Dec. 2, 2015

Obama, On Demand, Is Handing Special Ops to ISIS

Previously, Obama announced to the world that he would be pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq. ISIS waited it out and then, without resistance from Iraqi forces, quickly took control of major cities, to the point that ISIS has become a nation, the Islamic State or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Because they are a nation, the U.S. Congress could declare war on ISIL, but they won't.

Obama giving ISIS the time to become strong and his funding them, directly through $1.5 Billion he gave to the Muslim Brotherhood for their Arab Spring, which they used to take down Egypt and Libya, and attempted to take down Syria; Obama also funded ISIS through his historic military sale of $60 Billion of military weapons, fighter jets, missiles, etc., to Saudi Arabia who passed those weapons onto their ISIS military.  Again, the U.S. Congress did nothing to stop Obama's illegal military sale; illegal because he did it without Congressional approval. 

Now that ISIS is strong, well-armed, and organized, Obama announces to the world (ISIS) that he is sending, first 50 then, later, 200 Special Ops, to take out leaders of ISIS, even though the Prime Minister of Iraq says FOREIGN troops don't belong on Iraqi soil, yet he has allowed Iranian troops in. Note that Iraq continues their claim of criminal jurisdiction over U.S. troops.

Why is Obama doing this now?  Why is he sending small numbers of U.S. troops, out-numbered & working behind Iraqi soldiers who have, in the passed, murdered U.S. troops in ambush during U.S./Iraqi training sessions. Obama also continues his Rules of Engagement that prohibits U.S. military from fighting ISIS, if one civilian is in the area of fire. Hence, ISIS has already taken civilians to use as shields, effectively disarming U.S. troops. ISIS has been calling for U.S. troops to come and fight them in their new nation, and Obama is obeying their demand.

The psychological win for ISIS will be the killing of the world's best military, regardless that the U.S. Special Ops will be outnumbered and surrounded by those who murdered them in the past, will be arrested by Iraqi government if they sneeze in the wrong direction, all while their hands are tied by treasonous Rules of Engagement. By the way, these Rules of Engagement were made up by Muslim Brotherhood civilians in power positions in the Pentagon.

Why is ISIS doing this?  ISIS wants to bring about the Mahdi, Satan, to rule the world. To do that, Satan demands ISIS kill the descendants of Adam and Eve, God's Chosen people. Through the bloodline of Adam and Eve came Abraham, Issac, Jacob, the Israelites, Moses, King David, and Jesus. In all the distractions, is buried the fact that we are in the End Times in the war between Jesus and Satan for our souls. The Middle Easterners are blood-descendants from Satan and Eve through Cain, the 1st-born fraternal twin of Abel, son of Adam and Eve. Americans are the re-gathered Israelites, Christians, whose identity has been stolen by Rothschild's State of Israel. Satan wants the death of the followers of Jesus, so that he can rule the world. Remember that the Jesuits enthroned Lucifer in the Vatican on June 29, 1963, but Lucifer wants to rule the Universe, to take the place of the God of Abraham.

In Isaias 14:12, it is significant that this is the only time in the entire Bible that Lucifer is mentioned by name.  Isaias tells of Lucifer's fall from Heaven, as from "thy place" of Ez. 38:15. Lucifer fell from the "northern sides" as noted in Isaias 14:13, described as the highest, Third Heaven, where God sits. Isaias 14:13, "And thou (Lucifer) saidst in thy heart: I will ascend into heaven...I will sit in the mountain of the covenant (where God is), in the sides of the north."  Therefore, Isaias' 14:13 "sides of the north" is Ezechial's 38:15, "northern parts."

Thus, Ezechial 38:15 is not talking about a country north of the State Israel, Russia. Russians are Israelites.

We all need to repent, be alert to the return of Jesus to fight and overcome Satan, Lucifer, and the False Prophet, Pope Francis.

For more information, see Swiftly Comes the Battle - by Denise Bronsdon.