Jan. 16, 2016

YouTube Scrubbing Videos That Expose Muslims Raping White European Women

January 16, 2016

Today, on Twitter, a patriot warned his followers:  Download and save Youtube videos that expose Middle Eastern Muslims raping White European women, burying Christian children alive, beheading Christian babies and putting their heads on polls in the public garden. There's also a video of an Iranian businessman who stated that he went to the White House; Obama refused to meet with him and rejected his plea to give sanctuary to 300,000 Christians whose numbers were being crucified in the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda/ISIS. YouTube has taken down 10 years of such videos that have educated Americans.

Someone has threatened YouTube to do this.

Obama has already started to bring in these Muslim raping "refugees," but refuses to tell the State Governors where and how many Rapfugees he is shipping into their State.  Catholic Charities, NGOs, etc., receive large fees to assist in hooking up the Rapefugees with housing, food stamps, medicaid, and jobs.  This, while our Vets are on the street, or dying without medical care from VA Hospitals, which scandal still has not been resolved.

[As an aside, Obama has brought in 250,000 Muslims, during each year of his presidency.]

Key to Obama bringing in military-aged men, 70% of the refugees, is Obamacare that establishes the Ready Reserve Corp, the Public Health Act, and the Army policy: together allow:  The Rapefugees can serve in the Army for one year and become a U.S. citizen; that allows Obama to commission them as officers in the Ready Reserve Corp, without Congressional approval, without a civil service exam, with unlimited pay.  The Ready Reserve Corp. then merges with the Regular Corp.  However, the Ready Reserve Corp will NOT be sent overseas, but used to backfill for the Regular Corp. when they are sent overseas.  The Rapefugee Ready Reserve Corp. will be used to control riots on the streets of the United States.  The Muslim Rapefugees will have no hesitation in killing White Christian Americans during gun confiscation, which Obama is edging toward via Executive Orders.

Obama, his U.S. Atty. Gen. Lynch, and the United Nations, have joined to institute an INITIATIVE, NOT Congressional law, called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), which  CRIMINALIZES "hateful" speech.  There is no definition of "hateful," but we have an idea from Obama's speech at the United Nations, in which he stated, "The future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam." Thus, the promise given to Muslims when the Strong Cities Initiative was announced, was that non-Muslim Americans were going to be prosecuted for their speech.  The phrase Obama used, "The future does not belong to," arguably indicates, death penalty.  At the least, it could result in felony charges, which would prohibit Americans from owning a gun.

Obama started SCN as he created the refugee crisis to invade Europe, by announcing when the U.S. would pull out of Iraq, allowing ISIS/Al Qaeda to wait and then move in, sending true Syrians refugees, along with ISIS military/Rapefugees, as well as Turkish, Pakistani, Somalian, etc., that are not refugees, but only want free handouts from the Europeans and Americans.  Refugees, once registered by one country, can then demand what country they want to settle in, without prohibition (per European Union law).

The Secretary of Defense announced, Jan. 15, 2016, that Obama contacted Iran to notify them that the boats of U.S. Navy sailors had broken down - and where they were located.  The Iranians went out, and at gun point to our sailors' heads, made them get down on their knees, their hands behind their heads.  The Iranians arrested our sailors and took the high-tech equipment from the boats.  Obama aided the enemy, not just in giving them a nuclear bomb, but aided in publishing an Iranian propaganda video that HUMILIATED the U.S. Navy and ALL Americans! Secretary of State Kerry THANKED Iran for returning our sailors. This weekend, Obama will release $150 Billion to the Iranians as a result of giving the Iranians the nuclear bomb.  Obama has made the U.S., Iran's bitch!

Several years ago, a very high-tech military stealth drone, for some unknown cause, landed itself in Iran.  The Pentagon told Obama that it has a self-destruct button; and offered two other options to destroy the drone, so that the Iranians could not back-engineer the drone.  Obama rejected all possibilities of destroing the drone.  Iran joined with China and have made 2000 of these stealth drones.  This is TREASON!

America is under attack!  Patrick Henry said, "We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power...the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone, it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."