Jan. 10, 2015

Jesuit Pope Francis' Cantor Declares Lucifer as God

It is against Vatican law that a Jesuit become Pope.

Lacharite Profanee, by Jean Borella:

"The French philosopher, Jean Borella, wrote a book called Lacharite profanee, in which he asserts that post-Vatican II Council - as in the Spirit of Vatican II - 'intends to annihilate all forms that establish a distinction between the sacred and the profane.’ Borella argues that there are three stages of degradation of the Christian soul. In the first stage, grace and faith are received as a gift by Christians. The state of grace is buttressed for Christians by both a supernatural religious order and a natural religious order - which are tensions and oppositions. The supernatural tensions are: Creator/creature, sacred/profane, sacred place/secular places, sacred vestments/secular vestments, etc.

The natural religious order tensions are: man/woman, parents/children, upright persons/indecent persons, master/disciple, etc. Borella states that these distinctions are what Vatican II Council has tried to destroy - blurring the distinctions. Borella offers the example of a historic moment at the Vatican II Council meeting when a specially prepared schema concerning upholding the rights of the Church and the defense of sacred tradition was put forward for a vote, but the vote was suspended by Cardinal Lienart for further discussion in accord with wishes of the Vatican II ‘reform’ block (those who wanted to change the Church). Borella argues, an ‘advanced’ clergy ‘pursues its own intellectual and cultural modernization...striving to transform the celebrations of the Eucharist into the congregation’s celebration of itself,'" (Prof. Emeritus Howard Kainz, Marquette Univ., www.thecatholicthing .org/columns/2011/the-spirit-of-vatican-ii.html).