Oct. 14, 2015

Norwegian Viking Leif Eriksson, a Christian, Discovered America Circa A.D. 1000

Socialists disparage Christopher Columbus, a Jew, claiming he committed genocide against natives, when he allegedly discovered America, in 1492.

Columbus seems to be the object of political gamesmanship, first, in giving him fraudulent credit for discovering America and assigning a national day of celebration of that fraud, and recently, with Socialists blaming him for deaths of natives. 

In the meantime, Leif Eriksson is left out in the cold, perhaps because he was a Christian, having converted his mother to Christianity who went on to build the first Christian Church in Greenland.

America is being sliced and diced into as many separate groups as possible, on its way to being fully conquered by Obama and his hordes of Muslims he continues to bring into the country. Obama has put members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella of all terrorist groups, into high-security clearance positions in every major federal agency, including the Pentagon, Dept. of Defense, and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

Trying to keep track of all the assaults on the country is exhausting!  Maybe that's the strategy - wear out the people until they either become so confused or worn out that they surrender.  Certainly, the strategy counts on the weak-minded that have no ability to think their way out of the propaganda bag. It also depends on the low-information American voter.

So, who is to blame for the impending loss of a once-great nation?  I would wager that it is the American citizen for not participating in the war being waged on our country.  War is exhausting, but as in a scene from The Patriot, we Americans must look to our flag for a reminder of the freedom we are fighting for and pick up the fight every day, until the enemy surrenders to us!