Nov. 10, 2015

18 Mayors Write Letter to Obama, Give Us More "Refugee" Muslim Rapists

The Mayors who signed that letter "convinced" Obama to bring into the U.S. 200,000 Muslim Rapists. Every American woman should start lifting weights, running, Martial Arts, and get a gun (or two).  The Rapists are coming!

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, founded by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, in 1980, headquartered in Hancock, NY, are 35 Muslim Paramilitary Training Camps across the U.S., training to attack America. Under the name of Muslims of America, a tax exempt organization, Gilani owns training compounds of 70-300 acres.

Compare the locations of mayors asking for Muslim rapists to locations of training camps:

The Mayors of:                    Muslim Paramilitary Training Camps:

                                            Marion, Alabama


Allentown, PA                     Wayne County, PA    

Baltimore, MD

Boston, MA                          Springfield, MA

Central Falls, RI

Chicago, IL                          Illinois

Clarkson, GA                        Augusta, Commerce, Macon, & Jessup, GA

Dayton, OH

Haledon, NJ

Hartford, CT

Los Angeles, CA                    Los Angeles, Malibu, & Tulane County, CA

Minneapolis, MN

New York City, NY

Paterson, NJ

Pittsburg, PA

Santa Fe, NM

St. louis, MO

Syracuse, NY                         Hancock, NY (Headquarters)

                                            North Carolina


                                            Talihina, OK

                                            York County, SC

                                            Dover, TN


                                            Red House & Roanoke, VA

                                            Washington State

States missing from these two groups:  Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire can easily be cut off from aiding Americans being attacked in the rest of the continental U.S.  The Gulf states of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, can be attacked from the Gulf of Mexico waters.  Otherwise, the Mayors calling for Muslims Rapists and the Muslims of America jihadist camps cover the entire eastern seaboard where the U.S. has its greatest population. Georgia is the most endangered State.

The Dept. of Justice has said:  "Camps are classically terrorist cells," "They want to take over our country," Woman are also paramilitarily trained."  The Rapists have said "America is OUR country."

The Rapists call themselves, "Soldiers of Allah (Satan),"

In Europe, Muslims have demanded Halal prepared food or money. Halal food is beef, chicken, etc. that was dedicated to Satan prior to being slaughtered.

Obama said that he would take refugees from only United Nations camps. Since the Muslims killed Christians on the route to Europe, or in the UN camps, causing Christian Middle East refugees not to go to UN camps for shelter. Thus, Obama guarantees that only Muslim rapists will be brought into the U.S.

Previously, Obama had rejected a direct plea to aid Christians that were being crucified in the Middle East.

FBI Dir. Comey has stated that the FBI COULD NOT VET THE 10,000 "refugees" that Obama had originally said he would bring into the U.S. 

Irving, TX has made official a Shariah Law court, even though that power Constitutionally rest only with the U.S. Congress. You are witnessing history, as America is being Islamizsed.  The Battlefield of Armageddon is being set up here in the U.S.