Jul. 31, 2015

Rapture Doctrine Is Satan's Deceit

Lucifer, the False Prophet, and Satan - have created an up side down world - good is evil and evil is good. They want you to think that all you have to do to be taken to Heaven is to believe in Jesus and nothing more. Jesus requires works - works are following the commandments of the God of Abraham. Do not let pastors trained by Homeland security to convince you that you only need to believe in Jesus and you will be saved. Do not believe pastors that tell you that there are no works you can do to save your soul from Satan's grasp. Obeying God's commandments are Works!
Read the King James original version with the Apocrypha:
2 Esdras 13:16, "For as I conceive in mine understanding, woe unto them that shall be left in those days. And MUCH MORE WOE unto them that are NOT left behind."
2 Esdras 13:20, "Yet it is easier for him that is in danger to come into these things, than to pass away as a cloud out of the world and NOT SEE the things that happen in the last days."
2 Esdras 13:22, "Whereas thou has spoken of them that are left behind, this is the interpretation."
2 Esdras 13:23, "He that shall endure the peril in that time hath kept himself...(Kept himself means saved his soul from Lucifer and Satan - - BY KEEPING THE COMMANDMENS OF THE GOD OF ABRAHAM - and not believe their deceit that all you need do is believe in God. You MUST KEEP His Commandments or your soul will be lost to Lucifer and Satan!)
...they that be fallen into danger are such as have WORKS (keeping His Commandments), and FAITH towards Almighty."
The purpose of the Rapture Deception is so you will not endure during the Tribulation - so that you will lose hope, turn from God - and lose your soul. This is God's test, God harvesting out those who deserve Heaven.
2 Esdras 13:24, "Know this therefore, that they which be left behind are MORE BLESSED than they that be dead."