Aug. 24, 2015

All-Democratic San Fran City Council Aided & Abetted Murder of Kate Steinle

San Francisco has a Mayoral/City Council type of government.  There are 11 seats to the council, with one vacancy.  The council has a president and makes city law.

The council voted to create a sanctuary city, which is against federal law and against the U.S. Constitution.  They do not have the authority to make such law.

Let's look at a few of the members of the council who have taken over the functions of the U.S. government; by the way, such acts are TREASON!  

David Campos represents District 9.  David is from Quatemarla who came to America as an illegal alien with his mother and went to high school here.  He lied on college entrance applications, claiming to be an international student and was given numerous financial scholarships.  As an international student he is claiming that both he and his mother owe an allegiance to Quatemarla.  At Harvard Law he applied for a permanent resident, green card.  So, he is Not a U.S. citizen, nor has he applied for U.S. Citizenship, but he is making U.S. law - law that got Kate Steinle murdered!  The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation stated that "Campos exercises considerable influence over law making and public policy."  The law that Campos and other council members enacted protect not Americans, but illegal aliens.  Campos is telling us that he still has no allegiance to the U.S. 

John Avalos represents District 11.  Avalos is 3rd generation Mexican-American.  He had an affair with his legislative aide and separated from his wife and got his lover a job elsewhere.  Oh, and he apologized to the city for having sex on the job, but kept his job on the council.  Avalos had been a community organizer prior to the council.

Eric Mar represents District 1.  While an Assistent Dean at San Fran New College Law School, Mar taught a course in Critical Race Theory (CRT).  CRT teaches critical examination of society and culture, to the intersection of race, law, and power.  It proposes that White supremacy and racial power are maintained by law.  It investigates the possibility of transforming the relationship between law and racial power, and pursues a project of achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination.  It would seem that Mar who is Asian has decided to put White Americans at risk of rape and death by the illegal Mexicans, Columbian MS-13 gang members bringing in their drugs and violence, coming across our border.   Mar has empowered the Mexican race to run freely to do as they choose to White America, as Steinle's killer was able to do under Mar's law.  Mar's law certainly transformed the relationship of race and power, giving the illegal Mexicans and other illegal aliens, such as Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Somalians, Nigerians, all who have been captured on our southern borde, an unimpeaded forum.

Jane Kim represents District 6.  She was a member of the Green Party, until Obama was elected and she became a Democrat.  She is of Korean descent.  In high school, she decided to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance, rejecting the words "with liberty and justice for all."  She had been a consumer advocate and had been on the Board of Education, when she tried to get the School  District to pull the JROTC Program, because she rejected the policy of "don't ask, don't tell"; she failed in her efforts.  She was also a youth organizer.

Malia Cohen represents District 10.    In Oct. 2013, she introduced legislation expanding existing San Fran law, making it illegal to sell fire arms with magazine clips capable of holding more than 10 rounds.  The gun-control legislation passed the council unanimously.  In 2013, she introduced legislation called the Fair Chance ordinance, barring employers and landlords from asking an applicant their criminal history; it passed the council unanimously.  Don't those two pieces of legislation contradict each other?  Or are they intentionally disarming White Americans to make them vulnerable to the illegal aliens they are I'm powering?  Steinle's illegal alien killer was able to get a gun and shoot Steinle, who was obeying the law and her father's company, as they walked along the pier.  I wonder how many rounds were in the illegal aliens gun clip.  Did he obey Cohen's law?  White employers and landlords have been disarmed of information that might have alerted them to the danger they were in, by giving Steinle's illegal alien killer an apartment.

The last question, for now.  Americans are subject to California's 3-strikes you're out law.  Three misdemeanors and/or felonies and the American goes away for life.  Steinle's illegal alien killer has 7 felonies and misdemeanors against him, so why was he released onto the streets of San Francisco?  Because federal law says you cannot hold an illegal alien indefinitely, as in for life under the 3-strikes you're out law that they have for Americans.  This federal law the council elects to obey.  And, oh yes, the loophole in the law created by this Treasonous council - Sheriff and city employees are forbidden to contact ICE to pick up criminal illegal aliens being released, so that ICE can remove them from our country to keep Americans safe.  So, this council has provided laws that allow illegal aliens to commit ANY damned crime against Americans that they desire and suffer no similar consequences!  I bet Steinle's illegal alien killer was shocked when they arrested him.  I bet he thinks he will walk in a year or two, and he may be correct.

Obama released 36,000 convicted illegal aliens, that is to say, they had a trial and the jury found them guilty of the charged crime, and they were in prison serving time that a judge had sentenced.  They were released onto the streets of the United States - and no State governor or law enforcement was notified of their whereabouts.  These people were convicted of child rape, rape, arson, kidnapping, and murder.  They were not deported and now roam the streets of the United States.  I have to ask, why did Obama put Americans at risk?  Well, he does have the Secret Service agents guarding his kids from child rapists, so putting your children and grandchildren at risk is not on his radar.  Or maybe they are.  Maybe your kids are part of Obama's plan to instigate his race war that he has been promoting since he first took office, to give him an excuse to declare Martial Law and stop the presidential election, giving Obama an indefinite  presidency.

It would seem prudent, therefore, to get a gun license and a gun, even if it only carries 10 rounds, because our federal, state, and city governments are putting our citizenry in grave danger.  Carry AT ALL TIMES!  Massachusetts is also a sanctuary State, per Governor Patrick's Executive Order that he signed as his first official act, when he was elected.  There is no sign that Governor Baker overturned that Order.  It is prudent to carry a gun at all times, because ISIS is here in America, and look what happened recently in France!  Two White and one Black Americans, friends all their lives - despite the propaganda, saved lives from a Muslim terrorist.  Our government is not protecting us, so be ready to protect yourself, family, and neighbor.

I've been to San Fransico as a tourist - it's not worth putting your life at risk!  What do you think of boycotting the city?