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Aug. 4, 2015

Should ALL American gun owners carry AT ALL TIMES to protect our military from Islamic terrorist assassinations?  There are 5000 Islamic terror cells located throughout America waiting for their orders to kill Americans.

July 20, 2015:  NORTHCOM ordered military recruiters to "PULL THE BLINDS" and continued to prohibit recruiters from arming and defending themselves - our military remain soft targets against the Islamic jihadist terrorists.  How many Americans will go to the recruitment centers now and sign up, knowing they could be the next victims before they have a chance to fight to protect our country's further destruction? Since Obama, in obeying the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) instruction, has prohibited all federal agencies from using the terms "Islamic terrorist," "Islamic jihad," the Chattanooga, TN, shooting will not be declared what it was - an Islamic Terrorist attack on our defenseless military.  Obama is obeying Shariah slander law.  Obama's Muslim immigration policy is so prolific that the FBI cannot keep up with jihadist chatter.  Muslim countries have published Obama's plan to bring in 5 million Muslim jihadists before he leaves office. Obama plans to put tens of thousands of them in the U.S. Military - as officers that he alone will commission without Congressional approval - to "backfill" the regular Army ON THE STREETS of the UNITED STATES!   See Obamacare!  Massachusetts, Stoughton, voted for Obama's promise "to bring fundamental change to America!"  Well you got it!

Donald Trump said, "Someone has to stand up and protect our country!"  The elite controlled media is slamming Trump because they fear his winning.  Trump looks like John Wayne to the rescue, making every other candidate look like Caitlyn Jenner!

A new movement has just begun with Alex Jones, July 17, 2015, following the reasoning and actions that swept across the country after the Charleston, SC, horrific slaughter of innocent, unarmed Christians by a man photographed holding the Confederate flag.  The country was offended and removed the flag from the capitol, flags were stolen from private yards, companies shut down the manufacturing of the Confederate flag, toy stores took off their shelves any items with the Confederate flag on them, and eBay refused to allow the sale of such items.  A woman was so offended by Confederate memorabilia on sale at a Flee Market that she called 911, and the police responded, but made no arrests because the sale was being conducted on private property.  Further, demands have been made to exhume the bodies of Confederate Generals and tear down Mount Rushmore's presidents - because they are all White, thus offensive - because the SC shooter was White.

Therefore, in the same line of reasoning, Jones found the slaughter of unarmed, White Marines by an Islamic Jihadist terrorist offensive and demands that all Muslims be deported, that all Mosques in the United States be shut down and destroyed, all Qu'rans burned, anyone wearing an Islamic symbol be arrested, and no one may say the words Praise Allah - everything Islam must be wiped from the United States.

Response to offense must be equally applied throughout the country!

Aug. 3, 2015

     The deception that Jesus warned us about is in full swing and coming at us from all sides.  A few attempts are:

1.         Political:

             a.         Saudi Prince Talal going to the State of Israel to bring "peace” (newsprint);

            b.         the Pope speaking before the US Joint Congress to cry for the need of a carbon tax to save the earth that just so happens will make the Rothschild family a little richer with their carbon tax exchange (newsprint);

            c.         the Pope calls for the need of a World Government (Communism) in which arrogant Americans do not own their own property (Vatican website);

2.         Religion:

            a.         the Pope says its dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus (youtube);

            b.         the Pope says that Jesus died for all of us, when the Bible says Jesus died “for many.” (Matt. 26:28) (Vatican website)

            c.         the Pope’s cantor sings that Jesus is the son of Lucifer (youtube);

3.         Media:

            a.         the History Channel says that the Christian Church vengefully scandalized Satan – that he was a good guy who gave mankind civilization (television).

            b.         that extra-terrestrials are fallen angel demons coming to earth to help mankind.

           The History Channel rebroadcasted a show about Satan, on July 24, 2015, and gave the following deception.

           They begin with the Book of Enoch expanding on Genesis telling of “The Watchers” that God sent to help mankind who became lustful of women and wanted to marry, have children, and live on earth not in Heaven.  In the Book of Enoch, it is the group of 200 Watchers that sin by giving mankind forbidden knowledge – abortion, warfare, the casting of spells, witchcraft, etc.

           The show presents all arguments with the preface “what if” scenarios that are then treated as factual.  Speakers claim that the Watchers “break with God to help mankind.”  “Are these extraterrestrials who gave forbidden knowledge proof that the Book of Enoch is historical, not myth?”; “Could it be that Satan has been misrepresented all these years?”; “Did Satan liberate mankind?”; “Did Satan give mankind the bases of civilization.” Then one of the “professors” asserts – “Satan gave us civilization!”

           They cover the myths of the Mayans, Incas, and Egyptians – that all have similar legends.  The Mayans built a pyramid to worship the “winged serpent” who “delivered wisdom and knowledge to mankind” that was half human and half serpent that descended from stars and taught math and agriculture to mankind – oops – “humankind.”  For “his transgression of helping humankind he was punished.”

            The Inca legend tells of “Viracocha” the great creator of the Andes, South America, who “brings enlightenment and knowledge to man.”  Viracocha has “celestial knowledge”; he is the “bringer of light.”

            The Egyptian legend speaks of a divine being like Satan who educated and enlightened man.

            A conclusion is made that all these legends are about the same being – Satan or Lucifer.  They also conclude that Lucifer was Prometheus who encouraged “hard work and brings us fire and the opportunity to do things for ourselves.”  Satan/Lucifer, treated as one being, “stole from the master to bring to man,” and got punished for putting mankind before his own interest.

           Then they ask the big question, “How did Satan come to be known as evil?”  They suggest that Satan was “the good one.”  Further, they state that the “answer may lie in demonic possession.”

           “Demonic possession is believed all over the world,” and is one of “the most frightening of Satan’s powers.”  They present priests who state that “When we surrender ourselves to them, the person becomes a “complete slave to the demon.”  “Christians believe demonic possession is associated with fallen angels, here to deceive humanity, and that demons range from “thugs” up to “intelligentsia” controlling mankind from behind the scenes in serving Satan.”  “Demons need to possess a body to accomplish their goal of death and destruction.”  The History Channel show explicitly states that this is a “conspiracy,” implying that all conspiracy theories are false and only fools believe in them.  The show almost overtly suggests that the Christian Church gave Satan a bad reputation – unjustly.  Christians are the bad people – Satan is good.  An up side down world is created – good is evil, and evil is good.

           Demons “were always on earth and continue to come to earth.”  The “Bible doesn’t say much about them.”  “Where do they come from?”  “Are they from out of the natural realm?”  “Are they in another dimension?  In an extraterrestrial world?”  “Are they really malevolent?  Or do they have a more profound purpose?”  This suggests that ETs are good; want to help mankind, and are superior to man.  (Msgr. Corrado Balducci, a theologian of the Vatican Curia and exorcist said before his mysterious death in 2008 that ETs are here on earth and more “elevated spiritually” beings.)

           The show asks, “Could it be that there is a more profound inter-relationship (between ETs and mankind)…that supernatural beings are in conflict with good and evil, of divine authority over angels gone astray?”  “Could the Book of Revelations actually be telling of a galactic war between Jesus and Satan for control of man?”  “Then who is Satan who helped man out of darkness, using alien technology?”  They then determine that the Church “has created the myth that Satan is evil out of thin air, but he was actually caring for humanity.”

           Finally, one of the speakers, David Childress, makes the bold statement, “Satan is not a bad guy…We are to become gods ourselves!”  This is the same statement made by transhumanist Richard Seed, who said he was going to clone a human being.  Lucifer’s enlightenment doctrine is the same as Allister Crowley, admitted Satanist.

           These kinds of programs are presented by allegedly unbiased, educated speakers – presented in a way that suggests that they know better than the viewer.  In this way, they will seduce many viewers in to thinking that following Jesus is bad and following Satan is good.

           Remember what Jesus said of the end times, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”  Matt. 24:24

           There is to be a great falling away of faith at the end of days – a great deception – such as the Rapture Doctrine, so that when it does not happen and people are suffering the tribulation – they will lose their faith in the God of Abraham and turn to worship Satan – it is then people will lose their souls to Satan and Lucifer.  (Fr. Malachi Martin stated that Satan and Lucifer are two separate entities, and that Satan is the “sidekick” of Lucifer, the chief fallen angel.  Martin also said that Lucifer was enthroned on the Throne of Peter in the Vatican, June 29, 1963.  It was after that enthronement that Vatican II changed Holy Ghost to Holy Spirit in making the sign of the cross.)

           Remember:  Matt. 24:29-30, Jesus said, “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:  And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man (Messiah/Christ) in heaven:  and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

           We will all be living through the tribulation – there will be no rapture of Christians.  Do not be deceived – hold steady your course in your belief in Jesus, His Heavenly Father, and Holy Ghost.  Live your life in Works – Works being the laws of the God of Abraham.

           Extraterrestrials are evil demons, the Pope is the False Prophet, Lucifer is hiding in the Vatican – he is “Gog,” the beast, who will lead the nations of the world against the United States in the Battle of Armageddon; Satan is the deceiver and could be Saudi Prince Talal.  The God of Abraham will defeat Gog/Lucifer and the nations fighting the U.S. and will throw the False Prophet, Lucifer, and Satan into “the lake of fire and brimstone…and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”  Rev. 20:9-10    

Jul. 26, 2015

They hired "crisis actors" to play relatives. As a result of the fraudulent shooting, Connecticut passed a new gun law.

www.guns.com/2014/03/29, Story by Chris Eger, "As part of the package of harsh laws enacted following the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, the new requirement is only now coming into effect.

Buried inside the massive 140-page bill, it will require those without a concealed carry permit to acquire a “long gun eligibility certificate” from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (Connecticut State Police) before being allowed to purchase a rifle or shotgun in the state.

The newly effective law states that:

-Individuals must apply for a “long gun eligibility certificate” through the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (“DESPP”) to purchase any rifle or shotgun. You are exempt from this requirement if you have a Connecticut permit to carry a pistol or revolver; a pistol or revolver retail sales permit; or a pistol or revolver eligibility certificate.
-The fee (tax) for this certificate is $35 and must be renewed every five years.
-You must complete a DESPP-approved firearms training course.
-You must submit fingerprints with your application and a fee of $50 for state fingerprints and $16.50 for federal fingerprints.
-The DESPP commissioner will have 60 days after the receipt of your application to issue the “long gun eligibility certificate,” which can then be presented to a licensed firearms dealer to purchase a long gun.

The Connecticut State Police have come under fire in recent months due to the controversial registration of newly classified “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines.”

Jul. 26, 2015

In his interview with Project Camelot:

Peterson said that "the Vatican Library is stuffed with documents that are contrary to the beliefs we've been taught; he thought the documents were remnants of the Library at Alexandria. People "in the know" told him to get to a safe hiding place. Europeans are moving into his hiding area of the U.S. Peterson said that movies about aliens are partially funded by the U.S. Government; they want the movies to inform Americans of what's to come. He said that the coming economic failure will bring anarchy and chaos; under the Great Depression people had morals and ethics, today's 20-somethings do not. And they have no idea what's to come. Store food for six months. Peterson said that there is no survival in an urban setting. When your neighbor smells you cooking a steak on an outside grill, and he hasn't had food for two weeks and his two kids are telling him they're hungry, what do you think is going to happen? There is climate change, but it's getting colder, not warmer. A lot has been done to dumb down the population. He knows of a U.S. Government program to remove intelligence from people. Rely on self, no one else; prepare mentally, Peterson warned. We have the ability to heal, using our minds."

"Leaks on the Internet, in early 2009," Peterson had said, "were claiming that Congress had a closed session for the first time in history; there is talk of Congress, for the sake of their health and safety, will move someplace else, when the American people find out what they did to them." Peterson said he won't contradict the leaks. He also stated that the Founding Fathers later wrote that the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution for Americans to use in order to fight a corrupt government, not to go hunting. And that superdomes were built to lock in people until they died. He talked of the "very large" concentration camps and the government plans to shift people around; and microchips can be injected through hypodermic needles. They are geolocators. The collapse of the dollar is intended to bring about the global currency and it will be tied to microchips.

In Peterson's second interview he talked about "SRI buying by the thousands, devices to put on the head while teaching the brain to move things." His interviewer, Kerry, said it's used "to teach remote influencing." Peterson replied, "Don't say that! You will be visited, and it won't be nice."

In a third interview, Peterson talked of how to "protect against microwaves used remotely in mind control - that the President and diplomats wear a device to protect themselves against mind control. But people can learn to use their mind to generate a benevolent electro-magnetic field frequency around themselves." www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooSRh7V68uk.

Jul. 26, 2015

The city of Eridu, archaeologically speaking, is located in the southern part of Mesopotamia and is the oldest city of the world; it was built by Cain and the Neanderthals.          

There are archeological records that estimate Eridu dates back to 5200-4500 years ago; that is close to the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden, and later in Haran. Haran is outside the Garden of Eden in southern Turkey, which is considered the northern part of Mesopotamia.

Today, Haran is called Sanliurfa, Turkey. At 6000 years old, Haran is the oldest, continuously inhabited village in the world, dated to 4000 BC.

The descendants of the people of Eridu claimed that their civilization was brought by their god or his advisor. The name for advisor is Abgallu - it translates: Ab = water; gal = big; lu = man. The advisor was: water big man. Or, the man of the big water. One could reason that Cain, having been sent out of Haran by God, went east of the Garden of Eden (Gen. 4:16), came down the Tigris River, outputting to gather food, inputting on the parallel-flowing Euphrates River and came down to the area of Sumer, in southern Mesopotamia. Cain was intellectually superior to the Neanderthals he found in the Eridu area, and they worshipped Cain as their god. After all, God put a mark on Cain, Gen. 4:14-15, to keep the Neanderthals from killing him. They had to think he was a god or god’s advisor, who suddenly appeared coming off the Euphrates River.

The Sumerians are considered to be of unknown origins, other than from northern Mesopotamia, but have records been deliberately destroyed?  Attempts to destroy Jesus’ existence were instituted in the 1990s by two college professors, who prohibited the use of "BC” (Before Christ) and the “A.D.” (Year of Our Lord) on college students’ papers. BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (Common Era) are now used in all textbooks and even professional papers.  This is an evil attempt to dumb down American children. 

When God sent Cain from Haran, and if Cain went east of Eden (Gen. 4:16) down the Tigris/Euphrates Rivers, he brought with him the culture of Adam and Eve who raised him. Adam’s Haran culture of northern Mesopotamia became known as the Sumarran culture. What Cain knew of civilization came from Adam. When Cain established his own community in Eridu - they called themselves black-headed, or Sumerians. Does this indicate that Cain was Black, therefore, Satan was Black?

(In the Dead Sea Scrolls, Genesis 4:1:

“And Adam knew his wife Eve, who was pregnant by Sammael [Satan] (sic), and she conceived and bare Cain, and he was like the heavenly beings, and not like the earthly beings, and she said, ‘I have gotten a man from the angel of the Lord.”

At the time Eve made that statement, the only beings that she knew were God, Adam, herself, and Satan. The only one that looked like Cain was Satan, the angel of the Lord.  Dominant genes are black skin and black eyes and will be expressed in the offspring over recessive genes. This is why only 1-2% of the world’s population has red hair. It takes recessive genes from both parents to produce a redheaded/blonde child with ruddy-white skin such as Noah, Esau, and King David.

The Book of Noah describes Noah: “His body was White as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and his hair on his head and his long locks were White as wool (blonde), and his eyes beautiful.” Ch. 105

Abraham’s Twin Grandsons: Esau, elder twin of Jacob-Israel, is described as: “He that came forth first was red, and hairy like a skin: and his name was called Esau…his name was called Edom.” Gen. 25:25-30

King David, the First King of the United Kingdom of Israel, is described: “Now he was ruddy (redhead) and beautiful to behold, and of a comely face. And the Lord said: Arise, and anoint him, for this is he (King David).” 1 Kings 16:12 1.

Noah, Esau, and King David, as described above, can only mean that Adam and Eve were White. Thus, Cain was not White, therefore Satan is not White.  Because of the mechanics of genes, it is a biological impossibility for three separate races to come from the same father and mother who were White.  Thus, Adam and Eve did not procreate Ham, who fathered the Black race, and Japheth, who fathered the Asian, American Indian, and Mexican race.)

In the Sumer-Dingu language, Anu means 'creator.' Son of Anu would mean the Son of the Creator. The word for divine leader is En. The word for god was: Enki, which meant governor of moral behavior on earth - ruler of earth, vegetation, animal, and man. This is where the word Annanuki comes from. Cain was the son of Satan, an angel. Later, Sumerian kings claimed lineage to divine leaders.

It is known that Cain's people worshipped him as a god. It would appear that when Cain went down and built the city of Eridu - he established himself as the ruler over the earth, the people, creatures, and vegetation - the power that Cain’s father, Satan, had coveted in the Garden. The power that God had given to Adam, Gen. 2:19.  But the children of Adam and Eve, followed Cain down to Sumer and made a separate claim of being from a line of divine leaders.

Today, the media shows documentaries that assert that the Annanuki are extraterrestrials who externally engineered human DNA thousands of years ago through a god-like ability.  The truth is that Cain, half angel/Satan and half homo sapien/Eve, intermarried with the Neanderthals and changed the DNA of the Neanderthal off-spring.  There is a small percentage of homo sapiens today that have Neanderthal genes.  Documentaries intentionally mislead that the Annanuki are our creators/gods.  However, the Annanuki are human decendants of Cain, created through interbreeding of homo sapien and homo Neanderthals. 

The elite-owned media propaganda is being used to destroy God’s creation of Adam and Eve, along with other documentaries that use propaganda to assert that Moses, the crossing of the Red Sea, and King David – never existed.  Yet, today we have archaeological proof that Biblical historical events took place and these people did exist. 

The future propaganda will assert as fact that the Annanuki extraterrestrials were our creators.  Today’s propaganda hinting at this claim is a set up so we will believe the future declaration by world leaders, including the Vatican, that extraterrestrials are peaceful, superior beings, and have come back to make us in to gods – as Satan had promised Adam and Eve.  Gen. 3:5

Monsignor Balducci, a member of the Vatican Curia (government administration), an exorcisst and personal friend of the Pope, said on Italian TV, just before he died mysteriously, "The aliens exist, they are here now, and as an exorcist of the church I declare that they are not demons, these are advanced people; they are morally superior to usWe may have to throw out all we know of the Gospels." (Throw out the story of Jesus and His divinity.)  [youtube entitled, "Malachi Martin Vatican Predictions coming to Pass, Tom Horn with Radio Liberty 1.21.14; Martin's books:  Windswept House and The Jesuit, and the betrayal of the Catholic Church; Tom Horn and Cris Putnam's book, Exo-Vaticana]

This deceit will lead to demonic possession.  The "extraterrestrials" are the fallen angels - demons who sided with Lucifer and were defeated by Michael the Archangel and were cast to earth. 

Rev. 12:7-9, "And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels:  And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven.  And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him."

Lucifer, the Antichrist-Satan, and the False Prophet Pope Francis I, are attempting to take control of the world through the United Nations and the Vatican.  Pope Francis is about to order 1.2 billion Catholics that they must actively work at stopping climate change, which only exists because of the dumping of level 4 carcenogens by U.S. Air Force and international private corporations, and approved of by the United Nations and the Vatican.  The Pope will call for carbon taxes to fight climate change, which is a transfer of wealth - so that the whole world will be enslaved and brought to a level of Third World existence - helpless at fighting the tyranny of Lucifer, Satan, and Pope Francis.