Aug. 4, 2015

Something to Think About

Should ALL American gun owners carry AT ALL TIMES to protect our military from Islamic terrorist assassinations?  There are 5000 Islamic terror cells located throughout America waiting for their orders to kill Americans.

July 20, 2015:  NORTHCOM ordered military recruiters to "PULL THE BLINDS" and continued to prohibit recruiters from arming and defending themselves - our military remain soft targets against the Islamic jihadist terrorists.  How many Americans will go to the recruitment centers now and sign up, knowing they could be the next victims before they have a chance to fight to protect our country's further destruction? Since Obama, in obeying the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) instruction, has prohibited all federal agencies from using the terms "Islamic terrorist," "Islamic jihad," the Chattanooga, TN, shooting will not be declared what it was - an Islamic Terrorist attack on our defenseless military.  Obama is obeying Shariah slander law.  Obama's Muslim immigration policy is so prolific that the FBI cannot keep up with jihadist chatter.  Muslim countries have published Obama's plan to bring in 5 million Muslim jihadists before he leaves office. Obama plans to put tens of thousands of them in the U.S. Military - as officers that he alone will commission without Congressional approval - to "backfill" the regular Army ON THE STREETS of the UNITED STATES!   See Obamacare!  Massachusetts, Stoughton, voted for Obama's promise "to bring fundamental change to America!"  Well you got it!

Donald Trump said, "Someone has to stand up and protect our country!"  The elite controlled media is slamming Trump because they fear his winning.  Trump looks like John Wayne to the rescue, making every other candidate look like Caitlyn Jenner!

A new movement has just begun with Alex Jones, July 17, 2015, following the reasoning and actions that swept across the country after the Charleston, SC, horrific slaughter of innocent, unarmed Christians by a man photographed holding the Confederate flag.  The country was offended and removed the flag from the capitol, flags were stolen from private yards, companies shut down the manufacturing of the Confederate flag, toy stores took off their shelves any items with the Confederate flag on them, and eBay refused to allow the sale of such items.  A woman was so offended by Confederate memorabilia on sale at a Flee Market that she called 911, and the police responded, but made no arrests because the sale was being conducted on private property.  Further, demands have been made to exhume the bodies of Confederate Generals and tear down Mount Rushmore's presidents - because they are all White, thus offensive - because the SC shooter was White.

Therefore, in the same line of reasoning, Jones found the slaughter of unarmed, White Marines by an Islamic Jihadist terrorist offensive and demands that all Muslims be deported, that all Mosques in the United States be shut down and destroyed, all Qu'rans burned, anyone wearing an Islamic symbol be arrested, and no one may say the words Praise Allah - everything Islam must be wiped from the United States.

Response to offense must be equally applied throughout the country!