Jan. 31, 2016

A Video Every American Should View to Understand Our Slavery

One element the narrator missed, in my opinion, is that FDR was part of the enslavement, as co-author of the UN Charter, the NWO elite blueprint of a global government. Americans were isolationist, having gone through WWI just 25 years previously. Fathers had been lost, they didn't want to send their sons to war. FDR had been elected president on the promise/lie that he, too, was an isolationist. When Naval criptographers had broken Japanese code and passed to FDR the plan to attack Pearl Harbor one year beforehand, FDR ordered the line up of battleships in port, while sending the aircraft carriers to sea, on the very time period of the attack. FDR wanted to fight with carriers, and felt battleships were outdated and could be sacrificed. Both Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were intentionally filmed and repeatedly shown to Americans, to lather up American outrage.
The second element the narrator missed was that JFK had, via Executive Order 11110, ordered the U.S. Treasury to print USD backed by silver. This took control of U.S. currency away from Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve that would cost Rothschild et al. trillions of dollars. Immediately after becoming President, LBJ ordered all of JFK silver certificates pulled from the marketplace, $4.2 billion dollars.

However, the video proves that JFK was one of God's witnesses (Eisenhower was the other) of Rev.11:6-10.