Sep. 11, 2015

Israel and Saudi Arabia Meet as Result of Obama's Iranian Nuclear Deal

Dore Gold, advisor to Netanyahu, and Ret. Saudi Gen. Awar Eshki, have met numerous times to discuss similar problems, challenges, and answers of the two countries, as a result of Obama's Iranian Nuclear Deal.  The two countries have shared intelligence in recent years.

The meetings were confirmed in a press conference at the Council of Foreign Relation. [Jewish Journal, by JTA, June 5, 2015]

Mordechai Vanunu, a nuclear technician at Israel's nuclear headquarters at Dimona, was re-arrested in September 2015, for talking to the media.  He served 18 years in prison for publishing photographs of the facility and disclosing that Israel has 200 atomic hydrogen bombs, atomic weapons, and the neutron bomb. [, 5/3/2010]

Dimona is an Israeli city in the Negev Desert, 22 miles to the south of Beersheba where Abraham made an oath with Abimelech, the "Well of the Oath."