Aug. 7, 2015

Fox News Hosted First Republican Debate

Let's begin with who owns Fox News = Rupert Murdock and Saudi Prince Al-Walid Talal.  In 2005, Talal called Murdock to order him to stop the banner announcing " Muslim riots" in France. The banner running across the screen was changed within 30 minutes.  

The Saudi Prince and Murdock pay Megyn Kelly to do their bidding!  So, what do the Saudi and Murdock want?  They want a New World Order!  It is, at least, possible that the Saudi Prince Talal is the Anti-Christ, since he has been working in secret meetings with the State of Israel on a "Peace" deal.  If successful, Talal will be considered the world's greatest visionary.  Therefore, he meets Fr. Malachi Martin's number one criteria in identifying the Anti-Christ.

Last year, Murdock stated that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next President.  This gives sway to the assertion that presidential elections are chosen by the elite before Americans go to the ballot box.  Clinton wants a NWO; Clinton wants the sale of baby organs and the genocide of the Black race by Planned Parenthood to continue.

During the debate, Kelly's job was to slay Trump, because he is not part of the NWO elite.  Trump said we have a $19 trillion deficit and you need a guy like me to fix that.  Trump's polling numbers are high because the country knows he is correct - he is the only one who can make America great, again.  Rubio's comment a couple of weeks ago that Trump does not have the class to be President says a lot about Rubio - he has no class and he sees himself as superior to the average American.  Rubio also told an English-speaking audience one thing regarding illegal aliens getting citizenship, then spoke in Spanish an opposing message.  He is a typical lying politician.  Rubio is a NWO want-a-be; this is why he is being lauded for his performance in the debate.  

As to Kelly, she planned her attack against Trump very craftily - she invited the Chair of the DNC - the woman who claims all men are backward barbarians.  Out of the gate, Kelly tried to torpedo Trump's night through his old public fight with Rosie O'Donald who also thinks men are no good.  What a combo for a set up!  Kelly then played the victim, looking sad-eye as she said that Trump threatened her.  These are the kind of women that give women a bad name.  They start a fight and then run crying, the bully hurt me!  They need to get out of the public eye.  These are the kind of women who make it difficult for a competent women like Carly Fiorina to win the presidency.  Politics has always been a blood sport, if a woman cannot take a verbal punch, she needs to get out of the arena.

The questions were unfair in that not all the candidates were allowed to answer important questions, i.e., on Iraq and the Iranian nuclear deal.  The majority of time was taken by the three thugs paid by the Saudi Prince.  Ron Paul was given four minutes.  The question asked Carson on his knowledge of foreign affairs was presented in an unnecessarily humiliating manner, especially since Carson's life work has proven him to be a brilliant man.  Deference and respect were given to Bush, a New World Order elite.  The elite plan to present to Americans a choice between their man, Bush, or their woman, Clinton, but things are not headed as planned, thanks to Trump.

The follow up to the debate was pollster Frank Luntz, also paid by Saudi Prince/Anti-Christ and Murdock.  Luntz, who selected people he knows do not like Trump, gave Trump the only poor performance rating.  The Drudge Report poll put him heads above the other candidates, along with other polls.  This is all done under the direction of Prince Talal and Murdock who want Hillary to "win" the Presidency to carry on the final destruction of America.

Americans know that we need a business person to get jobs coming back into the country - a thriving economy is the foundation for solving all our problems.  Key - Saudi Prince Talal and Murdock, the NWO elite, have been working with other elites - Obama, the Bush family, the Clintons, the big banks, to destroy our economy with the help of our corrupt Congress and Supreme Court.  The elite must destroy our economy, create socialism that will ease our country into communism, so they can take control of the world.  There are only two Republican candidates who can save our country from the elite; that have the ability to bring jobs back; they are Fiorina and Trump.

Right now, America needs a "Junkyard Dog" to get the country stabilized; then needs a second President to continue the strong business plan.   In my opinion, we need two terms of President Trump, followed by two terms of President Fiorina.

Truthfully, America needs Trump to fight the evil that has taken control of our country.