Oct. 5, 2015

As of September 2015, Obama Handed Over US Control of Internet to the United Nations

The last vestige of control the U.S. had over the Internet was the management of domain names. With the UN controlling domain names and addresses it means that when you search for a product, such as boots, you will no longer get a U.S. manufacturer, distributor, store, or small business selling boots on the first pages, you will get a list of foreign businesses.  This will be a $2 Billion a year lost to U.S. businesses.  This will impact small businesses the hardest. Job losses, bankruptcies, home losses will follow across the country, since the majority of U.S. jobs are in the small business sector.

Obama had said, if you own a company, you didn't build it, someone helped you!  Now, if you lose your company, you know Obama helped to destroy it!