Jan. 7, 2016

Obama Makes Another Attempt to Confiscate Guns, Jan. 5, 2015

Obama announced his latest attempt to take America's guns through Executive Order. The Order is unconstitutional on three of its terms, at least. There is a mental health term, which allows medical records to become part of the background check. This allows doctors to report patients they think are mentally ill and add them to a government database, even without their knowledge. There's no court determination, no defense presented by the patient. Then there's no due process probable cause warrant for the government to access such private medical papers.

In part of the mental health requirement, Obama has made the determination that any senior citizen who receives Social Security through an automatic deposit from government to bank account is immediately deemed unable to take care of their affairs and, thus, too mentally unfit to own a gun. This is Obama's determination of mentally unfit, even though veterans are encouraged to receive their Social Security check in this manner. Even though most employees receive their salary in such a manner, saving time going to the bank, and keeping their money safe from robbery.

The second unconstitutional term is that anyone selling or transferring ownership of one or two guns will now be classified as a gun dealer, requiring a dealer's license, which takes a year to obtain, if granted. Anyone who transfers a gun without a dealer license is deemed to be a criminal. This is where Obama has overstepped his authority, creating a category of a crime. Only Congress can do this. Thus, Congress should step up and stop this Executive Order.

The third unconstitutional term is anyone who is on the no-fly list will have their gun taken. Sounds "sensible" on its face, but the no-fly lists are arbitrary, decided by administration people. There's no notice, no probable cause needed beyond having a similar name, no habeas corpus, or attorney. Someone will put your name on the list, maybe for political revenge, as with the IRS scandal, followed by a knock on your door, demanding your guns.

The problem is that the government has limitless funds in fighting any victims of these unconstitutional terms trying to retrieve their guns.

This Order establishes a national database that the UN has been after for decades. The UN wants to know what kinds of guns, how many guns, how much ammo each American owns.  The UN Charter allows the UN Blue Beret Beasts to enter any country to put down a riot, civil unrest that Secretary Ban ki-Moon decides to put down.

One must look at the bigger picture, before he leaves office, Obama is going to bring in 10,000 Syrian "refugees" that the Dept. of Homeland Security and FBI says they cannot vet for terrorists. ISIS has warned that they will enter the United States within the refugees. The CIA taught ISIS/al Qaeda how to make Hell Canons in the Mid East. Recently, components of Hell Canons have been either purchased or stolen in Virginia, Missouri, and No. Carolina. Since 9/11, the number of Mosques in the U.S. has doubled to about 2400. In Paris, they searched the Mosques after their recent attack and found weapons hidden in the Mosques. Obama has prohibited the FBI from surveilling U.S. Mosques, even though such surveillance in the past stopped terror plots. There are 35 Muslim Paramilitarily Training Camps across the U.S. that could be closed if the State Dept. would label them as terrorists groups, but Obama won't allow it, although neither did George W. or Bill Clinton. Without such designation, the terror camps can't be touched by the FBI or local law enforcement. The question today, however, with his unconstitutional gun confiscation Executive Order, is Obama setting up the U.S. to be taken, attacked by Muslim jihadists?