Aug. 20, 2015

Obama Committed Treason With Iran Nuclear Deal

The things wrong with the deal:
1. Iran gets to keep its nuclear facilities and nuclear program
2. Iran will be given back their $150 Billion
3. The arms embargo against Iran has been lifted
4. It will destabilize entire Middle East region
5. The deal states that the agreement can be modified in the future without Congressional approval, by an unknown entity.
6. There are side deals that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) made with Iran that were not disclosed to Congress - they were leaked to the public, i.e., Iran will inspect their own nuclear sites.
The motivation for Obama - he wants to change the structure of the U.S. in the world, as his campaign promise was to fundamentally change America.
Obama said, Iran could become a successful regional power in the Middle East.
While making this deal with Iran, Obama fired 200 U.S. Generals, including one in charge of U.S. nuclear weapons. Obama reduced U.S. anti-ballistic missiles down from 5000 to 300; he has reduced the number of U.S. Military servicemen across the services, so that the U.S. cannot fight in two theaters of war at the same time. He has stationed 7 aircraft carriers in the same port against military doctrine since Pearl Harbor.
Obama called it an "agreement," so he needed fewer votes from the Senate than is required with a treaty.
Congress is not allowed to read the entire agreement; individual Congressmen must enter a guarded secret room to read portions of the deal; they cannot take notes nor copy the section they read.