Nano Technology Is Being Used to Control Humans

Nano particles are being sprayed on everything. Humans and animals are breathing it in. Vaccines will be used to inject microchips that are the processors of the nano particles, to control our free will. It’s a Satanic program.

It’s About to Hit the Fan!

Is Mueller’s real job to find evidence on Hillary and Obama and destroy it, bury it?

AI Machines Programming Other AI Machines

Global Currency Taking Form Now

Americans cannot buy acchain, known as SDR. Is this why IMF is moving to China? The goal of IMF and central banks is to capture your wealth. Buy gold and silver, as much as you can afford.

Dave Hodges: What Are the Chinese Military Doing in Mexico?

Australian Citizen Jailed 3 Years for Offending a Jew by Calling Him a Racist

The State of Israel sent in officials to publicly support the 20-year old Jew, one week before the trial started. The young Jew is a member of the worldwide Jewish radical group called, Habonim Dror.
Brendon O'Connell advises: 1) Focus on Israeli Intelligence infiltrating institutions around the world.
The State of Israel has unfetted access to NSA database that carries every spec of intel on every American.
2) Jewish racial and religious supremacism.
See Barbara Spectre on YouTube, stating that the Jews are controlling the Muslim invasion in Europe and U.S., to exterminate White Christians in EU and US nations.

Alex Jones & Doug Hagman: Obama Organizing 2nd Civil War 8/25/17

Capital Hill Plots Assassination of Trump, 7/26/17

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne was told by a congressman that Capital Hill, the US Congress, plans to kill Trump. Pence becomes president with Speaker Paul Ryan as V.P. Naturally, it follows, if Pence steps out of line, they kill him and make their boy Paul Ryan president.

French Muslim Migrants Hit White Woman; Says White Women Belong to Them

European leaders confiscated guns from European citizens, then brought in millions of Muslims who are beating and raping European women and children. Americans, NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!

Mike Rivero: What Really Happened - 5/30/17 News

Alex Jones: Deep State About to Overthrow the U.S. With China's Help


FBI Whistleblower: Trump WH Has Been Compromised (4/20/17)

Jared Kushner met with Muslim Brotherhood, and got Trump to back off from designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. This allows the MB more time to set up their jihad inside the U.S.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-America group. The Deep State is gunning for Trump - A CIVIL WAR IS ON-GOING INSIDE THE U.S.; it started in the 1980s to today, when judges are disobeying law. This is very dangerous!
The election shows that most Americans know something is going on, but most do not have the knowledge of how bad a threat the Muslim Brotherhood is to America.
Kushner is controlling the decision-making process, by getting Trump to back off classifying the MB a terrorist group, resulting in the MB winning the war on America at the federal level.
All immigration should be stopped, because Chinese, Russian, and Cuban intelligence groups are getting inside the U.S., which is very dangerous.
Turkey Muslim Brotherhood is very strong in the U.S.; groups such as Turquoise Foundation, Di Net are spreading Islam in the U.S.
The Hard Left and Muslims have joined together. Soros-funded revolutionary organizations are communist based to overthrow our economic system. They are working at the local and state level. We are at war right now. Sheriffs and pastors are critical forces. Citizens must protect their communities. Islamists are targeting schools, local newspapers, running for local elected offices. We are not facing an army, but a conquering through our schools, local, state offices and legislatures, who will change our culture and laws.

Hagman and Joel Skousen Give Trump Advice

New NSA docs to be leaked in a couple of weeks, regarding Valerie Jarrett.

RFID Chip Is In Obamacare and Ryancare

UN Is Sneaking Diseased Syrian Refugees Into US at Midnight