Jun. 7, 2015

Jade Helm Presentation to Big Springs, Texas

Jade Helm 15: Is a U.S. Military “training” exercises will be conducted from July 15 to Sept. 15, 2015, in the southwestern States. “The Purpose of the training: Hone the troops’ advanced skills of occupying cities and towns, and condition the minds of Americans that a military presence on the streets is a regular event. Both live and fake ammunition will be fired and helicopters flown over neighborhoods – all hours of the day and night. Troops in plain clothes will mix in among civilians in cities and suburban neighborhoods to ‘get in to strategic positions.’” Texas, (where Texans are the most heavily armed Americans), has been labeled for the exercise as “hostile territory,” as well as Utah (where Utahans passed a law to take back their land from the federal government) and a small southern portion of California (where a deep-water harbor is located and rented by a Chinese company). Taking part in the exercise will be Special Ops Navy Seals, Green Berets, Air Force Special Ops Command, USMC Special Ops Command, USMC Expeditionary Units, and elements of the 82 Airborne Division – “To ensure coordination between the Dept. of Defense and local and regional authorities.” Mock internment of American citizens will be rehearsed. The States involved: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. [Dept. of Def, U.S. Army Special Ops Command, Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT) Jade Helm 15]

At Big Springs, TX, City Council Hearing, Ret. Spec. Forces Sr. Non-Commissioned Officer Thomas Mead, 20 yrs. in Army, 13 yrs. with Spec. Ops. gave a presentation. He is currently a contractor for U.S. Army Spec. Ops. Command, as an Operations Planner and Exercise Designer for the Jade Helm Project, from Ft. Bragg, NC. (Contact information: Mr. Thomas Mead, JADE HELM Operations Planner/MSEL, wk.: 910-396-9831/6316, cell: 910-391-1137, e-mail: thomas.m.mead.ctr@soc.mil)

Mr. Mead gave a presentation on Jade Helm 15 exercises, seeking a Letter of Invitation to conduct Realistic Military Training Exercises within the jurisdiction of the City of Big Springs. Mr. Mead reported:

“We do Memorandums of Agreement with landowners to use their property; licensing releases liability of the landowner for any injuries incurred on their property. (Mr. Mead did not say what would happen if the City Council approved of Jade Helm activities in their county, but the land owner refused to sign the Memorandum and allow the use of their individual property. No City Council member or citizen asked this question.)…