Jul. 28, 2015

McCaul's CVE Bill Unanimously Passes House Committee

It is about profiling religious, racial, political groups - every kind of profiling you can imagine.  They want to fund this under DHS.

This is the tool that Obama and his advisor asked for to use against American children.

This law will fund the propaganda targeted at the American people - will pay for propaganda - brainwashing!  They want Americans turning in to the new DHS dept. their neighbors and family.

A couple of years ago, Congress did away with the prohibitions on Radio Free Europe and Voice of America - did away with prohibiting propagandizing the American people.

At the same time McCaul puts forth his bill, Wesley Clark calls for interning "disloyal" people until the end of hostilities that will never end.  This is allowable under the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2012 - thanks to John McCain.