Nov. 16, 2015

On Friday 13th, Oct. 1307, French King Philip IV Arrested, Tortured Knights Templar

Philip owed a massive amount of money to the Knights Templar, so to get rid of the debt, Philip arrested the Templars, on the 13th, tortured and got a confession of their committing heresy. While he couldn't find their treasure, Philip accomplished the destruction of French debt and of the Order.  He did all this in one day to prevent the larger force of Templars' return to protect their fellow Knights.  The Catholic Church had asked for protection of Christians traveling to the Middle East that were being attacked by Muslims. The Knights Templars organized to fight Muslims & created the first central bank, whereby Christians gave money to Templars in the west for a letter of credit to be honored by Templars in the Middle East.

Numbers, dates, are important to Muslim Jihadists, hence they chose Friday the 13th, when their ancient nemesis was taken down, to attack Paris' tourist venues. They shot down the Russian commercial airliner, bringing Russians home after vacationing in Egypt on Halloween, after Russian fighter jets bombed al Qaeda/ISIS in Syria. Halloween is All Hallows Eve, a western Christian celebration of All Saints' Eve.

Both of these attacks by ISIS targeted western economic, Christian venues.  This is important to note.

Allegedly, no Intel warned of these hits.  One could argue the Intel community had info, but sat on it, so the elite could solidify a never ending state of fear of the citizens of the world.  It is intended to cause Americans to accept Democratic Presidential candidates making the argument that they did in their last debate  - ONLY SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CAN STOP TERRORISM!

It has been well documented that Obama has funded and trained ISIS (Fmr Head of Defense Intel, per Alex Jones) and that its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who was released by Obama from US Iraqi war prison, Camp Bucca, in 2009. He told Army Col. Kenneth King, "I'll see you in New York." (The Daily Beast) Baghdadi received intense military trainning for one year from Israeli Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) (Gulf Daily News). He is a US, UK, Israeli Intel asset, according to revealed NSA documents. (Ibid)

Obama, upon taking office, stopped the CIA from interrogating captured Muslim jihadists. Obama has prohibited the FBI from infiltrating or surveilling Mosques, which the FBI has said is the breeding ground of jihadists and have previously stopped their planned attacks.

On the day Paris was attacked, Friday 13th, Obama brought Syrian "refugees" into French New Orleans. Reports on the number of 18-45 year old Syrian ISIS jihadists men brought into New Orleans differs between 2 families to 10K. They will be shipped out to 180 cities across the U.S. While official reports claim all are Syrians fleeing war, among them are Muslims jihadists from Pakistan, Iraq, etc.

The White House claims there are systems in place to vet these 10K Syrian fighting-age men. Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told Judge Jenine, "That's a lie! There is NO VETTING PROCESS" in place, which is what FBI Dir. Comey said to Congress, "It's impossible to vet the 1000+ we have already brought into the U.S."  Comey needs thousands of agents to vet these 10K "refugees."

Two days after the Paris attack, at 7pm, the Pentagon announced Obama's release of 5 Gitmo high-security risk terrorists. Obama has repeatedly released Gitmo detainees, who had been captured on the battlefield during the Iraq War, violating federal law that requires Congress be notified 30 days beforehand. (America's Newsroom Foxnews, 2/5/15). Bill Gavin, Fmr. Asst. FBI Dir. in NY, said that Obama's release of these detainees is the "restocking of management of terrorists."

Obama claims that Assad must be removed because he nerve gassed his own people, but tests revealed that the gas was from Saudi Arabia, who also funds ISIS.  Saudi Arabia and Qatar want a Qatar gas pipeline into Europe. Assad is blocking that line, making a deal with Russia, protect Syria from U.S.-backed AlQaeda and ISIS stirring up civil war, and we'll let Russia run pipeline from newly discovered gas in Syria/Lebanon/Israel into Europe. Assad had been transitioning Syria from his father's dictatorship to a democracy when his country was attacked by AlQaeda.

Since the Paris attack, leaders are using the attack as an excuse to meet and discuss taking out Assad, one way or another.

Sebastian Gorka, Marine Corps Univ. stated that Americans can on their own, among themselves, raise their alert level to Yellow, be constantly alert, if you see someone put down a nap sack and walk away, call out loud, "Who owns that bag?"  Get the train to stop and evacuate. Do this until we have a new President, because Obama is not watching out for the safety of the American people.

I would add to Gorka's advice, stock up on as much ammo as you can, buy 3 and 4 guns, and carry AT ALL TIMES!  Obama is setting up the U.S. for attack, be prepared to protect yourselves, family, and neighbors. Talk to your fellow Americans as to what is going on in the country and the world.

The important venue question: Why was French New Orleans the location for the Muslim jihadists arrival, where many will be settled - Mardi Gras will be held in the spring - it is a tourist, economic, Christian target, as was Paris & plane of Russians. The State Dept. will set up the Muslim jihadists in housing, jobs, food stamps, medical care (don't we have American vets living on the street, dying for lack of medical care, but I digress). After 90 days, the Dept. of Health & Human Services will watch out for them (don't we have 100 million Americans out of work, naughty me, I digressed, again!) It is estimated that Americans will be charged $4 Billion to take care of the Muslim jihadists who have entered to attack the U.S.

Take heart, in Germany, Merkel has taken homes & turned them over to the Muslims to live in. In one German town of 100, they are forced to take 350 Muslims, with German children ordered to service the Muslims as a government service requisite. Germans are talking of ousting Merkel.

While out of a population of 81 million, only 4 million Germans legally own guns. With the world's strictest gun control law, Germans are also prohibited from possessing brass knuckles, nunchakus, & switchblades.

Americans, on the other hand, are the world's best-armed civilian population with 89 out of 100 Americans owning a gun; a total of 270 million guns (very conservative estimate). The ATFE reports that Americans own 488,000 registered machine guns, and 2 million "destructive devices," such as grenades. God Bless Americans!

Interestingly, Parisian Socialists are saying that the jihadist who attacked Paris are the victims. However, other Frenchmen went immediately to Calais where refugees are in a camp and set the camp on fire.

As an after thought, the students of Mizzou and the Black Lives Matter group have complained that the media is racially biased in reporting the murder of White Frenchmen.  The focus on reporting the Paris attack, the students complain, has taken the spotlight off the terrorism of name-calling that has caused them to feel unsafe on campus.  They have been holding feel-good meetings for Blacks only, in which they call all Whites, racists. The students of Amherst Univ. are demanding that anyone who claims the right to free speech be punished.  I think it is safe to conclude that this generation has been successfully brainwashed.

However, we must remember the 1960s in which the CIA brought drugs and LSD onto campus and paid some students to cause upheaval in protesting the Vietnam War. (Abby Hoffman trial. Between Two Ages, by Zbigneiw Brzezinski)