrontational’ children could be terrorists.  The behavior is not related directly to actually plotting attacks, they are more subtleParents might see sudden personality changes in their children at home, becoming more confrontational than usual.  Religious leaders might notice unexpected clashes over ideological differences, and teachers might hear students expressing an interest to travel to a conflict zone overseas.  Or friends might notice a new interest in watching or sharing violent material.  The government is, of course, rarely in a position to observe these early signals, so we need to do more to help communities and community members understand the warning signs and then work together to intervene before something can occur, while always respecting our core commitment to protecting privacy and civil liberties.  All of this is for not, if we don’t have the trust in our communities, between both the government and the members of the community.” [“The Alex Jones Show (video) Monday April 21, 2014: Cliven Bundy”; www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fop_Y63Q8EU, at 30.22 minutes]

Monaco’s words, “we need to do more” is the Strong Cities Network, empowering local police by usurping Constitutional rights with UN rules, regulations, and training to absolutely control all student behavior.

Could a child feel more alone, more ganged up on when the federal government puts a wedge between the child and his/her parents, religious leader, teachers, friends, and community members?  The Chief Counterterrorism Advisor is asking every person in a child’s life to spy on and report his/her every INDEPENDENT statement and work to take measures against a child who is a critical thinker, utilizing his/her freedom of speech.  Monaco worries about the trust between the government and the members of the community – as both target their control over a child, yet she is not concerned for the trust between the child and his/her parents, religious leader, teachers, friends, and his/her community, which trust she is pushing to destroy. 

Another way to look at Monaco’s plan of action:  Individuals from the category groups of parents, religious leaders, teachers, and social services have all been arrested for sexually abusing children – Monaco just gave them a weapon to threaten children who do not comply with their abuse.  “Friends” have been known to do drugs and steal; now they also have a weapon to silence their friend who objects to involvement.  Monaco’s endgame is to silence and control strong, independent, critical thinking children – who have the intellectual ability to have “ideological differences” apart from their religious leader who asserts church doctrine that kneeling while receiving the Eucharist is wrong – that one must stand as equal before God as the modern humanist.  Pope Paul VI instituted Liberation Theology, Christianized Marxism that substantially diminishes God so as to be equal to man.  If the child disagrees with this philosophy, the religious leader has a weapon to cause the child to shut up and accept the disrespect shown to God.  The teacher is given a weapon to use against the child who states that the president giving $1.5 billion in cash and military equipment to Al Qaeda, the self-admitted enemy of the United States, might have been a wrong-headed thing for a president to do. 

On the Dept. of Justice website, 10/14/2015, it states that the DoJ is "exploring options to INTERVENE BEFORE violence occurs." [justice.gov]  They are exploring how to openly circumvent the Constitution to establish "pre-crime" arrests.

The DoJ's Domestic Terrorism Unit will have a Council, yet to be manned, but will serve as "our main point of contact for U.S. Attorneys working on domestic terrorism matters."

The DoJ's website states that "Countering Violent Extremism will counter messages of hate ONLINE."  The DoJ must 1)  Empower those best-placed to affect change parents, teachers, coaches, mental health service providers and others who know their communities.  To that end, U.S. Atty. Gen. Lynch recently announced the launch of the Strong Cities Network, in building community resilence.  Community involvement in early Intervention.2)  DoJ developed three community-based pilot programs in Minneapolis-St. Paul, greater Boston area, and Los Angeles.  Government, academic, and community leaders have developed counter narratives.  3)  Strong outreach programs for communities and training for law enforcement lead to a relationship of trust and increased cooperation from civil rights to radicalization-to-violence."

Who decides who should be arrested, what laws control arrest, who decides if a child is "confrontational," who decides what is "acceptable speech and behavior?"  How does a parent protect their child from the community "watching" their child?  What happened to the Constitution's Bill of Rights?

Federal laws and policies specifically protect Muslims and criminalize Christianity. 

The Patriot Act, 115 STAT. 276 Public Law 107–56—Oct. 26, 2001.  TITLE II—Enhanced Surveillance Procedures… (a) Congress makes the following findings:…When American citizens commit acts of violence against those who are, or are perceived to be, of Arab or Muslim descent, they should be punished to the full extent of the law…(b)(1) the civil rights and civil liberties…of Arab Americans,  Muslim Americans …must be protected, and that every  effort must be taken to preserve their  safety

The U.S. State Dept. hosted a meeting with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (56 Muslim countries whose mission is to institute Shariah Law in the world), to implement UNHRC Res. 16/18 in the United States, which resulted in the U.S. voting for and supporting UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which provides:  Reaffirming also the obligation of States to…implement measures…(that) No. 3:  Condemns any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement (according to Muslim criteria) to discrimination, hostility or violence, whether it involves the use of print, audio-visual or electronic media or any other means;  (f)  (Member states agree to) Adopting measures to criminalize incitement to imminent violence based on religion or belief; No. 7:  Encourages States to consider providing updates on efforts made in this regard as part of ongoing reporting to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.  [United Nations, General Assembly, Human Rights Council; http://www.unhcr.org/refworld/type, RESOLUTION,,,4db960f92,0.html] 

In Tahir Square, Dearborn, MI, Muslims stoned and threw bottles of urine at Christians and yelled obscenities at them; police did not stop the stoning nor arrest the Muslims, but police threatened the Christians, if they did not leave they would be arrested.  Christians were wearing T-shirts displaying the name of Jesus and quietly carrying signs. Police warned that their signs were inciting the Muslims. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnJBW49afzg] 

These are “peaceful” Muslims, not terrorists.  These are Muslim children throwing rocks at adult Christians; their parents are nearby watching, but do not stop their children.  This is the end of free speech and peaceful assembly of Americans.  What other behavior of Americans will cause the incitement of Muslims?  Not castrating our daughters?  Not converting to Islam?  Not allowing them to institute their Islamic Caliphate?

Muslims at the U. of Maryland, 250 students of the 28,000 students, claimed that the movie American Sniper was offensive because it showed the killing of al Qaeda Muslim terrorists.  The U. of Maryland cancelled the viewing of the movie.  Freedom of speech is gone at the U. of Maryland.