Mike Rivero: What Really Happened - 5/30/17 News

Alex Jones: Deep State About to Overthrow the U.S. With China's Help


Susan Rice Asks FBI for Immunity Deal

Susan Rice has committed multiple felonies, and now that Comey can no longer protect her, or Obama, Hillary, Podesta, Lynch, Holder, Huma, etc., etc., Rice wants a deal to keep her out of prison for her testimony against the aforesaid partners in crimes against America.

FBI Whistleblower: Trump WH Has Been Compromised (4/20/17)

Jared Kushner met with Muslim Brotherhood, and got Trump to back off from designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. This allows the MB more time to set up their jihad inside the U.S.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-America group. The Deep State is gunning for Trump - A CIVIL WAR IS ON-GOING INSIDE THE U.S.; it started in the 1980s to today, when judges are disobeying law. This is very dangerous!
The election shows that most Americans know something is going on, but most do not have the knowledge of how bad a threat the Muslim Brotherhood is to America.
Kushner is controlling the decision-making process, by getting Trump to back off classifying the MB a terrorist group, resulting in the MB winning the war on America at the federal level.
All immigration should be stopped, because Chinese, Russian, and Cuban intelligence groups are getting inside the U.S., which is very dangerous.
Turkey Muslim Brotherhood is very strong in the U.S.; groups such as Turquoise Foundation, Di Net are spreading Islam in the U.S.
The Hard Left and Muslims have joined together. Soros-funded revolutionary organizations are communist based to overthrow our economic system. They are working at the local and state level. We are at war right now. Sheriffs and pastors are critical forces. Citizens must protect their communities. Islamists are targeting schools, local newspapers, running for local elected offices. We are not facing an army, but a conquering through our schools, local, state offices and legislatures, who will change our culture and laws.

What Really Happened, Mike Rivero Discusses Possible US Strike on Syria

Hagman and Joel Skousen Give Trump Advice

New NSA docs to be leaked in a couple of weeks, regarding Valerie Jarrett.

RFID Chip Is In Obamacare and Ryancare


Look up articles shown in this program, and post them all over the Internet. There's a soft coup going on right now. America is in a death battle.
Obama illegally spied on Sheriff Joe Arpaio during his prosecution. Tom Perez, member of LaRaza (Hispanic KKK), now DNC head, along with Holder and Lynch, committed judge tampering, trumped up charges against Arpaio, who could spend six months in prison, as a result. They surveiled Arpaio phones, illegally had his request for discovery denied.
Illegally surveiled President Trump, his wife, and children from 2004 to present. Their business records, banking records, and credit cards transactions were all hacked.
NSA and CIA contractor, Dennis Montgomery, wrote a software program to hack into, download computer data, control computer for one and one half hours before anyone could detect he was on the person's computer. Montgomery captured 47 hard drives, 600 million records in this process. He tried to get immunity as a whistleblower for disclosing the government intelligence agencies illegally spying on 150,000 prominent businessmen, including Trump, and one million Americans, private citizens, along with spying on Chief Justice Roberts, other USSC justices, 156 judges, and Congressional Intel Committees members. All spying took place under the control of DIA James Clapper, a member of the CFR, and Obama's former CIA Dir. John Brennan, an admitted Muslim who spent years in Saudi Arabia. Likely reason for such broad and indepth surveillance was to blackmail these individuals. Montgomery was encouraged to give the FBI the data. There has been no response from the FBI or Dir. Comey.
Montgomery also found that fraudulent bank accounts were set up under these people's names without their knowledge.

UN Is Sneaking Diseased Syrian Refugees Into US at Midnight