Oct. 15, 2015

Israel Bombs the USS Liberty; US Congress and Pres. LBJ Allowed The Atrocity

The USS Liberty

A War Crime Victim of the Arab-Israeli 6th Day War, June 5-10, 1967

The USS Liberty was attack by the State of Israel to keep the world from finding out that the State of Israel had committed war crimes.  The Liberty was an American ship full of unarmed sailors – at that time, it was the greatest technological naval intelligence ship on the seas, steaming in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea, on June 8, 1967, during the Arab-Israeli 6th Day War.  The U.S. had taken a neutral stance in the 6th Day War.  Just after Israeli Defense Forces had won a battle against the Egyptians, and having no place to house the several hundreds of captives, the Israelis shot the surrendered, unarmed Egyptian soldiers; Israeli generals sent out missions to kill fleeing Egyptian soldiers. 


It was then that the Israelis realized that the intelligence-gathering equipment on the Liberty had documented their acts of mass murder.  For the repetition of gunfire in a slaughter sounds quite differently from the irregular back and forth gunfire of battle.  The Liberty had the evidence of Israeli war atrocity that would be revealed to the world.  A war atrocity that was not too different than the Holocaust that the Israelites had suffered; the Zionists had left Germany before the war began.  No longer could the Zionists seek the pity of the world for being a victim of an unforgivable, ungodly hate.  Now, the world would see the blood on their hands from an ungodly massacre.  So, they set out to commit a greater war atrocity – the murder of their unarmed American ally who had rescued their Israelite shield from concentration camps, who had supported their statehood, who had given them billions of dollars in aid every year since then. 


They sent out Israeli jets, bombers, torpedo boats, to wipe away the evidence of their Zionist ungodliness.  They attacked the USS Liberty that they could see was flying the American flag, that they could see had no offensive armament, and for two hours they hit the Liberty with napalm, rockets, cannon, bombs, and strafing of an undefended allied  ship.  They saw the U.S. sailors without weapons; they saw the U.S. sailors climbing into life rafts to escape – and aimed their guns at them.  They saw those U.S. sailors, as they shot and killed them, less they should escape and tell the world of their Zionist war atrocity.  The Zionist Israelis saw the U.S. sailors running to hide on deck, running as their napalm flames burned them alive.  The death that they inflicted was through the greatest of pain.   Between 1:57pm-4pm, in the broad daylight of clear skies, they murdered 34 Americans and wounded 174 of them – whose tax dollars had provided Israel with weapons that were now unmercifully turned against them. 


President Lyndon Baines Johnson concealed and altered evidence of the attack.  The U.S. Zionist-controlled Congress refused to investigate.  The survivors had been prohibited for 40 years from talking about the attack, or face imprisonment.  President Lyndon Baines Johnson, at the height of the attack, told all US Naval ships, jets, to turn back and not go to the defensive aid and rescue of the Liberty.  It has been rumored that Johnson was in a tirade - 'I want to see that ship (USS Liberty) on the bottom of the ocean!'”


If the world was given the information collected by the Liberty, the State of Israel would no longer be able to make an international plea for pity, for compassion, for being helplessly surrounded by their enemies.  If the world had the evidence collected by the USS Liberty, of the grand-scale slaughter of unarmed Egyptian soldiers that the Israelis committed, the deceit of the Zionist Jews would forever fail.  They would lose the military protection and money of the superpower Christian nation of the United States.


The State of Israel pokes, pokes, pokes  the eye of their neighbors to get the neighbors to fire back, then the Israelis launch an outright slaughter.  Then, they yell: We have the right to defend ourselves!!!  This strategy was revealed by General Moshe Dayan, who was Defense Minister during the Sixth Day War.  Dayan explained, the Israelis wanted the rich agricultural farmland of the Golan Heights, so they sent a tractor into the demilitarized zone, moving ever closer, until the Syrians shot their rifles.  It gave the Israelis the excuse to use heavy artillery and then send in the Israeli Air Force to bomb the Syrians  and take the Golan Heights.  (Interview with Rami Tal, Associated Press reports, May 11, 1997.)            

The USS Liberty was not shooting at the Israelis; the ship had no weapons of war; the ship belonged to their ally; it was sailing in international water; it was broad daylight; the Israelis could not yell that they were defending themselves.  Instead, they claimed, “Oh, sorry, it was a mistake.”  The U.S. Congress and LBJ allowed American sailors to be murdered and then helped the Israeli Government cover up and deceive the world about what the Israelis did – to the unarmed Egyptian soldiers and the sitting duck of a ship that was unarmed and filled with allied, non-combatant, innocent American sailors.  This is blatant treason against their own countrymen and against the U.S. Military!