Jan. 6, 2016

Obama Releases Two High-Risk Gitmo Detainees, Jan. 6, 2016

Tonight, Obama released two high-risk Gitmo detainees to the custody of Ghana.  No country will now take more than one or two of the terrorists being held in Gitmo, according to Catherine Herridge of Foxnews, now that Gitmo is down to the most egregious terrorists caught on the battlefield by U.S. troops, during the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars.

In the past releases, Obama failed to obey federal law requiring Obama to notify Congress 30 days prior to release. It has not been reported whether he has complied this time with the 30 days.  However, it has been reported on TV news for at least a week, plenty of time for Congress to intercede and stop tonight's release. They did not intervene. Thus, Congress is as complicit in releasing our enemies, of which 18% are known to have gone back to fight the U.S,, 12% are suspected of returning to battle.

More significantly, however, these two terrorists were trained in Afghanistan's top jihadist training camp. These two are both Yemenis. Iran has fought in Yemen to set up an entrance into Saudi Arabia, along the Saudi-Yemen border. In the last two days, Iraq & Saudi Arabia have severed diplomatic ties over the Saudis executing an Iranian Imam, and Iranians setting fire to Saudi Embassy in Iran.  Question, besides giving Iran $150 billion & allowing them to build, or buy, a nuclear bomb, is Obama giving Iran well-trained terrorists to fight Saudis, or is Obama helping Saudis, who Obama sold $60 billion of military equipment, the largest historic military sale in U.S. history, without Congressional approval or disapproval. Again, Congress sat on sidelines. 

On the face of these actions, it would appear that Obama is setting up the Middle East for an all out war and chaos.

Interestingly, Saudi Prince al Waleed Talal has been working with Israel, and other Arab countries, to make a peace treaty. If Talal is successful, he will have solved the unsolvable problem that effects the world, since the Mid East crisis has allowed treasonous European leaders to force their citizens to accept Mid East Muslim "refugees" who are gang-raping their women, from 74-year olds to 4-year olds. Settling the warring countries in a peace treaty would allow refugees to go back home, and thus, bring peace to the world. According to Fr. Malachi Martin, this is the requisite of the Antichrist, who the world will say in response to peace, "You must be Devine," to which the Antichrist will say, "Yes, I am, now kneel and worship me."