Jan. 26, 2016

Star of David, Symbol of Worship of Satan

Why do Christians support the State of Israel whose flag is associated with occultism, magic, and enchantments? The Talmud is the main source of literature for Orthodox Jews, not the Torah. Ezra created the Talmud, the religion of the Pharisees that condemned Jesus to death. The Pharisaic beliefs became the foundational, liturgical, and ritualistic basis for Rabbinic Judaism of today. Orthodox Judaism has many aspects of mysticism.
Pastor John Hagee preaches that Christians must support the Rothschild State of Israel, and that Christians need not pray for conversion of Jews because they have their own covenant with God. Vatican II took out of the Mass the prayer for the conversion of the Jews, as Vatican Ii Council created a new religion, the worship of Lucifer. Pope Francis has called for a New Age religion, combining all religions of the world in the worship of Lucifer.