Jun. 22, 2015

Malachi Martin, Former Jesuit.

Fr. Martin stated in this interview with Art Bell, in 1998, "Vatican II has changed the faith of Catholics...The Vatican has made an irreversible mistake in the structure and the way doctrine is to be taught...The Catholic Church as an institution and an organization - the vast Roman Catholic Church is on the downslope. It is losing steadily and heavily over 2/3 of its members of one billion people. Members are being led in to a form of belief which is irreconcilable with the traditional essence, outlook, and belief of the Roman Catholic Church, as it has been for over two millennium. For over 30 years, the majority of the governors, the directors, the managers of this organization have been feeding a form of belief which is not Catholic, which has made compromises on basic doctrine, which has led the faithful astray in their beliefs. The purpose of marriage, for instance...and the chief one is...The Pope was considered head of the church...he alone could dictate in religious matters...what people should do and believe in religious matters. That has been changed to say he and all the bishops, all 4500, share the absolute power, together...The Pope is first among equals. And this destroys the traditional absolute power of the Papacy as the Vicar of Christ and the source of infallible teaching."