Aug. 26, 2015

Obama Investigating a Senator for Corruption Because He Is Against Iran Nuke Deal

The Iranian nuclear deal - where to start?

The deal has already been broken, before the Senate gives their approval to the agreement (it's a treaty, but they are calling it an executive agreement, so fewer Senate votes are needed to approve it).

As part of the deal, a top Iranian General released by Obama on the condition that he not leave Iran, immediately left Iran to visit Putin for the purpose of buying weapons.

Recently, the Ayatollah of Iran announced that Iran will not wait for the deal's five-year arms embargo to be lifted; they will buy and sell arms when they want.  Iran, also recently, tested their short-range anti-ballistic missile, which can reach Israel.

Iran threatened the United Nations that they are not to reveal what is in/on their military bases, or someone will be "hurt."  The threat came even though the deal never included inspection of military bases, only nuclear sites, and even though the IAEA agreed, separately to the deal, to allow Iran to inspect itself.

With all the chaos, confusion, and absolute secrecy surrounding the deal - and side deals - keeping the Senate and American people from knowing what Obama has signed our country to; and the few elements that we do know of because of leaks, we know the deal has been broken - yet the Senate is still considering a vote of approval.

Obama is calling opponents of the deal "crazies" and is pursuing a criminal investigation by his Dept. of Justice of a Senator, to send a message to other Senators should they consider voting, no.  Could Obama be more disrespectful of those who voted for him?  Could he be more antithetical to the Constitution or to our are Republic?  And maybe someone should go to the golf course and tell him that Iran has already broken the deal!

I think this is an example of Donald Trump's declaration of how our government leaders are stupid.

I mean...Obama couldn't be a traitor...right?  So, he must be stupid!  Yeah, that's the ticket.  (Sigh)