Jul. 16, 2017

To Thine Own Self Be True

Americans have been supporting the State of Israel from its beginning, believing because Rothschilds selected the name of their state as Israel, and Americans being told that the state is the Biblical Children of Israel.

Americans need to realize that they have been used, spied on, their military secrets stolen and sold by Israel to our enemies, and have taken US technology and claimed that they invented it. Israeli Mossad conducted 9/11, while the US Government that Israel runs, went into a stand down operation and allowed 9/11 to occur. Purpose was to get the U.S. into war in the Middle East against nations that do not have Zionists central banks.

Israel openly attacked the USS Liberty, an unarmed US naval intelligence ship, sailing in the Mediterranean International waters, flying the American flag, during the 6-Day War, in 1967. Israelis killed 35 American sailors, wounding 75, by napalm bombs, torpedoes, even shooting life rafts out that our sailors were trying to get into to escape the absolute carnage. President Lyndon B.Johnson demanded US ships in the area turn back from rescuing the Liberty, he wanted it on the bottom of the sea. This shows Israel's control over our government. Israel attacked to get the U.S. into the war they started against their neighbors.

Today, Israel wants the U.S. to get into a nuclear war with Russia, to destroy both nations, so Israel will be the strongest nuclear power in the world. Israel has nuclear and neutron bombs, but refuses to sign the non-proliferation accord. Therefore, under federal law, the U.S. is not allowed to finance any nation who does not sign this accord, yet the U.S. has been financing yearly, and gave the nuclear and neutron bombs to Israel, at the same time. Israel got 167 of the U.S. F-22 Raptor, while the U.S. kept only 20 of these greatest technological tactical fighter jets. After which, Obama scraped the building of any more F-22s. This is Israel's control over the U.S. Government.

As Barbara Spectre said, Israel controls the Muslim migration-invasion into White Christian nations of Europe and the U.S., to exterminate the White race by breeding the White race with uneducated, barbaric Muslims who have inbred for centuries, thus dumbing down and exterminating the White race. Major inventions of the civilized world came from the White race.

According to a letter from Pontius Pilate to Caesar Tiberius of Rome pertaining to Jesus, Pilate described Jesus as a tall, blue-eyed, blonde, that Pilate believed to be the Son of God. The letter is in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. The Israelis have re-established the Sanhedrin in Israel. It was the Sanhedrin who condemned Jesus to death. It was the Sanhedrin who Jesus condemned for their man made laws, the Talmud.

is the Muslim invasion into Europe and the U.S. for the purpose of exterminating the White race, payback by the Zionist Israelis?