Jul. 26, 2015

Hidden Technology

In his interview with Project Camelot:

Peterson said that "the Vatican Library is stuffed with documents that are contrary to the beliefs we've been taught; he thought the documents were remnants of the Library at Alexandria. People "in the know" told him to get to a safe hiding place. Europeans are moving into his hiding area of the U.S. Peterson said that movies about aliens are partially funded by the U.S. Government; they want the movies to inform Americans of what's to come. He said that the coming economic failure will bring anarchy and chaos; under the Great Depression people had morals and ethics, today's 20-somethings do not. And they have no idea what's to come. Store food for six months. Peterson said that there is no survival in an urban setting. When your neighbor smells you cooking a steak on an outside grill, and he hasn't had food for two weeks and his two kids are telling him they're hungry, what do you think is going to happen? There is climate change, but it's getting colder, not warmer. A lot has been done to dumb down the population. He knows of a U.S. Government program to remove intelligence from people. Rely on self, no one else; prepare mentally, Peterson warned. We have the ability to heal, using our minds."

"Leaks on the Internet, in early 2009," Peterson had said, "were claiming that Congress had a closed session for the first time in history; there is talk of Congress, for the sake of their health and safety, will move someplace else, when the American people find out what they did to them." Peterson said he won't contradict the leaks. He also stated that the Founding Fathers later wrote that the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution for Americans to use in order to fight a corrupt government, not to go hunting. And that superdomes were built to lock in people until they died. He talked of the "very large" concentration camps and the government plans to shift people around; and microchips can be injected through hypodermic needles. They are geolocators. The collapse of the dollar is intended to bring about the global currency and it will be tied to microchips.

In Peterson's second interview he talked about "SRI buying by the thousands, devices to put on the head while teaching the brain to move things." His interviewer, Kerry, said it's used "to teach remote influencing." Peterson replied, "Don't say that! You will be visited, and it won't be nice."

In a third interview, Peterson talked of how to "protect against microwaves used remotely in mind control - that the President and diplomats wear a device to protect themselves against mind control. But people can learn to use their mind to generate a benevolent electro-magnetic field frequency around themselves." www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooSRh7V68uk.