Israel-Palestine Conflict; Britain’s Promises and Betrayals

Open Secret, Hollywood Paedophilia Exposed


Where are the White Assyrians that Conquered their Cousins, the Northern Israelite Kingdom, today?

Gen. 10:22 “The sons of Sem: Elam, and Assur (the Assyrians), and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram.”
Gen. 11:10-26 “Sem ...begot Arphaxad...Heber (the Hebrews) begot Phaleg...Thare begot Abram (Abraham).

White Europeans Are the Lost Tribes of Israelites

Not only have the Zionists declared that the State of Israel was given to them by God, the Zionists have declared they are the only Tribe of Israelites. God has regathered the Lost Tribes in to the United States, where they have been enslaved 400 years, most recently by the Zionists.

The Greatest Lie Ever Told, the Jewish Holocaust

There is no evidence that 6 million Jews died in German concentration camps, if fact, this video proves that camps, such as Auschwitz, did not have the capability to kill that many Jews.
Auschwitz only had gas chambers between 1943-1944, which were used to counter Typhus that was rampant within the camps, which wasted away the bodies of the prisoners. The true International Red Cross figures were that 271,301 Jews died in concentration camps.
When counting the Jews, murders, communists, gays, paedophiles, gypsies, the total was: 373,468.
Some nations, such as France will imprison citizens if they ASK QUESTIONS about the Holocaust.
Elie Wiesel pushed for the word Holocaust to be copyrighted and trademarked, so for example, the Armenians could not call their Holocaust by the Turks as a Holocaust, but only a genocide.
While the 1917 Jewish Bolshevik Revolution had taken over Russia, killing 60 million Christians, in 1933, Jews gave Germany an ultimatum, Germany would be communist or Christian. The Germans wanted Christianity. The Jews came back to U.S. and started a boycott against German goods. It was so effective that no nation carried German goods.
The Zionist Jews started WWI, German boycott, and WWII, for the purpose of getting their own nation carved out of Palestine.
In 1917, the Zionist made a deal with Britain, the Jews would get the U.S. into WWI, if the British would give them Palestine. The very successful German Jews turned on Germany, and their propaganda got the Americans to accept participation into WWI. The Zionist Rothschild got the Balfour Declaration, albeit, the British had no authority to do so.

"Messianic Judaism": A Growing Deception

What every Christian should know. When preachers say we must support the State of Israel, because the God of Abraham said, "I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you," God was not talking about the Pharisaic Jews of the State of Israel. Judaism of today is the same Talmudic Pharisaism of Jesus' time, preaching man-made laws above the Law of Moses.

Bible Proof of Temple's Location; If You Don't Believe This Guy, You Don't Want to Hear the Truth

True Location of the Temples, Part 1

Who is Flavius Josephus? He was a Jewish General of the Livitic line. He lived between AD 37 and AD 100. He was a historian, and authored the Wars of the Jews. He lost a battle against the Romans who took him captive. From that point he worked for the Romans in trying to convince the Jews to surrender. As a reward, the Romans gave him Herod's records and the Temple books contained in the holy place, kept by the priests.
Josephus wrote that the Temple and court was 600 ft. wide, extending from the Kidron Valley to the Tyropoen (Valley of the Cheese Mongers) Valley. The Temple Mount is 900 ft. wide.
He wrote that the Temple Mount was massive, as large as a city, a typical Roman fortress, and was built around a 50 cubit (75') high rock.
The 50 cubit rock that Josephus refers to culminates to its peak, the Rock under the Dome.
King Hezekiah was king of Judah c. 715-686 BC. He was the most prominent king of Judah, and is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. Isaiah and Micah prophesied during his reign. Hezekiah enacted reforms, a strict mandate that only God would be worshipped, prohibiting the veneration of other deities within the Temple. He abolished idolatry from the kingdom.
In anticipation of war, Hezekiah had his men dig a tunnel, Siloam Tunnel, to block the source of the waters of the upper Gihon Spring so outside enemies could not access the water. Resulting in the Gihon Spring flowing into the Siloam Pool inside the walled area of the City of David. Otherwise the Spring flowed into the Kidron Valley, making it accessible to besieging forces. The location of the Gihon and Hezekiah's Tunnel (Siloam Tunnel) indicates the location of the City of David and the Temple, which Josephus wrote was in the City of David.
Sennacherib, the son of Sargon II, King of Assyria, attacked the City of David, but did not prevail.

True Location of Temples, Part 2

Flavius Josephus wrote, "Fortress Antonia...the entire structure resembled that of a tower it contained also four other distinct towers at its four corners: whereof the others were but fifty cubits high, that which lay upon the south east corner was seventy cubits, that from thence the whole Temple might be viewed."
The Jews were constantly rioting, and the reason the Romans finally destroyed the Temple and City of David.
Antonio contained 6000 Roman soldiers and 4000 support staff. It was a self-sufficient city, on 35 acres.
Josephus wrote, "Now as to the Fortress Antonia it was situated at the corner of two cloisters of the court of the Temple of that on the west and that on the north (northwest)."
Josephus described, "Now as to the Fortress was erected upon a rock, of fifty cubits (75') in heights and was on a great precipice."

True Location of Temples, Part 3

In Wars of the Jews, Flavius Josephus wrote, "However in those days when the Asmonians reigned they filled up that valley with earth and had a mind to join the upper city with the temple...Then they took off part of the heights of the Acra and reduced it to be of less elevation than before that the temple might've superior to it." The Essenes were the only ones that objected to cutting down God's Holy mountain, Mt. Zion. It's dirt was thrown into the Kidron and Tyropoeon (Valley of Cheese Mongers) Valleys.
Mt. Zion was located in the south east ridge of Jerusalem. The western hill is NOT the true Mt. Zion.
Essential to the Temple was FREE FLOWING water, for animal sacrifices, and to purify the priests. The Temple Mount has no flowing water. It was only during the time of the Roman occupation was the Fortress Antonia (Temple Mount) built and an aqueduct built to bring water to the Roman soldiers. Prior to then, the Israelites did not have that technology.
The reason King David took Jerusalem was because of the water. His men climbed up the water shaft and took the city. 2 Samuel 5 the Jebusites mocked David, saying the blind and the lame could defend Jerusalem. Climbing up the water shaft was the only way into the city.
Josephus wrote that the Temple was built on a crescent shape ridge. Satellite photos still show that crescent shaped land, today. He also wrote that the Temple was built over a gushing spring...the Gihon Spring.
History of Jerusalem:
Chalcolithic Period 4500-3200 BC
3500 BC - First settlement of Jerusalem
Early Bronze Age 3200-2220 BC
2500 BC - First houses built in the area
Middle Bronze Age 2220-1550 BC
1800 BC - Construction of first city wall
Late Bronze Age 1500-1200 BC
1400 BC - First mention of Jerusalem in Cuniform Amarna letters
Iron Age I 1200-1000 BC
1200 BC - Jerusalem is conquered by Canaanites (Jebusites)
Iron Age 1000-529 BC
1000 BC- King David Conquers Jerusalem
960 BC - David's son, Solomon, builds the First Temple
721 BC - Assyrians Conquer Samaria, refugees flee to Jerusalem and city expands to western hill (of Moriah - where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac).
701 BC - Assyrian ruler, Sennacherib lays siege to Jerusalem
586 BC - Babylonian forces destroy Jerusalem and demolish First Temple

AD 330 - Roman Emperor Constantine I chose Ancient Greek colony, Byzantium, as the new Rome, when western Rome fell in AD 476.
AD 632 - Muhammad died in Medina, at the age of 62.
AD 636/637 - Caliph Umar conquered Jerusalem from the Byzantines. Christian Patriarch Sophronius surrendered the city to Umar. He invited Umar to tour the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, he did, but refused to pray in the Church, knowing the Muslims would then convert it in to a mosque. They held Jerusalem for 462 years.
Five years after his death, Muslims claim Muhammad stepped off the rock, which is under the Dome, on his way to Heaven.

The True Location of Solomon's Temple, It's Not the Temple Mount

Herod built the Roman fort, Fortress Antonio, and named it after Mark Antony. Today, it is the Temple Mount. Ancient historian, Josephus, wrote of the fort, writing that it was massive, the size of a city with fortified walls. It obscured the Second Temple to its south. He wrote that Herod enlarged the Second Temple, but not to the extent of the fortress.
When the Roman Emperor Titus burned down the City of David, Jerusalem, Josephus said the city was unrecognizable from what it had been, for no stone was left, as Jesus had told His Apostles would occur. During Jesus' time, Fortress Antonio housed 6,000 Roman soldiers, 4,000 support staff. It had barracks, roads, brothels, bakeries, and restaurants.
The Western Wall is part of Fortress Antonio. There are no Solomaic stones in the Western Wall. It has nothing to do with the Solomon and Herod Temples. There is nothing Israeli about it.
The Temple Mount is the exact size of the Roman fortress.
The Pretorian, or Rock of the Dome is where prisoners stood to receive their conviction. Many Christians believe that Jesus stood on the Rock to make His defense to Pontius Pilate. There are many crosses carved in the Rock.
After Jerusalem was destroyed, Emperor Hadrian renamed Jerusalem, Aelia Capitalia, to eliminate Jerusalem. He caused the reconstruction of the City of David on the south eastern ridge of Jerusalem, to obstruct the historical site of the Temples.
It is the opinion of one scholar that in 1099 when the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem, upon seeing the crescent moon on the Temple Mount Dome of the Rock, they tore it down and put up a cross, calling it the Lord's Temple. Europeans and Jews held that it was the site of the Temples. Rabbi Benjamin Toyaeaha said the issue must be settled, he declared that the Temple Mount is where Solomon's and Herod's Temples had stood. As a result of the Rabbi's error, WWIII could be fought over this Fortress that had nothing to do with the Israelis.
The Jews believe that their messiah won't return until the Third Temple is built. Further, it is their belief that the Third Temple is where the antichrist will declare that he is god.

The White House Was Named After Jesuit Andrew White

The Jesuits instigated the American Revolution.
There are three city states that own 80% of the world's wealth: Washington, DC, City of London, and Vatican City.
All central banks clear through Geneva, Switzerland, Rothschild's Bank of International Settlement, EXCEPT: Syria, North Korea, and Iran.

F.B.I. Were the Architects of the Cover Up of the Omaha, NE, Paedophilia Ring

Retired FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, explains what really goes on behind the scenes in America. Top government leaders engaged in sex trafficking and Satanic sacrifices.

The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

Tzu says: Military action is important to the nation - it is the ground of death and life, the path of survival and destruction, so it is imperative to examine it.
Tzu says: The Way means inducing the people to have the same aim as the leadership, so that they will share death and share life, without fear of danger.
Tzu says: If the people are treated with benevolence, faithfulness, and justice, then they will be of one mind, and will be glad to serve.
Tzu says: A general must consider these things: 1) Weather - means the seasons. 2) Terrain - is to be assessed in terms of distance, difficulty or ease of travel, dimension, and safety. Know the lay of the land. 3) Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage, and sternness. 4) Discipline - means organization, chain of command, and logistics. Troops must be grouped in a regulated manner. Chain of command means that there must be officers to keep the troops together and lead them. Logistics means overseeing supplies.
5) Moral influence - You must have the will of the people, otherwise, you'll have no reinforcements. If you are losing, you will lose the support of the people.
Note: War is a means to an end - won via politics. The Way means virtue. It is first necessary to compare the political leadership of nations at war. Therefore, use these assessments for comparison, to find out what the conditions are. That is to say, which political leadership has the Way? Which general has ability? Who has the better climate and terrain? Whose discipline is effective? Whose troops are the stronger? Whose officers and soldiers are the better trained? Whose system of rewards and punishments is clearer? This is how you can know who will win.
Tzu says: To move your enemy, entice him with something he is certain to take. Thus, control your enemy's maneuvers.
Tzu says: Put the army in the face of death where there is no escape, and they will not flee or be afraid - there is nothing they cannot achieve. Death ground is where Tzu wants his army. They will transform.
Eisenhower used this at Normandy, as well as deception.
Tzu says: All war is deception. Germans didn't know where or when the American allies would land. Normandy was not a direct attack, and the Germans were convinced that the allies would not land at Normandy. The allies created a fake army that could be seen and heard; with balloon tanks, they made tracks that could be seen by air.
Tzu says: Spies are everywhere. It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to spy against you, and bribe them to serve you. Double agents shouldn't be executed, but bribed with lavish reward, to feed back to the enemy disinformation.
Tzu says: The way a wise general can achieve greatness beyond ordinary men is through foreknowledge. Gain your enemies intention and perceptions, then use double agents to feed that perception back to your enemy.
Tzu says: where a falcon's strike breaks the body of its prey, it is because of timing. When torrential water tosses boulders, it is because of momentum. **Fight together and never give up.** (Normandy)
Tzu says: It is essential for victory that generals are unconstrained by their leaders. However, they must not commit atrocities or they will lose the people. General Sherman's Total War Tactics.
Tzu says: Make your enemy prepare on his left and he will be weak on his right.
After landing on the beaches of Normandy, the 2000 year old hedges kept the allies from using tactical maneuvers. Men fought each other in small groups of hand-to-hand combat. The Germans called it - the War of the Rats. Since the Muslim Brotherhood has at least 22 Muslim Paramilitary Training Camps, 5000 terror cells, and ISIS refugees, now inside the U.S., fighting them will be a war of the rats. The Brotherhood is well trained. Unless the Muslim Brotherhood captures U.S. Military bases, inside the U.S., they won't have tanks. However, the Chinese 12 military bases stationed in Mexico, do. Since Al Qaeda/ISIS taught the Mexican drug cartels how to tunnel into the U.S., expect that the Muslim Paramilitary Training Camps have tunnels through which they are transporting soldiers and weapons/ammo/explosives. The entrances of those tunnels must be found and blocked, before attacking the gates.
Tzu says: Behave like the snake, when the head is attacked, the tail circles round and attacks the enemy. When the tail is attacked, the head circles back. When the middle is attacked, the head and tail circle in together. Communications is paramount. Key, the winning army realizes the conditions for victory, first, then fights. The losing army fights first, then seeks victory. Lesson of General Custer at the Little Big Horn, he ran helter skelter into the enemy camp not knowing how many of the enemy there were.
Lesson of General Robert E. Lee: he failed at Gettysburg - because he engaged without having full knowledge, how many troops, how well armed, what condition of those troops, etc.
The Civil War lasted too long; it was America's deadliest war, 620,000 died. It effected every American. Whenever Turkey Buzzards saw an army, hundreds would followed overhead, knowing the battlefield would be covered with dead and wounded, and they could pluck out their eyes and eat the inners. That is what war is. On the Northern side alone, battlefield hospitals amputated 40,000 arms and legs, only 24,000 under anesthesia. Doctors didn't wash their hands. Death rates were staggering. This is why Sun Tzu advocates not going to war in the first place.
The vision of Gen. George Washington was: There would be three wars fought on U.S. soil, the third would be the bloodiest of the three.
Gen. Lee decided to fight in Northern territory, while the Union Army defended Washington, DC. Plan was to destroy as many Union military camps as possible. Camp Curtin was the largest military supply depot in the North. This was a political fight, to discourage the people of the North in the faith of the war.
Gen. Lee gives up his strategic aim, after hearing of a major Union force is in Gettysburg. He mistakenly allows operational developments to drive strategy. He moved into Gettysburg without sending a calvary recognizance force to verify the information, numbers of troops, etc.
Tzu says: Move only when you see an advantage and there is something to gain. Only fight if a position is critical.
If orders are unclear - it is the fault of the general. Gen. Lee gave unclear orders, at Gettysburg.
Tzu says: If the enemy occupies high ground, do not attack. If he attacks downhill, do not oppose him. (Find another way to attack the enemy.)
BE AWARE: In a civil war, combat is up close and personal. You see the wounds you inflict, thus, the battle must be worthy of the fight.
Tzu says: there are some armies that should not be fought. Some ground that should not be contested.
Never throw good money after bad. If a strategy is not working, retreat to fight another day, under better circumstances. Never use an attack to rescue a defeat (Pickett's Charge). Use an attack to exploit victory.
Tzu says: When troops flee, are insubordinate, collapse or are routed in battle, it is the fault of the general.
Tzu's mind, victory comes from deep thinking, preparation, deception, and indirect attacks.
Tzu says: War is a matter of vital importance to the state - it is a matter of life and death, survival or ruin.
Ask yourself: Are the reasons for which you are fighting worth the total cost of the war? The American Revolution was to gain independence from a tyrannical monarchy. The Civil War was an economic war between Northern politicians and Southern politicians - Robber Barons.
If there is no political resolution to the lost of sovereignty, culture, language, and borders, then war may be considered. Most importantly, cultivate a deep recognition and understanding of the enemy must be achieved, first. At the same time, know our strengths and weaknesses and what we are capable of doing on the battlefield. In the United States, there will be many types of terrain used as the battlefield...know the lay of the land.
ISIS uses civilians as cover in Middle East battles; they may capture U.S. Military bases, and use our unarmed soldiers as cover. More than likely, they will use a gorilla strategy to attack, one town at a time, using American civilians as cover. Study the enemy.