Mar. 18, 2018

Descendants of Titus Caesar Control the World

The descendants of Titus Caesar want a global fascist government that they control, after killing 90% of the world’s population. Who works for them:
Deep State:

Their Managers are: Central Banks; Wall Street; City of London
Their Fixers are: Freemasons and Knights of Malta

The Shadow Government is under the Deep State, and are:
Politicians who can be blackmailed
Senior Bureaucrats who are murderous paedophiles
World Leaders who are given millions or billions to do as the Deep State tells them, or they will be killed
The Secret Intelligence Agencies who smuggle the guns, gold, cash, and sex-traffick kids

The Israeli Mossad have perfected the blackmail of politicians and world leaders, and control all US electronic surveillance on US citizens. They have unfettered access to U.S.’ NSA database.

They plan to control people by controlling:
1). Information
2). Food Supply
3). Means of violence, and kill those who disobey

They created bioweapons decades ago, to use to kill off 90% of the world’s population