Jul. 26, 2015

Sandy Hook Fraud

They hired "crisis actors" to play relatives. As a result of the fraudulent shooting, Connecticut passed a new gun law.

www.guns.com/2014/03/29, Story by Chris Eger, "As part of the package of harsh laws enacted following the December 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, the new requirement is only now coming into effect.

Buried inside the massive 140-page bill, it will require those without a concealed carry permit to acquire a “long gun eligibility certificate” from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (Connecticut State Police) before being allowed to purchase a rifle or shotgun in the state.

The newly effective law states that:

-Individuals must apply for a “long gun eligibility certificate” through the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (“DESPP”) to purchase any rifle or shotgun. You are exempt from this requirement if you have a Connecticut permit to carry a pistol or revolver; a pistol or revolver retail sales permit; or a pistol or revolver eligibility certificate.
-The fee (tax) for this certificate is $35 and must be renewed every five years.
-You must complete a DESPP-approved firearms training course.
-You must submit fingerprints with your application and a fee of $50 for state fingerprints and $16.50 for federal fingerprints.
-The DESPP commissioner will have 60 days after the receipt of your application to issue the “long gun eligibility certificate,” which can then be presented to a licensed firearms dealer to purchase a long gun.

The Connecticut State Police have come under fire in recent months due to the controversial registration of newly classified “assault weapons” and “large capacity magazines.”