Aug. 11, 2015

Trump Interview by Sean Hannity, 8/11/2015

1.     On Mexico building the wall - Trump said he would impose a tarriff on Mexican products unless Mexico agrees to pay for the wall.

2.     Planned Parenthood:  Trump said he would defund the abortions performed, but fund the other testing and healthcare they offer women.  "We need to take care of our women."

3.     Obamacare:  He would repeal it -

             Trump's healthcare system would have (a)  potability (take your health insurance with you from job to job); (b)  cover catastrophic illness; (c)  create cross-state line competition for insurance companies - right now, they have monopolies with their plans - making sure that the insurance companies are solid companies before allowing them to take money for plans. 

4.     Economy:  There are 50 million in poverty - Trump said he would bring jobs and manufacturing back from China and Mexico.  Would allow Japan to continue to build cars here in the U.S. (because they hirer Americans).  NO cars made in Mexico would be allowed in the U.S.; they just bring them across the border; it's not helping Americans.  (Btw, Mexico charges American businesses, Bank of America, Ford, etc., a fee for opening a business in Mexico - BUT the IRS codes/laws allow those American businesses to take a deduction on their tax filings; Americans are charged the lost tax revenue.  Therefore, Americans are paying Mexico to take their jobs.)

5.     Debt - He knows how to fix the $19 trillion debt; no one is addressing it; once it gets beyond $21-22 trillion, it will be too late for the country.  Years ago, he offered to give his money, get other billionaires to give their money - to pay off the debt, but now the debt is too high to do that.  

Second portion of interview will be tomorrow night (?)