Jun. 8, 2015

What Is the Trans Pacific Partnership? (TPP)

This is the end game for the globalist elite - Satanists - who will enslave all the people of the world.  This is THE biggest attack on the people of the world.  This ends countries' governments and borders.  While currently involving only Pacific-rim countries, other countries will be compelled to join.

The TPP will control the industries of dairy, meat, wheat, textiles, automotive, financial, labor, and copyright law. 

Copyright law will mandate that ISP Internet providers monitor, block, and take down websites of their customers or face liability for their customers' content that break the rules on use or if customers share digital content.  It will criminalize sharing, modifying and experimenting with content and technology.  It will suppress innovative competitors, hindering and breaking them.

Customers will not be able to unlock their phones to change providers.  The font of text cannot be changed to make content readable for visually impaired.

DRM, digital rights management, will be installed on all devices, to limit what consumers can do, such as blocking the downloading of software that customers want.

If a citizen breaks three of their rules -- they will ban you from using the Internet for life. Free speech will be gone, and there will be no recourse in any U.S. Court.  Publication of gun magazines or Internet instructions on how to re-load bullet shells will be prohibited.

If an international corporation decides that they want to frack-oil drill in Canada - where Canada has prohibited fracking - the corporation, under TPP, will have the right to sue Canada for the profit that they would have gained if they fracked drilled in Canada.  All this at the expense of Canadian citizens, but argued before and decided by the International Court.  The corporations have superior rights to countries and their citizens.

But the corporations could make the claim that they wanted to frack drill just to get paid off out of court, or to take absolute control of entire countries - who will not be able to fight every corporation who sues the country.  Thus, international corporations will control every country in the world - doing whatever they want in each country without the country's government able to stop them.

The U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Congress would be put out of business.

This will negatively impact all industries - creating international corporate monopolies.  Small employers will be put out of business.  Small business employs most Americans.

The TPP will prevent countries from legislating the reining in of banking derivatives; will end food safety; opens the U.S. border; jobs will be moved off shore; foreign corporations can bid on work in U.S. and take those jobs off shore; taking control of energy and Internet, etc.

This TPP started under Obama in 2010, who is trying to fast-track it even though fast-tracking power ended in 2008.  (But previously, George W., Germany's Merkle, and EU President all agreed to put in to place the elements of the TPP) The TPP represents 40% of the world's GDP.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty Agreement has 26 chapters (some say 29 chapters) and involves countries/corporations who are meeting in secret negotiating the terms.  The countries: U.S., Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Brunei

The TPP creates job scarcity - no unions, no minimum wage, no regulations, no OSHA  safety regs.

The TPP is a "living document" - which means that it can be changed after the U.S. ratifies it.

The TPP is called an "agreement" - so that it only needs 60 votes - not called a treaty, which would require 67 votes.

U.S. Congress must read treaty/agreement in closed room - no note taking allowed.  Publication of the treaty/agreement is prohibited - no citizen of any country is allowed to know what is in it.  Leaks have been made.  Senator Rand Paul has demanded Obama publish the agreement.

Multi-national corporations would be allowed to interfere (force each state of the U.S. and federal government to rewrite their laws to comply with the TPP) with national sovereign law and regulations - THIS IS THE KEY.  This is the loss of national, representative government.