Sep. 17, 2015

2nd Republican Debate, Sept. 16, 2015

Carly Fiorina showed last night that she has a temper and a stone heart as well as admitted to the dangerous strategy of not talking to Putin, but instead would build up U.S. Triad defense.  Triad defense system means U.S. nuclear warheads launched from bomber aircraft, submarines, and ground-based missiles.

What Fiorina doesn't know is that there is a gap between U.S. and Russian weapons - Scalar Interferometry weapons that give Russia the ability to knock out completely U.S. triad defenses.  The U.S. hasn't developed this Scalar weapon.  So, is Fiorina calling for triad build up because she is doing the bidding of her military industrial complex donors, or is she dangerously ignorant?

For Fiorina to saber-rattle before Russia and not speak to Putin, would put the U.S. in a war position that the U.S. will lose.  Trump wants to talk to Putin.  Let's talk with Putin, while the U.S. catches up with our own Scalar war weapons system.

For more info on Scalar Interferometry weapons, see Army Black Ops. Col. (Ret.) Tom Bearden's website: