Aug. 10, 2015

Trump Is The Last Hurrah for This Country, Before...

Alex Jones says that if Trump falls on his sword or pulls out of the race, he will be an anathema in this country - or perhaps, as a casino owner he's being blackmailed.

I agree with Jones, to a point, Trump holds his name in too high a regard to risk it being cursed.  Further, because America knows enough of the corrupt Congress, Supreme Court, and a Treasonous President Obama, Trump is the last hurrah of hope for Americans.  He has the backbone to take on the evil that is intentionally destroying our country.  He is the modern John Wayne standing up to the bad guys and making wrong, right.  If Trump gets elected and betrays America as has John Boehner, Mich McConnell, etc., etc., etc., etc., - the country will then rise in revolution.  All these people are being given one last chance.

The scientific poll, since the Republican debate, continues to see Trump far above the crowd.  Talking heads are stymied that his remarks - slob, stupid, fat, bimbo have not destroyed his candidacy.  The truth is, Americans think the same way - Congress is stupid - or treasonous; it is one or the other.

Christie is absolutely corrupt, as much as Rick Perry is; Paul puts a facade over his obsequiousness, Cruz supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership - he is a traitor; Carson does not know foreign policy, the Constitution, or Declaration of Independence.  Walker is bloviating his record, as is Fiorina; Kaisich is too emotional; Rubio is an arrogant child; Clinton is a Communist, as is Elizabeth Warren who may step in to the race; Joe Biden who also may step in is a rug for the New World Order elite who will do anything they tell him.  Huckabee is a closet Socialist.  The others are not worth mentioning - they are only a distraction.

Foxnews talking heads are patting the three celebrity moderators on the back for a "great" debate, as other of Fox talking heads have exclaimed with astonishment - how does he continue to exist - this is historical!  All were expecting Megyn Kelly to have slayed the dragon! Talking heads caution, "Don't criticize him, people will get sick of him.  If you criticize Trump, his polls will go up."  The arrogance of all these politicians and news media celebrities are being revealed to us - the American people are stupid for supporting the junkyard dog.

No one has figured out what is going on.  There are enough Americans that are awake that know - that the elite and its medica, Foxnews, ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC, Times Magazine, NY Times, and groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, individuals as Soros, the Bush family, Clinton family, Rockefeller family, and on and on - are intentionally destroying the country.  Laws are not obeyed and no one gets punished for breaking the law, i.e., Clinton, IRS, NSA, Congress, etc.  America is giving the system one last chance - they are giving Trump the Presidency to see if he is one of them, or one of us.

If Trump does not come through for the country - there will be a blood bath in the streets.