Sep. 15, 2015

Obama to Bring Into U.S. 10,000 Syrian Muslim Jihadists

Obama cannot be stopped by the U.S. Congress from bringing in Muslim jihadist "refugees" from the Middle East - without vetting them.  These people will have all rights and benefits of an American citizen, including Social Security, Medicare, welfare cash, and housing at American taxpayer expense.  The FBI said that they are unable to vet 10,000 Muslim migrants.

CIA operative, Wayne Simmons, stated that U.S. Mosques are the breeding ground for jihadists, Al Qaeda and ISIS, but Obama will not allow the FBI to profile or infiltrate the Mosques. [Neil Cavuto Show, Fox News, 2/25/2015]

It has been reported that Obama will relocate the latest 10,000 "refugees" to Republican States, putting those States at both a financial burden and deadly risk.

Between 2009-2013, Obama brought in approximately 749,000 Muslims. Lebanese Minister stated that 2% of today's Muslim migrants are ISIS jihadist terrorists. Therefore, we have already 15,000 Muslim terrorists in the U.S., besides the 5000 terror cells and 35 training camps. [America's Newsroom, Fox News, 9/15/2015]

In 2010, Obama had ordered NASA Director to give preferential hiring to Muslims. []

Muslims connected to the terrorist umbrella group, Muslim Brotherhood, Obama appointed to Top Secret clearance positions in every federal agency, including the Pentagon.  [US Army Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William Jerry Boykin,].

Lt. Gen. Boykin also stated that Obama's Muslim Brotherhood civilian appointees devised the Rules of Engagement that got Seal Team 6 murdered, and have degraded the most effective military organization ever created. [By Michael Maloof,; 11/04/2013]

Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 Billion in cash and military equipment, while he cut US Military spending by $27 Billion. []

Will these newer Muslim "refugees" be given preferential treatment of jobs in positions of control over Americans - as those Muslims who are currently holding in policy advisory positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security? []

Should all Americans carry at all times to protect our military and country from these Muslim JIHDISTS coming in, adding to the illegals coming across our open border who join up with the 35 Muslim Brotherhood Paramilitary Training camps and the 5000  terror cells positioned across the country?

Fmr. CIA Dir. and Secy. of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated, "I am worried about our country...we are in decline."  [] 

NSA Dir., James Clapper, stated before a Congressional hearing, 2/26/2015, "I worry a lot for the safety of this country."

On American Newsroom, Fox News, 9/15/2015, it was reported that Obama will bring in half a Million Muslims from various countries, in 2015.  Muslim countries have said that Obama will bring into the U.S. FIVE MILLION Muslims before he leaves office.  All UNVETTED!